Tesla Raffling Off Model 3 Launch Invites, Online Orders And Live Stream Begin March 31st At 8:30 PM

MAR 16 2016 BY JAY COLE 165

Tesla Model 3 Reveal - Watch Live Here At 8:30 PM (PT) On March 31st, 2016

Tesla Model 3 Reveal – Watch Live Here At 8:30 PM (PT) On March 31st, 2016

Tesla has announced that the Model 3 launch and unveiling in Los Angeles on March 31st will be a fairly exclusive event.

In total, some 800 persons will be at the debut, and for 650-odd lucky Tesla owners, they will able to attend live as well – as Tesla has announced a lottery system for attendees.

For lottery winners, the doors open at 7:00 PM (PT), but the event itself will kick off and be broadcasted from 8:30PM to 11:30PM (PT) – of course, we will have the live event feed available here for those interested.

The following invitation was send out today:

Tesla Motors Model 3 Launch Event Raffle Letter

Tesla Motors Model 3 Launch Event Raffle Letter

At sign-up Tesla offers some more specifics on the contest – which runs only 1 day, as the end of the month arrives soon:

“Please sign up if you would like to attend the Model 3 unveil in Los Angeles, California on March 31, 2016. This offer is available to current Tesla owners and space is limited. Invitations will be randomly selected from those who register prior to noon Pacific time on March 16, 2016. Please use the email address linked to your Tesla account when registering.”

Tesla also has put out some further specifics on the live ordering process, which is set to open in-store on the 31st at 10am (PT), with online orders now beginning a touch earlier than expected (previously April 1st), during the live show from 8:30 PM (PT).  Hopefully the company has put some forethought into having some dedicated servers/bandwidth available to each event as separate entities, or it’ll be a bumpy ride.

“Model 3 reservations will open in Tesla stores on March 31 at 10am PST, as well as online immediately when the event (which will also be accessible via a live stream) begins. As a current owner who has supported Tesla and our mission, your reservation will take priority and be placed ahead of non-owners.”

Tesla also put out a tweet for those to tune in to a live broadcast of the event on Thursday, March 31st.

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Tesla owners get to have their Model 3’s before non-owners is BS!! The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Some of us seniors who have been waiting for an affordable Tesla can’t wait for wealthier Tesla owners to deplete the supply of Model 3’s and make it impossible for us to ever own a Tesla. This sucks!!

You’re going to be waiting for a few years no matter what.

You’ve confused getting a ticket for this media event with being first in line to be able to order. There’s nothing here about existing Tesla car owners being given priority in ordering a Model ≡.

Tesla owners are given order priority, but if they are going to sell 400K Model 3’s a year, the delay should not be that bad and since Tesla is always improving its offering, a 6 month wait might not be a bad thing while they get the kinks out.

From the letter:
As a current owner who has supported Tesla and our mission, your reservation will take priority and be placed ahead of non-owners.

Ack! Thank you for the correction, my bad.

I highly doubt a lot of S owners are itching to downgrade to Model 3. Maybe they want a 3 as a less expensive second car… but either way I think if you wait in line and rsvp on the 31st you’ll get a 3 early, S owner or not.

I bet out of all the speculative photos out there, One or a least a few must be really close to the real Car….I guess we’ll only know for sure when we see them..

$2000 down for me and wifey on 3/31/16.

Gonna be awesome. Haven’t been this excited since first iPhone, and I think that’s exactly what he’s building us up for. He’s got my $1K.

At least they got the color right.

Super excited. Two cars for me!!!

I returned my rsvp immediately! ! And blue is the best color!! Take it from me cause you ain’t gonna get my Tesla 90D!! 2000 miles gas free.. and I made my 1st supercharger stop this past Saturday. .otherwise I charge off my solar pv…

I continue to be amazed at those that spend 2-3x more than the average car on a Model S… then brag they’re saving money on gas. Hilarious. The Model 3 will make more economic sense.

He didn’t brag about saving money.

In fact, for a lot of us early EV adopters the cheaper charging vs. gas is only a small bonus at best. We are a family of LEAF owners btw, couldn’t afford so far to look at Tesla too closely.

