Tesla Ranked #1 In Overall Brand Experience Among Automakers


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla ranked #1 among automakers for best overall brand experience, topping BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Ferrari. The cited report, completed by Group XP, a top New York-based consultancy group in the field of consumer experience, ranked brands’ performance in customer impressions, interactions, and life-enhancing abilities.

Tesla Model 3 - Image Via Datcode on Imgur

Tesla Model 3 – Image Via Datcode on Imgur

Group XP’s Experience Index uses data from Brandz, the world’s largest brand equity database, and ranks based on:

Impression – Stand for something unique
Interaction – Deliver on your most important needs
Responsiveness – Have better online services and engaging content
Resilience – Strive to make people’s future lives better through higher brand purpose

The report is the first of its kind, and includes in-depth analysis to support the list. According to Group XP:

The 2016 Top 30 list includes companies that “have radically re-imagined a sector from which to deliver outstanding experiences. They lead their category, have devoted fans and are extremely difficult to copy or compete against.”

Tesla ranked #20 overall on the list. For comparison, the top ten list includes Pampers, Disney, PayPal, DHL, Facebook, Apple, Google, Ikea, UPS, and Visa. Tesla has definitely been innovative, and with its long-range, all-electric platform, paired with an unmatched direct sales model, the company is tough to beat. To top it off, no other electric car company even comes close to Tesla’s exclusive global charging network.

Teslarati hits the nail on the head:

“Who else but Tesla could take on a heavily entrenched industry like automotive and turn it on its head? Having launched highly rated, luxury-valued electric cars, Tesla has gone on to inspire and expand a roadside recharging network and build the world’s biggest Giga battery factory while also advancing the concept of driverless autos from science fiction fantasy to widely anticipated reality. ”

You can download the entire study, including the list, by clicking here.

Source: Teslarati

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NO no no…this can’t be right.

They don’t have dealerships looking out for them. Without a dealer, how can they possible be providing service this good?

Obviously a rigged study…


But… but… but… the serial Tesla bashers assure us that the cars Tesla sells are nothing but props in an elaborate stock scam. How can this be? 😉

But seriously, Consumer Reports has, for several years in a row now, given Tesla Motors the #1 spot in customer satisfaction, among all auto makers. So this shouldn’t be any surprise at all.

This is not about the quality of the car but the quality of the brand. Tesla is very hyped at moment, that’s why they rate high in brands.

You may have to continue to stay out there, Someone.

HAHAHAHA! Perfect!
Tesla is very satisfactory to their customer base at the moment Ben, THATS why they rate high in brands!

“Someone out there” said:

“Tesla is very hyped at moment, that’s why they rate high in brands.”

98% of Tesla owners don’t say, in Consumer Reports surveys, that they are satisfied with their purchase and would buy it again, because of media hype. They say that because 98% of them really are satisfied with their purchase.

It’s a well known cognitive bias: post-purchase rationalization. When you pay a lot of money for something you tend to overstate the advantages of it and ignore the drawbacks. I’m not saying that the Tesla really is terrible but people tend to ignore stuff like having to switch drive trains 3 times, water leaks, loose rubber seals, foggy headlights and many other things that have been reported about the Tesla.

“post-purchase rationalization”, well you gave it the old college try…

Owning a Tesla is like marrying a model, she may nag and pick fights in public, but you over look that…

Nothing to do with hype C.B./P.P.R., everything to do with offering a compelling product which is something unfortunately GM has yet to do with EVs…Tesla TM3 375K pre-orders, Bolt EV projected to sell 25K-30K world wide…

My Tesla little league team will be so inspired. Tesla of course gave us nothing, we just velcro Tesla T’s to white hats, and a smaller one over the pocket of the pinstripe.
Go Tesla!

Tesla gave you nothing? Clean air, clean water, and decreased toxic tail pipe emissions is nothing? Wake up man. Your little leaguers will have a cleaner planet.

Wow, this hurts, knowing NADA was wrong…..

Or not! 😉

GO TESLA GO…all the naysayers, haters, and gasoline addicts can kiss your arse. Lol

That’s pretty darn good considering the Falcon-Wing door issues.

But overall, Tesla has done a great job.

One thing that I don’t think gets mentioned often enough, is that Tesla’s high brand approval rating is actually having a Halo effect on lots of other EV’s too.

If it weren’t for Tesla successfully bringing their EV’s to market, EV’s would still be stuck with the label of being slow electric golf carts.

If it weren’t for the huge positive buzz from Tesla that reaches outside the EV enthusiast market, I don’t think EV’s would be selling anywhere near as many cars in the US as they do now.

That’s why I hope they get a Truck out ASAP. That’s really the last straw gasohols are holding onto.


Wonder why BMW is the highest rated automotive brand in the UK and China. Does Tesla sell cars in those markets?

EV doesn’t need maintenance. Customer is satisfied.
And compared to other EV makers, Tesla is selling EVs only and the others are selling 99% ICEs.