Tesla Re-Releases NEMA 14-30 Charging Adapter


Tesla Motors has re-released a popular charging adapter for the Model S and Model X (for some reason unknown to us, this product was initially available with the launch of the Model S, but then disappeared for a couple of years).

The adapter, often referred to as a dryer plug adapter, is available here at the Tesla store.

As Tesla states:

The NEMA 14-30 adapter will provide recharge speeds from 15-17 miles of range per hour of charge to a Model S or Model X. This outlet is commonly used for electric dryers and is convenient for charging at friend’s or relative’s home.

Technical specifications:

*- Compatible with Tesla Mobile Connector
*- Requires 30 amp circuit breaker
*- Provides 24 amps to a Tesla
*- Voltage range: 208-250

Tesla president Jon McNeil announced the re-release of this product rather emphatically via Twitter:

Tesla's President Chimes In

Tesla’s President Chimes In

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It would be nice if they would re-release the NEMA 6-50 adapter someday.

Don’t even have my Tesla yet and I’m seriously considering getting one before they disappear again.

We will keep this adaptor (as well as all Tesla UMC adaptors) in stock, should Tesla forget to order more in the future. It has happened many, many times.