For me the single biggest reason and resulting joy is that I no longer contribute to big oil – that includes fracking, and of course a big part of the horrible last several decades of foreign policy which where heavily influenced by the political clout of big oil.

Ps… for my link to work you must punch it twice to load.. I use gasbuddy.com cause I don’t like fraudbook…and it’s nice to use gasbuddy to get the word out on EV s!! Perverse as all..

So, why is the E not in the middle?

1st came model s
2nd came model x
Now, model 3

Chronological order.

No, first was the first generation, the Roadster, then was the second generation platform with Model S and X and then now the third generation Model III will come.

We know but no roadster in pic.

Loosing interest in Tesla due to their priorities.

By the time this is out, Tax credits will be mostly taken up by Model X and Model S. So, instead of prioritizing people new to the brand, Tesla prioritizes people that can afford cars approaching $100k as typically equipped. Gives them the reputation as toys for the rich. Tesla had a chance to change that reputation, but instead they encourage it with this order process. People with a Model X or Model S presumably use it for most of their driving, so prioritizing these buyers first they will be selling to households that have less gas driven miles to replace. If they went after conquest buyers replacing their main ICE less fuel would be burned. Screw them.


Tesla couldn’t make a 35K car 5 years ago when it started on the Model S. The Sports car, S, and Y have enabled them to increase their supply chain, perfect production, obtain parts at cheaper and cheaper prices, and fund their gigafactory build. You can’t just jump to building cheap consumer cars with fully customized parts and no experience building, and expect to produce in vast qualities, at a good quality, and especially on the cheap.

Tesla is doing it right. A few roadsters at crazy high prices, hand built. Automated model S builds, building a supply chain, able to turn a profit by charging huge amounts for these custom cars. Then, the car for everyone, now that all the ducks are in a row.

I’ll be in line on the 31st.


All that is known, but also is the fact that they claimed it will be $35k before tax credits. If they either prioritize highly optioned orders first or require you to be an owner of one of their big $ cars to get an order in before the credits expire, the disappointment is valid.

May have to wait for the next model years down the road until there is really one coming in at an effective $27500 price, as implied.

More gas would be saved if new conquests were the priority vs those that are adding a subsequent Tesla to their fleet.

No company, including Tesla, can please everyone. Tesla, like all businesses, needs to make money to stay in business. They’re not going to do that by giving priority to those customers ordering the cheapest possible car, which would be the result of doing what you suggest.

Since initial production of the Model ≡ will be limited at first, and probably ramp up slowly — just as early production of the Models S and X did — it only makes sense for Tesla to give priority to those buying the highest trim level cars.

It also makes sense for Tesla to reward customer loyalty.

I understand the point about customer loyalty and mentioned that below. There are times that makes sense. It also makes sense for companies branch out and create programs that encourage conquest buyers just as much. They can balance that better than me or you can, and I know it won’t always turn out as I want.

Wraithnot point about the ordering process makes more sense than what you said though. I’d expect popular configurations (not completely base not completely loaded) first. Who knows..

I think that reserving the first out of line Model 3 to existing customers could also be a way for them to avoid very critical point of view if there are any major problems with the vehicle…. What I mean is that the actual owners will basically be beta testers for the Model 3 until everything is in order for the new customers.

Exactly. I’ve made the same point myself.

Those most eager to own a Tesla car, the most passionate early adopters, will be the most forgiving of any of the various problems early production units have. More down-market buyers will be far less tolerant of being treated as a “beta tester” by Tesla.

So that’s yet another good reason, from Tesla’s viewpoint, to put only the highest trim level versions into production first.

Julien’s thoughts were about a separate decision Tesla can make – order prioritization for Tesla owners. A decision to build completely loaded cars prior to cars with popular options would be a separate decision made independently of the decision to prioritize orders for reservations for Tesla owners. The link between these decisions is weak at best and is not what he posted. Assuming ‘passionate early adopters’ prefer or have the ability to purchase the highest trimmed cars is flawed considering options include items that have been out for decades like appearance items, subwoofers, XM radio, upgraded trim materials, and upsized wheels.

