Tesla Registers 6,425 New Model 3 VINs: All Dual-Motor

OCT 8 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Highest Tesla VIN registered now above 135,000.

Tesla ramps up the pace of VIN registrations for Model 3. Within just five days, 18,863 new VINs were registered!

The latest batch was for 6,425. This time all were dual motor versions, so don’t panic after the previous AWD ratio of just 45%. Overall, Tesla still produces mostly dual-drive-unit versions of the Model 3 these days.

There is a gap of some 35,000-40,000 between Model 3s produced and VIN registrations (assuming production above 95,000).

At a production pace of 5,000 cars a week, the gap is one month’s worth or so, probably just right to be ready for orders scheduled for upcoming production.

Source: Model 3 VINs

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Analysts have been quietly raising their Tesla earnings estimates. Over last 30 days 9 of them increased their earnings estimates for next 2 quarters and next year – some of them by factor of 3x or more. None has decreased their estimates.

Stefan Ko

Please open EU Design Studio 😀


Just another weeks worth of production.


Poor Bloomberg tracker will get totally confused again 😉


Right on queue Bloomberg tracker is now reading 97911 vs 96000 this morning.


98,509 as of this momet


It’s not nice to pick on the crippled… er, handicapped. 😉


Umm…. differently abled.


I don’t think the description “differently enabled” describes Bloomerg’s Model 3 Production Guess-O-Meter. 😉


Let’s not forget that the other two cars Tesla makes are eating market share too. The Model S outsold all it’s large luxury sedan rivals *combined* in September. That means that Tesla is the biggest player throughout the luxury and premium sedan markets, which is up YoY mostly due to Tesla dragging it along.


Now that assmebly lines are running, how difficult can it be to start Model Y? Just need an extra tent! Hurry up please!