Tesla Registers Over 9,000 New Model 3 VINs

OCT 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 19

Tesla registered its biggest batch of Model 3 VINs ever

New VINs for the Tesla Model 3 are registered almost on a daily basis in batches from a few to thousands of units. The latest one was the biggest so far – 9,426 (52% were AWD).

The total number of Model 3 VINs registered now stands at 148,386, which means that the latest group represents over 6.3% of the total. As cumulative production is estimated at around 100,000, Tesla has some 48,000 VINs ready (enough for two months at 5,000 a week).

The cumulative number of VINs for all-wheel drive versions of the Model 3 stands at around 65,000 and soon will exceed rear-wheel drive versions (over 82,000 registered).

Source: Model 3 VINs

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Uh… What’s up with the time axis on this graph? Oct-Mar-Apr-May-Jul-Jul-Aug-Aug-Sep-Oct?…

Random guess: 4-week spread, not starting on the first of a month. (not all months are created in equal number of days) 😉

Looking at the graph, I don’t see AWD VINs surpassing RWD any time soon… What I see is that RWD VIN registrations basically stopped during Q3, as Tesla was moving production over to AWD, to fulfil pent-up demand; and now they are registering both RWD and AWD VINs at a steady rate to match incoming orders — which we basically already knew… Though admittedly the graph illustrates it very nicely 🙂

150,000 Model 3’s produced so far? Man, the shorters are really gonna rejoice once the public finally finds out how much Tesla’s really suck!

Tesla is so behind. They suck. Man, I wish they’d get on par with the industry … geez! People continue to attack me and IEV on social media and on email. They assert that we are being paid by Elon to push the stock up. It has gotten really bad, scary bad. Our response is that, unlike many other sites, we continue to cover all EVs, even though there’s enough Tesla news to fill the day. We told them we don’t hold Tesla stock – and are not even allowed to hold any automotive stock at IEV – we don’t have Tesla cars or push rewards for our benefit. C’mon! We only cover it a wee bit more than rivals cause there’s more news and no one is doing what Tesla is doing to promote the segment and push EVs. Literally, it has been ultimate hell anytime we cover anything Tesla-positive. This nonsense is ridiculous. I don’t own a Tesla and probably never will since I can’t afford it. But still, the writing is on the wall here.

In an ocean of negative reporting on Tesla one actually gets attacked for reporting all the positive news about Tesla these days? It’s scary how far this anti-Tesla FUD campaign goes. On the upside: with the MSM all on the anti-Tesla bandwagon people interested in serious reporting on Tesla will find their way to blogs like this. Of course these people had better avoid the comment section since that’s still staked out by anti-Tesla FUD bombers who really should not be allowed to run rampant like they are.

I like Inside EVs as they are actually neutral on Tesla. Others, like Electrek, are Tesla sales people (literally, they earn free cars and other perks with referral codes).

Amen Steven. I have to chuckle when I actually run across folks who’ve never even RIDDEN in a Tesla tell me why my car sucks. What’s laughable is how the number of Tesla owners grows by the thousands weekly, and yet it doesn’t disrupt the negative narrative of those who pray for the company’s failure. Pretty baffling. Put simply: people want Tesla’s stuff.

Those are VIN registrations not production numbers. Though it’s around 100k produced.

Using the same data, but presented differently, grouped by week. According to my graph, production is now at 114,000.

Production was 94k on 9/30. Your 114k means ~10k/week. I think we’d have seen a tweet or something, ha.

Sarcasm, or you don’t know what that word means?

Or he is a relic.

I’m thinking it’s due to the rush to get ful fed credit. I’m expecting a small dip in November numbers.

I wonder how the ICE owners are going to take the threat of $400 oil. Most probably believe that the US produces more oil than we use.

First world would ration long before $400.

EV resale values would sure see nice spike!

Looking at the Bloomberg tracker it looks they had built 100.816 vehicles by 10/13/18 on 10/14/18 it looks like they have built 101,816 vehicles. In one day they built 706 vehicles if they maintain this for a week it will be 4,942.

The Bloomberg tracker is not even accurate enough to track week-to-week production numbers, let alone day by day. You could just as well read it in the tea leaves. 😉

The T3 production was surpassing 100k units last weekend, now Tesla is registering VIN’s in huge batches, 48k VIN’s good for the next 2 month according to InsideEV. So the Bloomberg tracker (based on VIN) is completely blind, maybe a revenge against Bloomberg for giving critical stock analyst some airtime …..

Even Elon’s mother Maye Musk is now twittering against NYT “” Did the ⁦@nytimes⁩ sponsor the “Petroleum Executive of the Year” award? That would explain 100% negative ⁦@Tesla⁩ headlines. “”
and against Bloomberg for alleged Exxon sponsored FUD “” Makes sense as Bloomberg @business had 80% negative @Tesla headlines. Who wrote the 20%? “” — was even worth an article in German newspaper “Spiegel”.