Tesla Releases 2017 Supercharger Expansion Maps


Many people have pointed out as of late that the Supercharger maps found on Tesla’s website didn’t exactly depict the true state of the network.

2017 Tesla Sueprcharger Expansion Plans for Europe

2017 Tesla Supercharger Expansion Plans for Europe (click to enlarge)

This is not to say that Tesla is showing stations that don’t exist or aren’t active, but instead, many stations have sprouted up around the globe and were not showing on the map, while at the same time many of the projections Tesla made in the past for the net new number of Supercharging stations – have failed to be realized.

Overall, it just seemed like the map hadn’t been updated/cared for in quite some time.

The good news is, Tesla has now updated the current maps for accuracy (and we no longer have to view the ‘planned for 2016’ maps that clearly weren’t going to happen), these are now referred to as 2017 maps, and at the same time, the company unveiled its “new” 2017 Supercharger expansion plans.

*You can check out all of the maps here

Here is animation showing the planned 2016 vs planned 2017  map (special thanks to InsideEVs reader Scott F!):

Tesla had already made expansion plans clear earlier in the year, but the company has thrown out such plans and started fresh. Tesla didn’t meet the plans as previously shown, thus plans have changed. Perhaps Tesla was waiting on the close of the year, to avoid discrepancies between “current” 2017 Superchargers (already in place, as the company has completed a myriad of stations in a very short time, over the past few weeks), and “planned” 2017 Superchargers.

2017 Tesla Supercharger Expansion Plans for Asia-Pacific

2017 Tesla Supercharger Expansion Plans for Asia-Pacific (click to enlarge)

Nonetheless, the plans are public now. Tesla will have new Superchargers in Hawaii and Mexico. Expansion in North America will continue in the U.S. and Canada, however, with another whole year to move progress, the plans include larger scale expansion.

The story is a bit different for the Europe and Asia-Pacific plans and maps. Unlike the new plans to further expand North America, beyond earlier projections, these other areas will see plans stay primarily intact. However, obviously now pushed back from original intentions.

Tesla has nearly 800 Supercharger locations worldwide, approaching 5,000 Superchargers. Expansion plans for 2017 intend to almost double the current numbers. This is a necessity due to the Model 3 hitting roadways in the middle of next year. Tesla’s expansion plans for the following year will have to be even more aggressive as in 2018 we should see full-fledged Model 3 production. This also means that the company will be in dire shape if it falls behind with 2017 plans as it did in 2016. There is much less room for missing goals at this point.

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Out Flippin standing!!!! That’s great news for those of us who want to travel in our EV’s.

Tesla should be reprioritizing the locations daily/weekly (not annually) based on sales and usage. It seems availability in the high traffic locations is more of an issue than geographic coverage at this point.

There are still some holes in the current map though. Maybe 2017 will finally be the year Texas gets fully connected to the rest of the map.

Tesla’s web site is good for seeing future projections but supercharger.info is the go-to place to see the current state of the network worldwide.

I don’t know how you got those maps, but Tesla web site still shows no Supercharger in Korea. They don’t even show Tesla stores.

In a related note, I wonder if there’s anyone crazy enough to take a road trip to touch all superchargers in a state / country / continent / world. It might make for an interesting “race”. 🙂

They are showing for me. Either they updated it or you need to clear your cache or something.

Well it will be hard to do the whole world considering that Tesla has different contacts in different regions. We are also a number of years from such a coverage.

That’s a s****** of charge stations for one company to roll out and manage. Something all other companies turned away from.
In the long run, it gave their product a big advantage over the competition.

Seriously, I think the Supercharger network is Tesla’s biggest competitive advantage over every other automaker trying to build and sell BEVs.

Managing scale is logarithmic. When you go from 1000 to 2000 is about similar percent increase in effort as going from 1 to 2.

If (when?) Tesla begin to charge money to charge at superchargers, I’m hoping there will be adapters to allow CCS cars to use them as well. I’d be honored to support Tesla, if not for buying their car (cuz they’re late), then to support their supercharger effort while waiting.

I doubt Tesla will make their Superchargers to anyone else. You should talk to GM about building some chargers for your car.

If I pay to charge at GM sponsored DCFC, how will that support Tesla?

Competition? Agreed it will give them an advantage when competition arrives. Bolt and other EV’s are not significant competition for Tesla although some fringe buyers may cross shop them.

Good to see expansion into ND and west Texas. El Paso was a pretty sizable hole.

“Tesla has nearly 800 Supercharger locations worldwide, approaching 5,000 Superchargers. Expansion plans for 2017 intend to almost double the current numbers.”

How many new Supercharger stations will there be going live in 2017 (aproximately)?

They seem to have 30 or so of them under construction at any given time.

