Tesla Registered 21,308 Model 3 VINs, All Dual Motor

JAN 12 2019 BY MARK KANE 20

The number of AWD Model 3 VINs is now higher than RWD

According to Model 3 VINs tracker, Tesla just registered its biggest batch of VINs so far for the Model 321,308. Interesting is that it’s estimated that 100% of them are all-wheel drive versions, while 73% are international (for deliveries outside North America – most likely Europe or China at this point).

The latest registration round brings the tally to 229,766 and as it turns out, AWD is now in the majority (115,316), compared to RWD (114,450).

Particularly, the shift towards AWD and export can be seen in January stats, as over 97% of VIN registrations are AWD and the majority (70%) are classified as international.

Source: Model 3 VINs

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RWD was released in the US first which was typical for Tesla and necessary during production hell. Tesla has the advantage now in international left-hand models to ship all dual motor options first. Once that plays out in both Europe and Asia the RWD will ship. Somewhere after that, the standard range SR will start shipping in the US market, then repeated in Europe and Asia along with right-hand drive somewhere in between. Somewhere late in the year, a tiny portion of components will be at least assembled in the new China gigafactory. No one will know the real demand of the Model 3 for over a year for they will be selling all that they can produce. Then somewhere in 2020, they will be poised to launch the Model Y, stir and repeat. Oh yeah, no advertising, no dealerships, and providing their own recharging network globally. Aggressive moves by Tesla but brilliant.

Even without FSD, Tesla has been extremely disrupted.

They basically cancelled the RWD version. That alibi MR version hardly counts.

It drives much farther than eTron, iPace, and Bolt, it’s got an awesome interior, and it’s a Tesla. I thought that would count?

Yeah, that’s why you’re spending so much time writing anti-Tesla troll posts; because you really think Tesla’s cars “hardly count”. 🙄

Well, it’s January, so I think they will deliver 235k Model 3 this year. Calendar 2019.
Demand is essentially infinite, as they can’t meet it.
Look for the S and X refresh in the 4th quarter.

Maybe they will get a few Y’s out. Why, you may ask, Why not.
Like 300 of them to employees to beta test, it seems to be their modus operandi.
They will build it at the giga-factory, there’s plenty of tent space there.

They won’t get high sales in Model 3 unless they bring out the $35k version. Assuming they do that in Q2, then they should be about 300k sold for the year.

I think ffbj is referring to China and EU markets’ demand. It will be high.

Tesla should build about 300k Model 3s this year.

235k would be a slowdown from their Q4 production rate.

“Look for the S and X refresh in the 4th quarter.”

Maybe much sooner.

“Maybe they will get a few Y’s out. Why, you may ask, Why not.”

Why not? Because they don’t have any place to make it, unless they install full auto assembly lines at Gigafactory 1. Fremont is full up trying to handle MS, MX, and TM3 production all by itself.

Not sure if anyone already answered this but can AWD be added to a RWD Model 3 a year later?

It will be costlier than selling your car and buying a new one if you tried to get that done at Tesla.

Tesla does not provide this option, similar to how no pickup truck maker offers a post-production 4WD conversion for their 2WD full size trucks.

Don’t think so because the mid-range pack has a limited current output. Therefore the motors would be under-powered, or drain on the pack might be too fast (could cause damage). The wire is also missing for AWD front motor as well as the motor itself, mounts, drive shafts.. as someone said, it’s cheaper to just get the model you want.

You mean, retrofitted?

Eddie is correct; that would cost more than buying a new Model 3.

Technically it would be so easy if the electrical connections are present. Unlike an ICE, all it needs is mount the motor and hook it up. The computer is already to run both motors. You would think in future years these sort of upgrades might be available to increase profits.

According to a spreadsheet done from the Tesla community in Europe, there are only 15,269 orders recorded in Europe so far:

For example the invitation to order and opening of the Tesla configuration in Germany was done on Dec-21, and rumors were that only the commercial fleet operators and long time Tesla customers can order and expect deliveries soon, followed by early reservation holders who are waiting for more than 30 month for the ‘most anticipated car of the century’ then a few weeks later. Early reservation holders were offering their ‘low waitlist number’ for up to 5,000 Euro…. Well reality was that new reservation on Friday Dec-28 were already invited to order on Monday Dec-31, and on Jan-4 everybody could order directly without reservation.

Rather underwhelming performance – just too poor some cold water on the enthusiasm of some Tesla fans here, who are already expecting the downfall of legacy OEM with the opening of the Model-3 configuration page in Europe ….

I think most people are disappointed that the can’t have the LR RWD only AWD variants are available at the moment.

A fleet buyer may count as a single order.

“Rather underwhelming performance – just too poor some cold water on the enthusiasm of some Tesla fans here…”

No, you’ve merely shown that you haven’t been paying attention. Tesla doesn’t open up orders to everyone at once; they do it in only in stages. Tesla has become a master orchestrator at managing demand.

BTW — You meant “pour”, not “poor”. #GrammarNazi