Tesla Releases Full Model Y Reveal Video: Watch It Here

MAR 16 2019 BY MARK KANE 18

Tesla Model Y unveiling in its entirety.

Tesla released the official, high-quality video from the Tesla Model Y unveiling, so finally, we can take a look at it again and enjoy the historical moment of introduction the car that in two years from now could become the new best-selling EV.

Elon Musk hinted that sales of the Model Y could be higher than the Model S, Model X and Model 3 combined.

You can see a comparison of all four versions of Model Y here, while photo galleries and videos are available here:

Some think that the Model Y as a kind of crossover/SUV could be a Model 3+ instead of a separate model, while the Y should be a bigger SUV. Others worry about the timing and competition.

We remain cautiously optimistic because the EV market is still a big blue ocean. Moreover, with each additional model and factory (Model Y probably will be produced at the Gigafactory in Nevada, plus base versions in China), Tesla is becoming more resistant and flexible.

Tesla Model Y
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Great Model Y reveal Tesla Team!

Love it! Can’t wait to drive one

aawww man, i was hoping for a decent trunk maybe like the old A2 from audi, but no…. still no car for families.

What do you mean, a decent trunk? It’s a hatchback.

😊😂, you mean the tiny aluminium car they started to make 20 years ago?
I’m sure you could fit 2 cases of beer. .

I’m not a SUV/CUV person but has grown on me since Thursday. I think it would look great in person.

Model Y looks better than Model X for sure.

But neither is great enough or better than other SUVs or the hot Model S.

Certainly what I want. That is I did not want it full of gadgets and certainly not Falcon Wing doors. Simple and practical. Yes, that makes it like all the others, except it is a Tesla, and as such has Supercharger access, highest performance in its class, full glass panoramic roof, Autopilot and FSD capabilities and OTA updates. Models S, X and 3 are the top 3 best cars for crash protection by significant margin and Y is expected to join this elite group. Could you please list other company’s cars that have all these features? And interesting you compare to the Model S, which is the closest Tesla to Model Y in features, but costs about 50% more and is a larger vehicle. Not everybody wants big.

Any difference from the one that was available on tesla.com/presskit just a few hours after the event?

This is a hand built prototype. Probably the same one. What did you expect?

At 29:37 we can see the hatch fully open. I had never seen that before. Check it out

Wow, thanks for pointing that out! I lost interest in the Model 3 because it was just a sedan, and didn’t want to give up the hatchback utility my Chevy Volt had. It also looks like you could sleep in the back in a pinch, or if you go camping…

@Bon Bon said: “At 29:37 we can see the hatch fully open…”

Great catch! Excellent visual of the Model Y hatch opened.

Perhaps worthy of an INSIDEEVs article?

We showed images of it open in another article.


Good thing Elon didn’t put the Falcon wings on this one, even though he said in a tweet a few years ago either the 3 or the Y would have them.

But I think he learned his lesson after all the trouble they went through to get them to work on the Model X. Not to mention the extra costs if they had really added them to the Model Y.

What is the risk of Tesla Osborne-ing the M3 with this reveal? It’s going to appeal to almost the exact same demographic and Tesla admits that i=they expect it to be more popular… Really shouldn’t have such a massive gap between unveil and availability…

Many people have already said they will wait for the Model Y, after all we have known it is coming for years. All that has changed today is we now know what it looks like and that the introduction is now Fall 2020 for the high end versions. I doubt many people who have waited this long will change their mind now and buy something else.

Looks like the jump seats in the back are intended for children only. Not enough headroom. But I suspect the prime market is for families with young children.