Tesla Registers More Model 3 VINs For Europe

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The European offensive by the U.S carmaker is hopefully around the corner

After taking over North American electric vehicle sales charts, it’s time for the Tesla Model 3 to try and take the European market as well. The European offensive is around the corner and the U.S carmaker is seemingly gearing up for it. Just a few weeks ago, clear-cut evidence of the move was revealed: Tesla registered the first Model 3 VINs for the European market. However, this week, the automaker did another batch of registrations, undoubtedly giving us a hint that the European expansion is coming.

The information was revealed by @Model3Vins, a watchdog service dedicated to keeping track of new Tesla Model 3 VIN registrations. According to their data, Tesla registered 7 new European VINs earlier this week (116264-116270). Furthermore, the service reports that four of these were AWD (All Wheel Drive) cars, while 3 were RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) cars.

The North American and European Model 3’s are basically the same. The only big difference is the charging port, as in the United States, Tesla uses its proprietary plug, while in Europe, the automaker uses a modified version of the standard Mennekes Type 2 plug.

Just a few days ago, however, several Model 3’s were spotted in Europe as low volume production started and a few deliveries – supposedly to Tesla employees – were already made.

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Tesla should also start looking at the production of the RHD Model 3, even if is only a few hundred to a thousand per week.

On the burner, the back one.

less profit, Tesla need to go out of RED first

I suspect that will happen only after they’ll start offering the short-range battery US$35K version. Until then, it’ll be too expensive for many markets. Sedans won’t be very attractive for Europe (UK & Eire), NZ / Oz / South Africa / HK / Singapore are too small markets, and I doubt the Japanese will buy a non-Japanese non-luxury car.

So maybe middle of 2019 .

Things are looking up for Tesla and they are highly motivated and so are their free delivery workers. If they can get he stock price back up to near former highs in the near future it well help to alleviate claims of harm from investors. Well that’s about the short end of the long and short of it. Also the huge, almost insatiable demand for evs in Europe will take a long time to satiate.
The long suffering people of Europe, in regards to not getting their evs..

They will likely keep as many as they can here in the USA through the end of the year for the $7.5K tax credit.

That makes sense. Sell as many Model-3 as most of the happy customers are in USA.

“Just a few days ago, however, several Model 3’s were spotted in Europe as low volume production started and a few deliveries – supposedly to Tesla employees – were already made.”

Hmmm, I expected to see some announcement that Tesla had expanded or upgraded the Tilburg (Netherlands) “Final Assembly” plant to handle the Model 3, before we started seeing the European version of the Model 3 in production. But we’ve seen no such news.

Maybe Tesla is in stealth mode for that upgrade?

Tesla is never in stealth mode. They are always saying everything that is happening and more.
If they are not saying something, they are making people guess on purpose.

Always and everything? Two-three words: Next-gen Roadster.

Tesla recently leased an extra building in Tilburg. It’s about half the size of their factory.

Will the new cars not be CCS? That seems to be fast becoming the european charging standard.

I was wondering the same. It would be pretty stupid not to add a CCS port to the European version.

” The only big difference is the charging port”

If I’m not mistaken there is also a difference in having separate, yellow turn signals at the rear.

Amber…. and they should of course have those in the US to to simplify production even more.