Tesla Resolves $655,000 Clerical Error With State Of Nevada


As the state of Nevada heads to court to collect a reported unpaid bill, Tesla quickly resolves the issue.

According to Bloomberg, a Tesla spokesperson explained that after Tesla integrated SolarCity employees, the company began conversations with the state of Nevada pertaining to newly required contributions to unemployment insurance. Apparently, the automaker’s financial responsibility increased, but its recent quarterly contributions didn’t reflect the change.

Nevada officials headed to court to collect some $655,000 in unemployment tax monies, which were reportedly unpaid by the Silicon Valley company. Just one day later, Tesla resolved the situation.

An official document related to the state’s filing shows that Tesla’s unemployment tax payment was short at the end of the first and second quarters of 2018. The document shows that Tesla had $68 million in taxable wages for Q1 and $55 million in Q2. However, the amount that was paid didn’t add up to what was expected based on the new responsibility for the additional employees.

The Tesla spokesperson made it clear that this situation occurred due to a clerical error and that the company immediately initiated payment to account for the shortage.

Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation spokeswoman Rosa Mendez also confirmed that the state reached out to Tesla and the error was being taken care of.

Source: Bloomberg

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I wonder how often Tesla overpays due to clerical errors?

Probably as much as an multi-billion dollar company that has 40,000+ employees.

Is this the usual way to request, if the amount of money is not correct?
blame it over medias and go to court?

For a company that’s looking for every dollar it can find to show a profit I’m sure this was a little more than an clerical error. I’m sure there was a period between not paying and Nevada taking them to court. A true clerical error get correct by the clerk.

“For a company that’s looking for every dollar it can find to show a profit I’m sure this was a little more than an clerical error.”

You’re right about this being more than a clerical error but You’ve got it backwards agaiin as to why.
If you’re trying to show profit in Q3 you don’t transfer expenses from Q1 and Q2 to Q3. You strive to do just the opposite. This is why my predictions About write offs, layoffs, deliveries , and shut downs were spot on.

Tesla is negotiating tax rates with Nevada and this is a negotiating ploy. The SA crowd is trying to sell this as Tesla being desperate for cash which is laughable and shows their ignorance. Obviously Tesla knew this was coming and had the check ready before the suit was filed.

That’s my take, too. If it was a simple clerical error, that could have been handled by some Nevada State accountant calling up (or emailing) Tesla’s financial department to say “Hey, you guys underpaid on this.”

If the State of Nevada had to file court papers to get Tesla to cough up the money, then it wasn’t a simple “clerical error”; it was Tesla demonstrating unwillingness to pay, or at least intentional delay in paying, what it owes.

That very much looks like spin on Tesla’s part.

Seems strange that Nevada went straight to the court over this instead of more privately contacting Tesla about it… could have saved some face. Might be something that leads to Tesla choosing to expand in other states rather than in Nevada.

More likely Nevada did exactly that before going to court. This seems to be at least the likeliest explanation (not necessarily the right one).

Straight to court? Tesla has been overdue since April 30. States send overdue notices every month. After being ignored 4-5 months they file suit.

In Nevada, “The State reached out to Tesla”, to get the stuck and tyred sheep, back into the flock!

Some bureaucratic loopholes, no matter how hard you try, Yew just can’t jump through!


Elon, Ewe keep kidding around!

I added up a bunch of checks, and asked the bank to check my figures, it was 30 cents in my favor, though incorrect.
People make errors. Nevada took a lot of heat from the sweetheart deal many claim Tesla got from them.
Now every I that isn’t crossed or T not dotted will result in quick action.

It wouldn’t be Tesla if there isn’t drama on almost every and all issues.

So why was this even news.

True. Tesla and shady accounting is nothing new.

As opposed to how your employer (GM) went bankrupt and was bailed out by the taxpayers.

It wasn’t shady accounting. It was just incompetent business practice that caused that.

In addition, GM went to a dried up financial market late where Ford didn’t. Tesla is enjoying a “plentiful liquidity” market right now.

Many many companies push back on bills and don’t pay immediately for various reasons. It is business as usual…the difference is that it only makes the headlines when the company is TESLA.

Another Euro point of view

Wonderful to be informed of Tesla’s clerical errors.

😆 😆 😆

Yeah, I’m just trying — and failing — to imagine this generating a news item for any company other than Tesla, even here at InsideEVs.

Clerical errors are resolved by phone call and writing a check.
“Clerical errors” that require filling court claim before other party takes action are not just clerical errors.

How many miles can i drive this “Clerical Error”? What’s the charging speed?

Pocket change,

$655,000 is the revenue from 10 Model 3s, which would be produced in about 10 minutes, maybe less.

Scale must always be used to set perspective.

Not sure the big deal. That is the profit on what, 25-30 Model S’. Court filings are a way to show you are serious and so they paid rather than try to ‘oops’ it another quarter. Yawn.