Tesla Turns To Mexico To Recruit Engineers




Inside Tesla’s factory in Fremont, CA

Although Tesla touts its “Made in America” status, the electric automaker is hosting an upcoming recruiting event in Monterrey, Mexico.

According to Reuters, a LinkedIn recruiting poster shows that the electric automaker is set to fill positions for 15 different types of engineers at its Fremont, California plant. The jobs are primarily related to automated equipment and robotics, which are being utilized to up the factory’s output capacity ahead of Model 3 production, and Tesla’s imminent ramp up to 500,000 vehicles per year by the end of next year.

Tesla is advertising the hiring event on LinkedIn, which will take place from May 5-8 in Monterrey, Mexico. The country is home to 19 auto plants from the likes of General Motors, Volkswagen, and FCA, among others. Some automakers have recently pulled out of the area, others have downsized, and still others have a wealth of trained, educated engineers that may welcome the opportunity to move elsewhere, strengthen their resume, and broaden their reach.

Though it appears that Tesla is all set to get Model 3 production underway on time, the impending ramp up may be another story. The automaker will have to continue actively recruiting in order to build its engineer base to meet production goals.

President of SAE International noted that there is currently a shortage of engineers. The fact that Tesla is having to look to Mexico proves this, and also that there is a lack of talent in many areas. He said:

“There are many more jobs than engineers, this is an engineering problem across the board.”

Other automakers have made a point of bringing engineers in from Mexico, to fill the gap. But it is very uncommon for these employees to stay in the U.S. full time. Generally, they are recruited in for an assignment, and then eventually return to the Mexican plant. Tesla is actively recruiting what appears to be permanent engineers. Perhaps it’s partly because Tesla VP of Production – former Audi exec Peter Hochholdinger – was successful in launching Audi’s factory in Puebla, Mexico, prior to coming to Tesla.

The Silicon Valley electric automaker’s senior technical recruiter, David Johnson, is specifically looking for engineers that can handle “Body in White” manufacturing. This is a process that deals with welding the vehicle’s outer frame. Another Tesla employee also posted on LinkedIn:

“Check this out if you are interested to work with the most complex and automated equipment in our Fremont plant! We are looking for controls, robotic and weld engineers!” 

Source: Reuters

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Prediction: next gigafactory is built in Mexico. Cheap labor and plenty of sunshine. Also close-ish if Elon wants to visit.

Mexico is about 8 hours away when you include travel to/from airport and TSA. Asia is about 12 hours away. Not much different.

Oil is one of the top produce from Mexico, and I don’t know if they’ll take kindly to Tesla.

Do you seriously think Elon gets to the airport three hours before the flight and goes through TSA? In a private airport immigration takes two minutes, you nod to the guards. They nod back. Done.

How about Canada? Tesla has already setup a Li-ion battery research facility with Jeff Dahn, renowned Li-ion professor/researcher at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Question is how will this work with Prez Dump’s stupid threat on foreign workers. We should be getting the top talent from all over the world, not treat them like slaves via H-1 visas. Engineers should automatically get green card upon entry!

Tesla was literally ‘mobbed’ by people wanting to apply, I don’t think they are too worried about it.

Trump’s shtick has always been illegals anyways.

Dump is not always about illegals. His travel ban also included legal residents. Sure, not the same as total ban, but it shows his willingness to target legal aliens.

I’m not worried about engineers in Mexico being against Tesla. I’m worried about petro-cartel that runs much of Mexico’s economy. They may not take immediate action, but they could make it painful, like “nationalizing”.

“Trump’s shtick has always been illegals anyways.”

But the Trumpster administration’s very public and very aggressive anti-immigrant stance has caused many foreign born engineers to look elsewhere than the USA for a place to find work.

It’s rather naive to think that the xenophobia and anti-immigrant hatred whipped up by El Trumpo won’t have any effect on legal immigration, or the ability of the USA to attract highly skilled workers from other countries.



How in the world did you come up with all of that off of my comment? Or better yet… Why?


Build the wall out of batteries and put solar panels on top. Of course, make the Mexicans pay for it. 😉

Not a bad idea, of course that makes too much sense for tRump fans.

Trump fans realize that it takes more than one solar panel to charge the 3x6x10′ bank of batteries beneath it.

After 30+ years in software, I can assure that there is always a lack of talent, even if the positions are filled…. 🙂

Why not simply bring in his AI to take the jobs instead?

Tesla. Made in the USA, by Mexicans.

No one should tell them that Mexico is a part of America and all mexicans are Americans.

I wonder how many people in the US would even get close to guessing how many countries there are in North America even. 😉

I’ve worked with a lot of young engineers in Monterrey Mexico. They seemed to know their stuff. There’s a technological university in Monterrey that is supposed to be really good.