Amazing. I remember when I first saw the projected Tesla Supercharger map and I assumed that it would never really get built. But they became a success now that is one of their BIGGEST commercial advantages over all the other plug-in cars.

A year behind and they removed coverage that was supposed to be built in 2016 already on the 2017 map.

Now it looks like there won’t be basic coverage for Sweden before I get my Model 3.
I hope it comes with a CCS port too as standard, or at least a cheap adapter.

I hope the Model 3 sales start will increase the European coverage faster than this. I really hope that they for once is low-balling the planned installations map.

It also probably means no Sweeden Model 3s in 2017(not a big surprise). 2018 map hopefully will include you.

True, they will have all of 2018 to expand before it affects me. I’m hoping for late 2018 delivery but expecting it in early 2019.

The inclusion of a CCS port (or even CHAdeMO) is a very interesting idea. I agree it would be potentially very useful, especially if they up the output as has been mooted recently… but I think it unlikely, sadly.

Am I missing something? – I can’t zoom in on the 2017 map to see where the new 2017 stations will be located, precisely (in USA or CA).

Go to supercharge.info if you want to see the most up to date listings.

What? *No* Superchargers on the Trans Canada Highway east of Calgary? You need a passport to take that route?

They’re doing great work and all, but…

Glad to see Arkansas added to the other states for SC’s. Soon I’ll be able to pass through on my way to Chicago from Shreveport!

Amazed to see 6xSC installed in my small, rural town of Wendouree in Australia. Couldn’t imagine much demand yet, but maybe this indicates a high number of M3 reservations here.

If I could buy a Chademo converter for my Leaf to use with SC, I would. If I was Nissan and it looks like Chademo needs to be changed to something else, I’d seriously be talking to Tesla for access to their infrastructure. We all know Tesla can use Chademo and J1772, probably working on CCS as well. Tesla cars have the benefits of flexibility and that makes a lot of sense.

I do wonder when it’ll be possible to go from Seoul to Beijing…

Brilliant. 🙂

It will go perfectly as long as you blast Run DMZ’s song “It’s tricky” at max volume.
Then just go for it…

“Run DMC”

I see what you did there…….clever.

Definitely going to need solar power superchargers installed along that route since the local grid is not exactly reliable.

In the last three years (2014/2015/2016) there were 240 new live Supercharger stations per year (on average).

So, I guess that there will be about that many new live Supercharger stations in 2017 as well.

Here is an animated GIF showing the planned 2016 vs planned 2017. Various more diagnals and fill ins. Must be over a 100 new ones.


Steven or Jay, feel free to add this to the article if you’d like and delete my post.

Good stuff Scott, thanks! Will add to article straight away!

Very nice Scott! Thank you much!

Is there such an animated GIF map of Europe as well?

I wonder if their equipment is compatible with 800 Volt, or they will be left behind by CCS 350 kW.

Ideally Tesla should allow electric vehicles of other makes to use the supercharging stations for a fee which will be the cost of electricity + some %age. This will help the company earn some money besides helping other EV owners and also encouraging everyone to buy more electric vehicles.

This is a job that utilities should have done, I don’t know why they did not.

Yes, open up Tesla’s Superchargers to the competion.
I’d gladly pay for the privilege. Especially out here in the less populous states of Idaho and Nevada, where it’s rare to see two Teslas charging at the same time.
Let Bolt and Leaf owners help pay for more Superchargers, dammit!

Tesla is and has been open to that, but no one (manufacturer) has taken them up on their offer. Few details are known about what the licensing and other fees would be, however.


Tesla sold 937 units of Model-S in China while the overall sales in that country reached 43,441 units. This is more than the sales of US & EU combined.

Time for Tesla to give some extra focus in China by setting up supercharging stations.

There are plenty of supercharging stations in China.

And remember that long distance driving is rare in China, you either fly or take the train instead. So what is needed (and provided) is superchargers in the cities.

Meanwhile, Arizona just voted to kill their solar industry, just like Nevada, after a nearly all Republican energy board voted to make it much more expensive to own solar.

Sorry to hear that, they did the same in DK, 2 years ago, everything stopped, producing your own clean energy with solar power is the only way to show your opinion

Someone needs to start a class action lawsuit against AZ and NV for antitrust.

Current total number if live Supercharger stations in California is 50. It looks like there will be about 20 more live Supercharger stations in California in 2017.

To be honest no one is trying to spend an hour out of their day at a supercharger location charging their car unless they have no other choice

Taxi drivers…

Finally, a Supercharger that’s 25 miles away… But it’s in New Jersey, so there’s that.

In 2020 there will be at least 100 live Supercharger stations in California.

It looks like Arkansas may get their first Supercharger in ’17. Welcome to the game, Razorback fans!

It looks like there’s one on the border of Maine and New Brunswick that is slated to go away. I thought the network was purely additive, or is that a mistake?