Tesla Roadster Crashes into Wishlist Clothing Store in Connecticut


A wrecked Tesla Roadster is a rare sight.

Roadster Being Hauled Away

Roadster Being Hauled Away

A Roadster on a flatbed is rarer.

Here we have both: a wrecked Tesla Roadster on a flatbed.

Here’s what we know, courtesy of News 12 out of Westport, Connecticut:

“Police say a car drove into the front of a clothing store on Post Road in Westport this morning.”

“Officials say no one was hurt in the incident, and they are looking into why the electric car crashed into Wishlist.”

“The store remained open as crews cleaned up debris and pulled the car out.”

“Police say building inspectors will be coming to assess the damage.”

This isn’t the first time a Tesla wound up smashing through a building (a Model S stopped in for a bite to eat at a restaurant awhile back).

We’re glad that all parties involved came out okay (except for the Teslas, of course) in both instances.

Video of the incident can be found by following the link below.

Source: News 12

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4 Comments on "Tesla Roadster Crashes into Wishlist Clothing Store in Connecticut"

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Hopefully the owner had his collision insurance paid up, or at least the car paid for..

LOL, Wishlist-car crashes into Wishlist store. Customer declares “See, they do come true!”

Maybe it’s a case of “unintended acceleration.” He just picked it up from Tesla after buying it used, was having a good time but underestimated the joy of driving it, was rounding a corner when he accidentally floored it and it jumped the curb and plowed into the store.

Well, at least that’s a semi-plausible story!