Tesla Registers Over 2,000 Dual-Motor Model 3 VINs


What’s in a VIN?

Actually, quite a lot. And in the case of the Model 3, one can decode the VIN to determine if its a single-motor or dual-motor variant.

It was way back in January of this year when Tesla began registering the first dual-motor Model 3 VINs, but now it seems the full focus is on the AWD variant of the 3. Keep in mind that these higher-end versions of the Model 3 are bigger profit-makers for Tesla, so we suspect the automaker will push the dual-motor variants hard as it looks to turn a profit in the near future.

The most recent VIN indicator/tracker reports that nearly 99% of some 2,237 newly registered VINs apply to the dual-motor versions of the Model 3. This is to be expected as Tesla recently announced pricing and opened up ordering for the dual-motor 3. Those newly registered VINs all appeared within approximately the last 6-7 days or so.

Additionally, the highest recorded VIN to date is claimed to be 56240.

It won’t be long until we report on Tesla sales for June (July 3rd, to be exact), so why not start a little guessing game here. How many Tesla Model 3s do you think will be sold in the U.S. in June? Will it be another record month for the electric sedan? Or will Tesla scale back U.S. deliveries to extend the federal tax credit?

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M3 U.S. deliveries under 3000 in June, 16000 in July

16K would be very disappointing for July, if they have some June holdovers.


Same source, May 24 highest VIN 51733. ==> 4500 new VINs in the past 5 weeks.
I’m waiting to see 5000 new Model 3 VINs a week.

Edit: maybe Tesla produce the cars but only register for the VINs when delivering them to their clients (would make sense if this has an impact on the 200000 threshold counting).

Not fair when you start counting the day after Tesla accounted more than 12.000 VINS

They register VINs weeks ahead of production.

It’s happening. Its really gotta frustrate all those investors and haters who pray for Tesla’s failure. It’s interesting how if you look at the beginning of Tesla, the forecasters and pundits who predicted (and continue to do so) Tesla’s failure have continually had to change their reasoning. First it was no one wanted electrics, then it’s been all the “Tesla Killers,” and now it’s that they won’t hit their projected numbers. Keep crafting, shorters, and I’ll keep pulling for Tesla and using their awesome products.

“…continually had to change their reasoning”
I never changed my reasoning: Tesla writes losses. Ever increasing ones. The day they become profitable, I will surrender with my short Thesis.


Hey Mr. Chanos,

Were you this bearish on Amazon, when they were struggling for profitability, early on in their business cycle? Maybe we should double down on the Long Ford Thesis, for Max profits?

You must not be paying attention then. Because what I say ain’t made up. Never mind that in 6 years those ‘losses’ you mentioned can be largely attributed to Tesla building the world’s only Supercharging network. In 72 months time. That front end cost is massive, but now they enjoy the almost un-surmountable moat they’ve created for themselves.

The day Amazon turned a profit was I twigged that Amazon may have had a plan all the time. I also twigged that just maybe- that I am not smarter than Bezos or Musk. To defend myself I live in a cave and my beard reaches the floor

Tesla will scale back deliveries to hit 200,000 in 3Q. GO TESLA GO DESTROY DIRTY GAS GUZZLERS AND DIESELS LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS thanks for caring about our planet co2.earth

After a 2+ year wait on my invitation to configure, I ordered a dual motor 3 yesterday. I suppose Tesla really wants to sell me an actual car. Now hoping my friends do the same so my TSLA will help pay for my Tesla.

We ordered out dual motor 3 a few weeks ago. At first, I was hoping that our TSLA would just pay for a nice down payment. Now I’m looking at it paying for the entire car.