Tesla Roadster Crashes In Belgium


Tesla Roadster Crashed

Tesla Roadster Crashed

Belgian automotive site EGear reports that “a famous Belgian has crashed his Tesla Roadster in Antwerp.”

The website adds:

“Cain Ransbottyn, a digital marketer and famous in Belgium for his controversial attitude towards speed limits and cops, has crashed his Roadster on the E19 highway in Antwerp.”

The Roadster is clearly totaled

Note that one of the images below shows the Roadster’s hood to be open.  Well, the hood is no longer attached to the car, but it’s somewhat surprising that the screen is still functioning.

No word on the cause of the wreck or whether or not anyone was injured.

Tesla Roadster Crashed

Tesla Roadster Crashed

Tesla Roadster Crashed

Tesla Roadster Crashed

Tesla Roadster Crashed

Tesla Roadster Crashed

Tesla Roadster Crashed

Tesla Roadster Crashed

Source: EGear

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Nice parts for a conversion.

Wow, the Tesla touchscreen has come a long way.

Yeah, right?! 🙂 Imagine having the 17″ behemoth in the tiny Roadster. It’s probably larger than the windshield 😉

Nothing that a good wax can’t fix

Yeah, it’ll buff right out.

Everyone is an expert driver… until they crash.


Speed doesn’t kill. 160-0 km/h in 0.002 seconds does.

Glad no one was hurt. Sad to see one of these rare cars damaged so badly. It’s not necessarily totaled but it will be expensive to fix. The battery, motor, and PEM are all behind the seats, so those are fine. The front bumpers are no longer being made but it’s possible to buy and repaint a salvage bumper. The side panels will, however, be very expensive and tough to find. A salvage hood can be found. The driver can get new headlights and front suspension. The parts under the hood are all HVAC related and could be repaired.

That said, insurance will probably want to salvage it but I do think in the right hands it could be restored. Still some valuable parts intact – especially that battery, motor, and PEM.

And people are still worried about the battery lifespan… 🙁

If you have a Roadster hold onto it tight, it will be considered rather valuable before you know it.

I wonder what the source means when it say he has a controversial attitude towards speed limits and cops?

Without knowing anything about him I would suspect this was an allusion to the drivers outspoken and disdainful attitude regarding those two things.
In other words he ignored speed limits and was angry about cops giving him speeding tickets.

You describred it pretty well. Although he is not mad about it, he just jokes with it.

Unfortunately he did not have the same disdain for reckless driving and badly damaged vehicles, as he had for cops and speed limits.


But why is this news?

Did he died?

No, he’s perfectly fine.