Regarding which trims to build first, Wraithnot’s post makes much more sense than yours and is backed up by his experience as a customer. They need to convert reservations into confirmed orders to make profit. Price elasticity is important and can’t be thrown out the window as non existent. Take the 3 series, they sell a lot more mid level 328i’s with popular packages are sold than 340i xdrive with every package, or M3’s. If they are too greedy, they will reduce revenue from the model due not converting enough orders.

Nate — In an effort to sooth your angst, let me post the actual tax regulation on how the sunset will really work:

“The qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicle credit phases out for a manufacturer’s vehicles over the one-year period beginning with the second calendar quarter after the calendar quarter in which at least 200,000 qualifying vehicles manufactured by that manufacturer have been sold for use in the United States”


Calender quarters are:

If Tesla sells their 200,000th vehicle on April 15th 2018, the phase out will begin in Oct. 2018. All of the units sold in April, May, June, July, August, and September would be eligible for full $7,500 tax incentives. Then it would drop to $3,750 for the next 6 months.

So if Tesla seriously ramps up production to full steam, they could be putting out another 50K or more cars after they hit 200K.

I hope that reduces your anxiety.

Tesla isn’t a business like any other. They actually don’t make money, and there is certainly no proof that they will do so at anywhere near market prices in the future. Instead, they are a subsidized experiment–always have been, and may always be. That they can even compete with an everyman company like GM or Nissan, even with subsidies, certainly has yet to be demonstrated. It is undoubtedly a worthwhile experiment that I am glad Musk chose to engage in, and which has certainly brought some interesting toys into the hands of the wealthy around the world, but that is the extent of it at this point.

You’ve read too many posts from Tesla stock short-sellers. Tesla gets plenty of income from sales of its cars. The fact that Tesla is spending money even faster than they’re making it, in order to increase production year-on-year and grow the company, doesn’t somehow magically erase all the money they make.

Tesla’s gross profit margin, averaging about 25%, is comfortably above auto industry average.

Tesla excludes costs from their gross margin that other car makers include. I’m not saying that Tesla is wrong to do that, but it makes it hard to compare them.

What costs does Tesla supposedly leave out?

Source please.

Some R&D for one thing. There are different accounting rules in Europe. A nice summary: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2790765-the-truth-about-teslas-gross-margin

GM and Nissan doesn’t want to play in the Tesla league and IF Tesla make a $35K car it will be the end for the Volt, the Bolt and the Leaf…

Bah. Tesla making money isn’t dependent on what order customers are served. At the very least it is ridiculous to pretend they couldn’t live with a first come, first served approach. I think everyone would perceive that as quite fair and normal.

I don’t think delivering the highly optioned cars first makes a world of difference, but it isn’t particularly sympathetic.

In any case I’m very excited to see Model 3 and reserve my own – probably rather moderately specced – car on the day. But I will also probably buy an Opel Ampera-e, which I believe will be delivered to me (in Norway) at least a year before Model 3 can be. Then I’ll live with the Opel for quite some time before making a final decision about whether to get the Model 3 or just stick to my guns.

What are you talking about? This blog post is about getting tickets to attend the event – it said absolutely nothing about prioritizing reservations for the MIII based on prior Tesla vehicle ownership. Additionally, they can’t help the fact that it’s hard and capital intensive to build cars en mass. They also cannot help the fact that their vehicles are so popular that the S and X will eat up most of their Federal tax credit. Also, bear in mind that the credit will drop to 50% during the first full quarter after they sell their 200,000th qualifying vehicle. Then the next quarter after that, it will drop to 25%. So, there will be at least 6 months, probably at least 7 months, where the full and partial credit will be available even after they sell their 200,000th vehicle. Furthermore, $35k is not unreasonable. The average selling price of a new vehicle in the US last year was right at $30k. $35k is considered “mass market”, which is what Musk promised. Also, remember that in terms of size and performance, the Model III is a peer of the BMW 3-series, Audi A4, etc. The Model III is not the next… Read more »

Oh, I see…it did. Well, the rest of my reply is accurate and reasonable.

TomArt said:

“[Tesla Motors] also cannot help the fact that their vehicles are so popular that the S and X will eat up most of their Federal tax credit.”

