Tesla Registered 13,225 New Model 3 VINs

Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor With ADV.1 Wheels


Out of 13,225, VINs registered, around 3 percent are the Dual Motor versions of the Model 3 and around 6 percent are international

Tesla is ploughing along with their Model 3. In the most recent update by Model3VINs, a Twitter profile dedicated to reporting new Model 3 VIN registration, the number of these registered is really impressive. According to a recent Tweet, the U.S based carmaker registered 13,225 VINs in the most recent registration batch (on February 16, 2019). Out of that number, around 3 percent is taken by the Dual Motor version. Furthermore, it is believed that around 6 per cent of these VINs registered, belong to international Model 3 VIN registrations.

For the most part, Europe and Asia are eagerly expecting the Model 3. This is especially true for continental Europe, but also, for the RHD markets of the United Kingdom. Add the Japanese and Indian RHD markets, and Tesla still has a lot of room for growth and deliveries to be made. If you put in the fact that most countries are (whatever some may say) insisting on a more eco-friendly and thus, an electric future, we have no qualm that Tesla Model 3 will be a highly coveted automotive item for years to come.

The only issue we see for Tesla is the onslaught of the legacy carmakers entering the electric vehicle game full on. We’ve already seen what the offering from Jaguar with the I-Pace did sales-wise, and judging by the interest garnered by the new Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Porsche battery-powered models, the customers are slowly lining up. And that, all incentives and federal tax credit cuts aside, could bring the most problems for Tesla in the long run. Nonetheless, the U.S based carmaker proved resilient to most if not all issues experienced in their corporate life so far.

In turn, we don’t see Tesla losing a step in the next several years at all. Let’s just hope that their production can keep up with the demand during that period of time overall.

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This could be the first block of SRs.

Possibly. One guess by Transport Evolved Nikki is that Tesla is discontinuing SR but still willing to fill existing reservations. If so, it could be first of last block of SR.

“Tesla Removes Mention Of Standard Range Model 3 From Its Website. What’s Going On?”

Or it could be anything else since we’re all guessing. But it’ll be cool if Tesla fulfills SR promise at least for existing reservation holders even if it means small loss.

From article: “…We’ve already seen what the offering from Jaguar with the I-Pace did sales-wise…”

I missed that… what did I-Pace do sales wise?

I am also wondering that. So far the I-Pace hasn’t done much except being a small compliment in an ever-growing EV market.

Neither did Tesla early on. Obviously, like I said, Jaguar is a low volume automaker, so it may never make a big dent. But 7,000 sold thus far is leaps and bounds beyond what I had expected. Kudos to them for actually selling way more than a handful of these, and kudos to any EV maker that comes to market and actually sells its products in decent volume!

Should state that this happened on February 16th.

“The only issue we see for Tesla is the onslaught of the legacy carmakers entering the electric vehicle game full on.” A common, though fallacious meme. Who is “we”, btw. Is this a suggestion where the concurrent view of Insideevs is being expressed, or is the author using the royal we. We think the later.

I don’t see competition from legacy auto being any concern for years for Tesla. Even now the vehicles legacy auto are producing at best just barely compare to a Tesla, and these vehicles will hardly be available for years, and even when they are their production numbers will be very low. 20k-30k produced a year, total for the world and the ones that make it to the U.S. will only be sold in CARB states, if even in all of them.

Tesla’s main problems are Tesla, and they seem to be painfully working those problems out, while also maintaining a lead in technology and development.
No one has OTA, SC, or Tesla’s superior tech. Just take almost any short argument, turn it on it’s head and you have the reality of Tesla vehicles, and their competition, as things stand currently.

The only issue with your line of thinking is assuming one automaker needs to match Tesla. The real threat to Tesla is several automakers building 30k-50k cars on the high end and low end. Tesla just needs to stay ahead of the curve and not get squeezed. Even RIvian appears to be a clear threat for SUV and trucks for Tesla.

Agree with the potential exception of VW and their big push into volume EVs.

The new Audi EV SUV shows that it isn’t very efficient compared to Tesla’s offerings but VAG is gearing up for large numbers of PEVs from at least VW and this represents solid progress in a pivot towards sustainable a transportation system and is sure to eventually put a lot of pressure on the rest of the laggard, legacy LICE OEMs.

You’re only thinking about full BEVs. While there are plenty of legacy carmakers starting to jump into the full BEV ring, most of them are offering PHEV options on a larger percentage of their fleets.

BEV fanbois (not saying you’re one of them) love to hate on PHEVs, but if we’re looking for the fastest mechanism to reduce CO2 emissions, PHEVs take the cake by far. They take fewer battery resources which means less mining / production costs. For every one BEV battery, 6+ PHEV batteries can be produced. They have a lower up front carbon cost, and they can realize up to and beyond a 90% reduction in lifetime tailpipe emissions depending on the driver. They don’t require any new fueling infrastructure. Plus, they’re currently cheaper than BEVs.

BEVs have their place… but if the goal is a quick move to reduce CO2 emissions, then PHEVs are the best.

Well… reducing the number of cars on the road and replacing them with better public transit or more bikes are the *best* overall solutions… but humans in general are far too self-centered to go that route.

Your oil addiction is clouding your judgement lol

Tesla is highly blessed by its competition, this is what happened so far, Tesla puts out extremely ambitious goal on anything they do then things get delayed at Tesla , this delays are taken by competition as relief of competitive pressures so they stay complacent, then they wake up to Model 3 and try to put together EV in a hurry with end result inferior product.

While EV owners and renewable energy supporters this administration continues it’s attack on the environment and the GOP looks the other way at all the lies Trump says and should be considered complicated in the crimes.

Really? GOP is responsible as if this kind of crap didn’t happen under Obummer? If you think this is only GOP, you are so steeped in Dumbocrat propaganda that you can’t see past your bias.

But then, people would rather not take the red pill and live in blue pill delusion as it’s more comforting to them.

Except no “Dumbocrats” had access to exercising an agenda, let alone responsibility for “this kind of crap” until the mid-terms. N0…up until the mid terms looking the other way at “this kind of crap”was entirely the GOP SOP.

Your first post was great through – I enjoyed it.

No Dumbocrat has access to exercising agenda says volumes about your political blindness. Kind of crap Dump is doing was started by Obummer with his “I can’t do anything about immigration” then turns around with executive action, just like Dump is doing now.

As for my first post, yeah, it will be really nice for Tesla to do so. I mean, the faithful held on for 3 years, they should get something.

“Add the Japanese and Indian RHD market…”
Maybe you meant Australia and New Zealand RHD markets? Tesla still has to begin selling cars in India…

Tesla is batch building for the US and overseas markets. Just like they have been doing for years with the Model S and X. US Model 3 and Model Y sales will rise and fall on a 3 month cycle, and on a yearly cycle, with the 2nd half of the year being higher sales than the first half. Just like with S and X.

Sadly, every 3 months from now until the end of time, and at the beginning of every year, EV forums will be heavily trolled by demand meme puppets who will remain intentionally blind to this.

This has been going on for years and shows no signs of stopping.