Tesla Receives First Semi Order From Middle East

Tesla Semi

JAN 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 5

Bee’ah becomes the first in the Middle East to announce an order for all-electric Tesla Semi trucks – 50 units were reserved and are expected to arrive in UAE from 2020 on.

Tesla Semi

Inside The Tesla Semi

This is one of the largest orders for the Tesla Semi to date, in line with Sysco Corporation, and second to only PepsiCo (100) and UPS (125).

Bee’ah placed reservations immediately after the launch but remained tight-lipped until now.

The trucks will be used for waste collection and transportation, including transportation of materials for recovery.

“In line with its efforts to provide a better quality of life in the Middle East, Bee’ah, the region’s fastest growing environmental management company, has underscored its unshakeable vision for sustainability by purchasing the first and largest fleet of Tesla Semi trucks in the Middle East. The announcement was made in-line with Bee’ah’s participation at the “World Future Energy Summit”, which is taking place in Abu Dhabi from 15 to 18 January 2018.

The organization placed an order for 50 of the automotive brand’s revolutionary all-electric vehicles immediately after their launch on November 16, to underline Bee’ah’s steadfast commitment to sustainability across its entire operations.

The incoming Tesla Semi trucks, which enter production in 2019, will primarily be used for waste collection and transportation, including transportation of materials for recovery. They will also add to Bee’ah’s growing fleet of vehicles, which total over 1,000 today, and continue upgrading the organization’s transport options in making the fleet as eco-friendly as possible. Overall, Bee’ah’s modernized fleet will continue to make a significant contribution to reducing the company’s carbon footprint, and that is by using the new Tesla Semi trucks alongside the existing electric vehicles, the vehicles that run on compressed natural gas and the ones that run on bio diesel, in addition to the boats that use solar energy while cleaning lakes and water bodies.”

His Excellency Salim Al Owais, Chairman of Bee’ah commented:

“We are extremely pleased to turn towards Tesla for a solution that enhances our leadership of sustainable practices in the region. As a company that strives to be the best in our field, we only work with partners that we consider to be the best in theirs,” . “Through this latest investment, we hope to demonstrate to others the value and importance of seeking out better, more viable ways of achieving our business aims, all for the greater good of our communities.”

Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of Bee’ah commented:

“As a torchbearer for environmental responsibility, Bee’ah’s move to bring the first and largest fleet of Tesla Semi trucks to the region is a significant milestone in our operational evolution. Sustainability is at the very core of what we do, and the pursuit of this feeds into every level of our organization. That is why we have made this investment in our transportation fleet, which occurs with a view towards a larger goal – achieving the objectives of the National Agenda for UAE Vision 2021,”

Trucks are the second Tesla product chosen by Bee’ah. Earlier company ordered Powerpack energy storage system for its state-of-the-art net zero energy headquarter

“Bee’ah’s latest involvement with automaker, energy storage, and solar panel company Tesla isn’t its first. Earlier this year, the organization made a major investment with Tesla to fit the company’s world-leading Powerpack battery technology at Bee’ah’s spectacular, state-of-the-art net zero energy headquarter complex, which is currently under construction. The Tesla batteries will store solar energy to power the building, and any excess electricity generated will be fed directly into Sharjah’s main power supply grid, thereby ensuring maximum efficiency.

The use of Tesla Powerpack technology marked a significant step towards Bee’ah’s vision of a future where buildings are powered solely by renewable energy – starting with its own headquarters. Designed by revered British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, the new headquarters is currently under construction in Sharjah, UAE, and will become a platinum LEED certified building upon completion.”

Bee’ah Headquarters

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Huge savings with solar coming in at 2 or 3 cents/kwh.

Will be interesting to see what semi truck market share % Tesla manages to capture inside next 10 years.

My guess: ~24% … which would be a huge disruption to the trucking industry.

The established traditional semi truck makers have a huge advantage over Tesla in that they have an existing built-in customer base and deep legacy knowledge of the trucking industry… but non of them are today (nor within next 3-5 years) capable of making an electric semi that can compete against Tesla Semi TCO wise.

Hmm… with ~2,5 million truck sales (real trucks, not over-sized cars) per year those 24% would be 600 000 trucks…

If Tesla could get past 1% market share during the next 10 years I would be happy. 4% and I would be ecstatic. 10% and I would breakdance to the Macarena on repeat for a month with no breaks but to sleep.

@Mikael said “Hmm… with ~2,5 million truck sales (real trucks, not over-sized cars) per year those 24% would be 600 000 trucks…”

“Class 8” Commerical Truck (anything above 33,000lbs …which is what Tesla Semi is rated at) is 250,000 truck sales … so 24% of “Class 8” would be 60,000 semi-trucks…

Cool Building.