Tesla Releases Video On Effectiveness Of Bioweapon Defense Mode


Monitoring Air Quality In Model X

Monitoring Air Quality In Model X

Yesterday, Tesla Motors put out a post on the effectiveness of its Bioweapon Defense Mode found on the Model X & S.

Late last night, the electric automaker released a brief video showing Bioweapon Defense Mode in action in a Model X in smoggy Beijing.

Video description:

“Watch air pollution levels inside Model X drastically drop when we turn on Bioweapon Defense Mode in Beijing.”

According to Tesla, “Bioweapon Defense Mode is not a marketing statement, it is real. You can literally survive a military grade bio attack by sitting in your car.”

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The Chinese government is very sensitive to media mention of China’s air pollution problem so it will be interesting to see how Tesla highlighting the air pollution in China’s capital city as part of marketing the Model X plays out…I’m thinking Tesla will likely receive a short firm memo requesting Tesla drops that marketing angle.

Having said that, if I was living in Beijing for sure I’d want the Model X for its Bioweapon Defense Mode. The Chinese population in many of the high density industrial hubs are literally being slowly gassed to death.


I would go round the city and sell rides of fresh air for $0.1 a minute; for just the fresh air.


Feature, albeit interesting, is not key for the most people looking for EV. I can see where someone in Beijing could have it at the top of the list … but again, the 1 or less than 1% of model S/X buyers in China, is insignificant number. They need to stop burning coal to produce electricity so they can propel their Tesla’s .. .then they will not need “Bioweapon” … I cannot believe they named it so unfortunately. Were they feared of “Clean Air” … LOL??

I guess it demonstrates Tesla to be willing to be different. Fine. But why does it have to be almost daily news?


Know anyone with COPD, allergies, Lung Cancer, etc.? Air pollution is a growing global problem…

This is news because not only does Tesla build awesome BEVs that don’t emit toxins, THEY ALSO CLEAN THE AIR OUTSIDE.

Q: Who else makes Cars or Crossovers that protect their customers like that?

A: No one.

Being contrary for its own sake, must be tiresome…


Not really … read again and slow.

OMG … you really do like to stretch things out and somehow paint the picture that we will all die soon, unless we all drive Tesla with a glorified filter.

Keep inventing the following …


After seeing empirical evidence, you retort, “Not really.”

No “A’s” in science class, huh? 😀


Your assertions are highly questionable.

Do you have any evidence that rich people in polluted cities don’t want clean air? It’s a claim that seems ridiculous on its face.


Mxs must be related to Sven…

mr. M

I am wondering, did you even read the same comment as me?

He states that reduction of bruning coal is far more effective. And that 1% of cars sold with bioweapon don’t make much difference. Which is true, shut down the coal plant, that would be a very good way to clean the air!

no comment

i don’t really understand this feature and why tesla thinks that it will actually help them sell more cars. it seems like something that is, at best, a luxury feature that is very expensive and which you would only use when you are in your car; and unless tesla is proposing that people should live in a tesla (which would get old very quickly), the effects on a person’s overall health would be minimal, at best.

the marketing of this feature as having the benefit of allowing you to survive a military bio-attack kind of reminds me of the steely dan song “king of the world”. you just kind of wonder about exactly what is the practical use of this feature? i suppose it is another one of those “technology fascination” features, like the falcon wing doors…


It’s for China.


Not just China. Ever been to France during a smog alert? How about Central California, driving past Harris Cattle Ranch, off the 5? Or near Malibu, when it burned? There are lots of places and situations this would be useful to have.

Someone out there

It’s a great feature and is completely in line with Tesla’s corporate image of clean environment tech. Not only is it clean itself, it even cleans up after others! There are several places where clean air is a problem and even where it isn’t, being able to filter out odors is a nice addition.

Also, Tesla can’t _just_ deliver an electric car, it has to be competitive against other cars in the same price range. Since they can’t compete on range they have to compete on other stuff such as convenience. It is a “luxury” car after all, people expect to get something for their money.


If you are in a traffic jam behind a VW, you will understand. And no, I’m not ironic. Living in Europe is a pain with all of these diesel cars that after 100.000km they don’t even have a particulate filter because it’s cheaper to null the damn thing from the software …


European Diesel Exhaust is absolutely horrible. New studies reveal just how damaging breathing that exhaust is:



It actually messes with the DNA in your lungs. Nasty stuff. The Tesla filters are perfect for reducing damage from these environmental stressors. Hope the offer them in the Model 3.


This is getting old fast, when people want weekend charge scheduling, seatbelts that don’t cross their necks, or maybe, I don’t know, seat memory on the doors?