Tesla Releases Model S 100 Image (Update)


Tesla 100 Teaser

Tesla 100 Teaser

Tesla and Elon Musk are notorious for providing teasers and baiting the public to keep it exciting.

A post recently appeared on the company’s Facebook page that is certainly causing a stir at the moment. It was a picture of a Model S with a large painted “100” in the background.  But what does it mean?  Over 150 comments of speculation have already sprung up on the thread – as well as at the TeslaMotorsClub forum (here) and other online venues.

Update (April 26th, 2pm (ET)):  The winning answer is speculation #3 below (with further details)

100 what Elon?

100 what Elon?

Is this foreshadowing the upcoming release of a new Model S P100D?

It is surely possible that we may see the model with a 100 kWh battery at some point soon. The original Model S had a 60 kWh or 85 kWh battery and since has been upgraded. A 70 kWh battery became available, followed by a 90, so jumping to 100 seems the logical next step.

Also we heard via a “hacker” that Tesla had already squirreled away a “P100D” into its code DNA.  Notice of the heck got as high as Elon Musk, and he did not take the opportunity to dispute the arrival of a 100 kWh Tesla, only said that “good hacking was a gift

What else could Tesla be trying to tell us?

Back in December 2015, it was estimated that Tesla may have finally sold 100,000 Model S sedans. However, this information has yet to be officially confirmed. Months have passed since this preliminary data was reported, so at this point, we are well past the 100k mark.   Of note: The picture does not include the newly refreshed Model S. An older model in the picture may be pointing more toward this explanation.

If the Model S P100D does hit the streets, it could boast about 325 miles of range (as the 90D just passed 300 miles on the highway portion of the EPA test). Either way, kudos to whatever it is Tesla is trying to tell us. We should know soon enough.

It is just a (relatively obscure) emoji painted behind a random Model S, and ultimately means very little?

…granted that someone at Tesla PR would have had to have lost their mind to have done this (“Hey look, here is a Model S with some niche graffiti behind it, I think we’ll repost it without explanation”), not knowing where speculation (see above) would lead to.

On Facebook in both the picture and the caption, Tesla used the text for the “?” emoji, which is slang for “keeping it real“, which thought to be based from on a 100% score/stamp placed on school test papers.

Update (April 26th, 2pm (ET)):  The Model S pictured with just the 100 emoji has now been replaced with the note “?% electric”, indicating the person in charge of Tesla’s social media has realized (or been told about) his/her confusing hipster mistake.

/moving on

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41 Comments on "Tesla Releases Model S 100 Image (Update)"

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And there is even a ~75kWh Model X battery now.

But I don’t think they are teasing a 100kWh battery, it just wouldn’t make much sense to these something like that, via an old Model S + some “100” graffiti on their Facebook site…

🙂 !!!!!!!!!!! Keep it 100 # I like it

I wonder if they will continue to use the battery size designations on the Model 3? If so looks like a 60 and maybe 80?

They will. Tesla use battery sizes instead of rigid trims. (Well battery size is rigid trim of itself 😛 )

So Model 3 60/65/70. Higher would compete with Model S/X.

Though, when S/X migrate toward bigger batteries, Tesla should move Model 3 up as well 🙂

No b**** “city” cars from Tesla 😉

This tells us a bit about their improved battery chemistry. This means that the Model 3 with a 20 % smaller size will come with a 80 kWh battery pack. As an option of course. The smallest pack will probably be 60 kWh.

Tesla 3 with far superiror aerodynamics has 215 miles range while Bolt has “over 200”. I suspect base Model 3 will have smaller than 60 kWh (40? 50?). Smaller is actually better; you’re not paying as much, you get the same range as Bolt, and many other factors. I wish they can make 1 kWh battery with 200 miles range!

Isn’t model 3 simply bigger car?

Also do not put much into “over 200”. It can (and should be if GM is smart) be 250 or even 299 (though not with that size/chemistry).

Who knows what the source, or validity of this is, but it was in a Mashable article a few weeks ago.

“…I’ve heard that Chevy has done more testing and will officially revise the Bolt EV’s official range to around 240 miles.”


I expect Tesla to shave a few kWh off the 60 kWh that GM is using for the Bolt, due to superior aerodynamics, just as you said. But 40 kWh isn’t at all realistic, and I’m rather doubtful about 50 kWh. My guess is something close to 55 kWh.

I would agree – between the fact that it will be able to be supercharged, the size, approx. weight and the target minimum EPA rating…and the ongoing increases in S and X pack capacities…it would probably be at least nominally 55kWh.

Don’t think this is the 100kwh model tease. They would have used the new styled car if that was the case.

I agree. I think it is fan-created or owner-created pic, rather than a Tesla-created pic.

Tesla would have moved that distracting broken fence out of the frame/pic.

You can tell that the wall was recently painted white, since the plants in the bottom right hand corner of the image are also painted white.

Its a 100 mile range version lol

New 100km range economy model perhaps?

No new nose?

100D would be pretty sweet range wise.

I’m glad they are doing, I hope they sell many of them . . . but it is merely diminishing returns and bonus for the very wealthy.

But as Elon pointed out . . . it is those high-end cars that help pay for the coming mass market cars.

I’m surprised they do not take the opportunity to use the new front of the Model 3 for this new Model S.

New front from the Model X u mean?

That is great, this means 450KM Typical range.
When we will get to 120KW, there will be no range argument left for not buying electric cars. except for the price
Interesting if after 5 years, can you upgrade to a bigger battery and what will be the price?

It wouldn’t surprise me if it was a prelude to the 100kWh battery version, we know it’s release is VERY imminent !

Plus the will be able to claim they now officially have a 300 mile range vehicle which in itself quite a milestone.

Perhaps they could use ‘300’ Spartans logo !

That’s only highway, officially it’s still EPA 292 or thereabouts ?

Yes, that is my understanding, as well.

It would have to be soon, one would think, since the base X just went from 70 to 75…making the EPA estimated ranges very close together for the price difference…

I would guess the move to the 100 kWh pack is more important for boosting the range of the X. Assuming this is achieved with a chemistry update, then there is probably no reason to keep the S at 90 kWh and it would be consistent with Tesla handing out free upgrades.

Yeah, over the air chemistry update

It’s binary. There’s a Model 4 coming.

LOL, nice

I like your thinking.

That would be cool.

What is the mileage count on the Model S fleet? Could they be referring to a milestone there?

It’s the new base price of a Model S, in thousands of Euros.

Funny, i see the 2 lines under the 100 and they bug me more than the 100.
Plaid Mode anyone?
I know it is supposed to be reserved for the next roadster but…..Mmmm.

If ‘Underline’ = Ludicrous, then 2 Underlines = Double Ludicrous?

This photo is taken in Australia, RHD and Victoria plates. The facelift S had not reached Australia yet, thus the old model.

I still wonder if our “hacker” will cause Tesla to make sure ALL 100kwh fits? No rounding!

Good, because Facebook means it’s closer than if Elon had tweeted it out.

> kudos to whatever it is Tesla is trying to tell us

Oh, the epitome of unbiased, critical journalism!

Is that the one Model S that has actually had 100 drivetrains replaced?