Check Out New Tesla Roadster, Semi, Model S, X, & Flamethrower In GTA

Red GTA Tesla Roadster concept


Wouldn’t it be swell if the new Tesla Roadster and other hot electric vehicles were officially featured in Grand Theft Auto?

Due to the nature of the game itself, responses would likely be split for the above question. Additionally, although CEO Elon Musk is a known gamer, he probably wouldn’t approve … unless he had a hand in the design.

Tesla is already “sort of” featured in the game. The Voltic brand in GTA aims to copy the Silicon Valley automaker’s design on multiple electric vehicles and also makes Coil electric weapons. Currently, a character named Avon Hertz, who was introduced in the Doomsday Heist update, is said to be modeled after Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Additionally, the game features a car that is obviously a take on the Model 3.

Of course, these are not really in the game at this point, nonetheless, hardcore GTA gamer and YouTuber MrBossFTW’s DLC update concepts do make these Tesla vehicles look like the real deal.

Red Tesla Roadster concept in GTA

GTA Tesla Roadster 2.0 DLC update concept

White first-generation Tesla Model S concept in GTA

GTA first-generation Tesla Model S DLC update concept

Orange Tesla Model X concept in GTA

GTA Tesla Model X DLC update concept

Red Tesla Semi concept in GTA

GTA Tesla Semi DLC update concept

How about that Boring Company flamethrower to top it off?

GTA flamethrower

GTA Boring Company flamethrower DLC update concept

Video description via MrBossFTW on YouTube:

GTA Online TESLA DLC Update Concept – Roadster 2020 Super Car, Model X, Flamethrower & MORE! (GTA 5

A Tesla DLC Update concept for GTA Online – featuring the Roadster 2020, Model X, Model S and Tesla Semi Truck! Also featuring The Boring Company Flamethrower and much more!

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OHHHH! Grand Theft Auto. I thought this was going to be about Greater Toronto Area from the headline.

Good one ….

You’re my new favorite person. Thank you for making this day better.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that what was once such a great game ended up becoming a tired franchise that has become addicted to micro-transactions and the addiction of those who buy them.

Meh. No one forces you to play the Online portion of the game. I play the single player campaign and that’s it. I don’t need to get my butt kicked by a bunch of kids. 😉

As an avid video gamer I can tell you that is unlikely to happen. Take-Two (main company) and Rockstar (producer/developer) has made it a business strategy to avoid paying anyone else for IP (other than music) in their games.

That plus the fact that they don’t want anyone to limit their artistic freedom of what they do with their cars (crashes, use in missions, etc.)

That said, they do create largely-obvious copies of known cars in their games…often with joke names that mock the real cars. For example here’s a mock of the Fisker Karma called the Khamelion (get it? Karma Khamelion )

The Raiden seems to be the Tesla Model S

Here are all the GTA electric cars:

If rockstar does do this I just hope they don’t put guns on everything.