Tesla To Establish Research & Development Facility In China




Tesla Model X in China

Though Tesla may not have a factory in China for some time, the automaker will initiate a new company in the country in the interim.

When the lion’s share of Tesla’s recent finance news culminated in Q3 regarding the Model 3’s bottleneck issues and current financials, CEO Elon Musk made it more clear that the automaker won’t partake in any heavy spending toward Chinese operations until 2019. This moves the company’s goal of establishing an automotive/battery production facility back to at least 2020.


Model S in China

In the meantime, a government filing points to a research and development firm in China in the near future.

China’s new ‘National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System’ allows for the country to track and release company information on a public level for increased transparency. Gasgoo, a Chinese auto parts trading outfit, utilized the system to discover that the Silicon Valley electric automaker has, in fact, registered Tesla (Beijing) New Energy R&D Co. Ltd.

The paperwork was filed by Tesla Hong Kong, and apparently, Xiaotong Zhu, Tesla China General Manager, will be the new company’s legal representative. Shareholder, Tesla Motors (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. has already invested in 13 area companies, which are primarily sales outlets. Gasgoo’s report includes:

“The information from the department website shows that the new company’s business covers the research and development of electric vehicles (EV) and EV’s auto parts, battery, energy storage device, photovoltaic product technology and information technology. The business scope also includes the transfer and permission of R&D achievements, technology service, technology consulting, technology supporting, the import and export of technology and goods.

Its business scope indicates Tesla puts great emphasis on technology research and development in China. Auto industry analysts said since the American electric vehicle producer has attached greater importance to China auto market, it is possible for the company to conduct local research and development work.”

Sources: Gasgoo via Electrek

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Is it possible to make a nice profit without doing business in China? Why is it that every company in the world is more than willing to sell their soul and hand over all their proprietary secrets to the Chinese government just to make some money over there? Can’t they see that they are just slowly putting themselves and their home country out of business?

One day in the not too distant future, native Chinese companies will make the finest and most advanced products in the world and all the American, Japanese, Korean and European brands and companies will looked dated, quaint and irrelevant. It’s like there was a secret vote in the UN back in the 20th century where it was decided that China was going to be the biggest super power the world has ever known in the 21st century and we have all been working as hard as we can to make that happen since.

It’s disgusting.

Have a read of Paul Kennedy’s ‘Rise and Fall of the Great Powers’. You will see that powers rise for reasons of innovation, resources, and competitiveness. They also fall because they get complacent, expecting circumstances to freeze in their favour, and then they waste resources trying to maintain the status quo and not recognizing the world changing around them. Doing so they speed their own fall.
Saying it is some UN conspiracy (America created the UN and its rules by the way) just makes you sound like you prefer tin foil hats to (MAGA) ball caps

Congrats, on showing your true colors, like the Charlottesville chanters. If you don’t like the rules, then book a flight with Elon to Mars. THIS is just the first necessary step to some level of respect to succeed in China, and Musk is 5 years too late / behind, so their Joke Of a China market share of 16K sold in all of 2016. The Non-USA Model S & X sales are Not Going to China, so Where then, smart guy? That’s the Mystery, likely to quid alto quo partners to Pump sales numbers, Not Real end User customers. Who are you to spout such Nonsense, as TSLA gladly Took the Tencent 5% Stake Handout to Keep their Bonfire Cash incineration machine stoked! Who created the Bitcoin pump-dump bubbles fake news GOOG-FBook trolling Media Fraud, Zero Decency world, Not China, man.

Elon’s first error: taylor made cars for Upper Middle Class Americans. Now will Elon turn and produce Not in Competition to race cars, but reliable, practical,long lasting civil sedans? Elon must now look closely at what the Hyundai Company did with the original Hyundai Pony to today’s very effective yet efficient Hyundai models.
For me, I don’t even want a car that exceeds the normal speed limits in Canada exception being a small boost for safe passing. I really need four wheel drive for winter roads and I DO NOT WANT mindbending acceleration AND I DO NOT WANT TO PAY FOR IT EITHER. My diesel Jetta was a little underpowered but the turbo remedied that. An all Electric 4X4 Jetta with 400 mile range and rapid chargeability would be nice for me. Seat heaters? only on sometimes?

Sorry Dav80r. but American Sports Stars, you know, the ones that dominate US college life, the ones that are astoundingly over respected, glorified even if not held in Adoration, simply make Pis-Poor Scientists and it is in the basic scientific research that newer materials, better systems, SMART er technologies, practical trades systems are born. In following an academia not based on Military discipline notions, not coerced by corporate influences, even Finland has more PHD grads per capita than the USA? Even humble Canada has introduced more Social Democratic, psyche friendly, intelligence oriented, creativity encouraging, Self expression eliciting, Self responsible, socially adapted freethinkers, ready to go to the Social Democratic Government Financed labs of our nation to find the missing links and create new ones that can restore civility to mankind,and open the doors to peace and bounty for mankind. China leads the way in this aspiration and as we speak resents wasting time and resources on Military nonsense to satisfy a belligerent USA.

^^^— Does the above response make any sense to you? If so, could you translate for me? I couldn’t parse it, much less understand it.

No idea what he is talking about/ and not to really interested anyway- just a rant from an idiot with an opion

Your response absolutely proves the point about the Poorly Educated, basically being capable of about 4 words of vocabulary “Idiot, Shill, Shorter, Troll, then I don’t understand” phony See No, Speak No, Hear No evil blind deflection

Spend more time reading and understanding human psychology like Musk & DJT, Not to be Smoke & Mirrors fooled so Easily, like blind mice.
1. US not any country Does NOT set global rules
2. If you want to succeed In some else’s country, Play By the Home Team’s rules, else Shut Yr Trap or go live on Mars. (No one said the world is fair or all people are born into life equal)
3. Show some respect to that Country if you want to succeed there
4. You (TSLA) took a 5% stake from a Chinese company Tencent to Survive as you burned cash for Model 3 & Giga

Your meds need adjusting.

And,your teachers are unfairly paid and treated far below the respect and esteem they merit! thus: You have a nation that is spiralling downward as China with far different systems is becoming the new world empire even as fast or faster than you are diminishing.

Oh it’s doing Way more than Translating, butt don’t tell the Poorly Educated. Yes, MAGA at its finest.

Charlottesville, what mental institution did you escape from, and how long until they re-capture you? o_0

No one is buying what you’re selling. Go blow smoke somewhere else.

Or continue to troll 100% ineffectively here. That and three bucks will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Grow a pair, learn to face the music, and try to be an adult by Not Falsely claiming to be the King of InsideEVs. Donate your $3 to poor kids in China rather than your self entitled Starbucks