Tesla Releases Autopilot / Autosteer Videos

NOV 10 2015 BY MARK KANE 22

Tesla Motors recently released three new videos presenting Autopilot features for the Tesla Model S, and encouraging us all to sign up for a test drive:

V7.0 Autopilot – Autosteer

V7.0 Autopilot – Auto Lane Change

V7.0 Autopilot – Autopark

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Are these the first video ads by Tesla? Even if there are no plans to broadcast them this is interesting.

Really nice teaser ads. Not a single word spoken, just change the end slate for region / country. Slick. 🙂

These are probably amoung the first real add the company had done. Very nice. 🙂

Would have to be for an English language country though.

Would have to be only for the US, the UK and a few little islands.
And the UK has officially changed, just not implemented it 100% yet.

The only ones not officially on board with the international SI-system are the not so democratic countries of Burma, Liberia and the US. And at least Burma is slowly getting there. 😉

So what will be the last country on the world to reach the en-lighted period of time in history, Liberia or the US? 😛

(in the world or on earth, and probably a lot more mistakes :P)

I was referring to the English words, not the units.

The metric system is great for scientists, not so great for ordinary humans in day to day life. Thermostats have to show decimal degrees for centigrade, whole numbers are fine for farenheight just to pick one example.

100°F is really hot and 0°F is really cold. 100°C is death and 0°C is just annoying.


Celsius is a lot easier to relate to and if you want to show decimals for extra precision applies to both units equally.

Water freezing point 0C
Water boiling point 100C

Not sure what the numbers are for F

. . . and decimals are soooo hard!

Only for those who don’t have ten fingers and ten toes.

We’re remodeling our kitchen in the U.S. All of the measurements are to fractions of an inch rather than millimeters. Dealing with 8th’s or 16th’s of an inch is much nastier and error-prone than dealing with millimeters.

Living part-time in both the U.S. and Sweden, living in the metric world is much nicer than in the English world. The U.S. needs to get with the program!

Yes only Liberia and us in USA use a useless system.

Sorry, but you are just wrong. I live in Europe and have never heard decimal places being used with celsius my entire life.

I have no idea what you are referring to.

No kidding? Half-degrees C are commonly shown on thermostats in my experience. Not always, but frequently.

Notice that they never show the entire steering wheel (or hands on it) during the autosteer video.

Wow, these are shot in Montreal. Nice!

Hey! You’re right 🙂 nice!!

Eye of an eagle… 😉

Having worked in Communications for 2 decades now, I feel the production values of the films are poor, the real benefit of the Features to users remains unclear and branding could be much better (where’s the Tesla red?, the Logo? Or a compelling call to action?
Don’t geht me wrong, I love the brand and the cars, but communication needs to improve.

I don’t know that the production values are poor, but I certainly agree that not much is communicated in these very short videos. Even as “teaser trailers” they’re pretty content-free.

Contrariwise, Tesla released an excellent promo video, a very well directed and edited tour of their Fremont plant; link below. They should get whoever did that video to do more for them.