Tesla Releases Details on Updated Model X; Sticks With 2016 Debut of $30,000 BMW 3-Series Competitor


On Monday, Tesla Motors unveiled a pre-production version of the upcoming 2014 Tesla Model X at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show.

Tesla's chief designer takes to the stage.

The Model X, though slightly updated, remains an electric luxury SUV designed and developed by Tesla Motors.  It’s  built on the same platform as the Model S and is expected to enter the production cycle in 2014.  For more basic details on the Model X, check out our previous post by clicking here.

Updated Model X debuts in Detroit.

Though the reveal occurred Monday morning on the show floor ahead of  Tesla’s official press conference today, it wasn’t until just minutes ago that the automaker dumped fresh details on the Model X.  We’ll open with the words of Tesla chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, who aptly described the Model X as the “next step” and a “continuation” of the Model S experience.”

Tesla sales executive George Blankenship boldly told reporters that  “there is no competition at this show for us.”

Tesla Motors press conference at 2013 Detroit Auto Show.

Tesla confirmed that the Model X will be a Porsche 911-killing electric monster.  In its most potent guise, the Model X will rip from 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds.  A Porsche 911 Carrera accomplishes the same task in a “leisurely” 4.6 seconds.   But wait, there’s more.  Tesla CEO Musk claims the “performance” version of the Model X might be even quicker and those signature “falcon” doors seem destined for production.

Then there’s this: the Model X will seat up to 7 individuals (though it’s assumed performance and range will decline as the load increases), thus making it the world’s quickest (need we check to confirm?) 7-passenger crossover/SUV (it’s definitely not a minivan, says Tesla’s chief designer).

Lastly, Tesla is still sticking with its 2016 debut of a $30,000 electric vehicle aimed squarely at competing with the BMW 3 Series, otherwise known as the “Ultimate Driving Machine.”

For comparative purposes, the “original” (non-updated version, which made its grand entry back in February 2012) debut of Model X is featured in video format below.

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I wonder if I can put down some $$ and get in line for the $30k Tesla? 🙂

Hmm, my Leaf lease is up in 2015, but I don’t want to be an EV orphan for a year, waiting for the $30k Tesla. Decisions, decisions.

I see it now has standard side mirrors, whereas the original proto appeared to have side cameras.

I believe the final production version will have two big while owls in place of the side-view mirrors or cameras. It is rumored that they would offer a nearly 360 degree view on both sides as well as night vision 😉

WOW! The Cadillac ELR comes as a great big WHITE ELEPHANT!

I noticed that too. The ELR lost the cameras on the way too production also. Seems like NHTSA isn’t budging on allowing them. Hopefully somebody will be able to convince them otherwise and save us all of that drag and wind noise.

Interesting; so it’s a NHTSA issue? Is that because of reliability or loss of view with loss of power or concern that you’d view that image in a different place than is standard and thus not be compliant somehow?

PS- loved the prior white owls comment by vdiv. That was good.

They need to survive this next year….


The 3-Series fighter makes sense.

BMW’s segment maker and perennial segment leader needs to be
cut down to size ( Sorry Tom ). The 3 reminds me of that iconic
Honda Accord commercial on TV where the Accord is sitting there
( side view ) and suddenly one arrow hits the wall behind it, followed
in turn by two, five – and then hundreds of arrows all missing the mark.
Every carmaker seems to take their shot at the 3 only to suffer at
the pen of every car magazine and blog editor on earth, after they
realize the challenger didn’t even come close to outperforming the
BMW. Latest entry in the “just-not-a-3-Series” saga: The Cadillac ATS.

Tesla could make the 3 look like a dinosaur and ice EV’s rightful
place in history. A light EV that size with Tesla’s speed prowess,
weight distribution and savvy design could turn autodoms head
and dethrone the “king” of affordable luxe-performance sport sedans.
Of course, the price has to be in that ballpark as well….