I’m glad someone finally pointed that out. It’s like some people want to blame Tesla for how the Federal government has structured the tax credits, so that they’ll run out about the time that Telsa can finally get the Gigafactory producing cells in high enough quantity and low enough price to supply a high volume, mid-priced, relatively long-range BEV.

It seems the “me generation” is alive and well, and living in InsideEVs comments.

Nope, I don’t see people blaming anyone for how the Federal Credit is structured. That was in place already in place before the decision to prioritize existing Tesla owners first. Given that it was, some people are simply saying they’d prefer a first come first serve system versus anything else.

Note – I think there is a very good chance that this decision won’t come into play for people who make a reservation in the first few days. There is a chance it could if X and S sales are strong and the 3 is delayed enough.

and don’t forget that 200,000number is only for sales made in the US of A…

Vote in the right party including house and senate and maybe the 200k quota for the Federal exemption, will be raised and improved to be a “TAX CREDIT”. One can only hope!


While I’m not happy with how they did this, I also see the other perspective that they are trying to think of ways to keep those early customers happy and show some appreciation for those that helped make them successful early on.

Since it is tax season, and $1000 is pretty reasonable, I am still wanting to put in a deposit. I just don’t want to get my hopes up that the timing/price will shake out in a way that works. You’ll be ahead of me in the queue as I’ll be travelling for work that week and would need to do the later online option.

Just an fyi, I’m not that Steven.

I’m the original Steven. This site shouldn’t allow two people to have the same user name.

You can create an avatar.

How does one go about registering a username and/or getting an avatar? Can’t find a link to it…

I agree.

I hope that deposit of $1000 with no strings attached will change for a real order with a $2500 non-refundable deposit not too long after the 1st of April so the real serious buyer will prevail.

“People with a Model X or Model S presumably use it for most of their driving”

That’s a lot to presume. Hint: think of households with two cars and two drivers. (Or more.)

Nope, Model S has a high satisfaction rate and low operating cost, according to Tesla (and I would agree with them). So, it would be strange in the scenario you describe to have the conventional car doing the most driving.

Even if you disagree with that, new conquests are definitely more likely to have an no BEV’s, or no plug-ins for that matter vs. a household with at least one Tesla. Some miles are already electric in the latter.

I do disagree with the former point, from personal experience. (My wife drives as much as I do and dislikes driving a large car so doesn’t drive the S much.)

I don’t dispute the latter point.

Interesting perspective – she sounds like a great candidate for the smaller Model 3.

Or next gen Roadster… depending on definition of “small” 😀 😛

I agree with you. When you put a 100K car on the road it’s not to be your ”second” car…

Actually, they do, from testimonials all over blogs. Even several Roadster owners have admitted that their Roadster became their daily driver, they liked it so much and it was so cheap to drive.

Well, see my counter-testimonial above. For my own driving, yes it’s true, the only reason I would get behind the wheel of anything other than my S is if I had no other choice (ugh, don’t even ask me about the rental car I’m driving now) but there are a lot of reasons why a two-driver household could be putting half or even more than half their miles on a ICE.

99percent — I think you need to go back about a decade and read Tesla’s Secret Master Plan from 2006, it will explain everything:


in short, the master plan is:

Build sports car
Use that money to build an affordable car
Use that money to build an even more affordable car
While doing above, also provide zero emission electric power generation options

Don’t tell anyone.

PS–The Secret Plan is working.

What happened to the one where Elon builds a secret weapon in space and takes over the world?

Musk’s Orbital Mind Control Laser satellite system is working perfectly. You can that it is, because nobody notices it’s there. If its mind control wasn’t working perfectly, then people would notice what it’s doing.

and where is the car between the sport car and the affordable car in your expose?

Seriously? Given the volumes they intend to produce, the early reservation priorities are largely meaningless…probably not even a month difference.

Plus, let them get the first cars – they won’t be right, anyway. Let them get the kinks worked out a little bit. Additionally, if the history of the Model S is any indication, the options will change/increase multiple times during the first year of production and beyond.

Very disappointed that Tesla owners get placed ahead in line. I have been waiting for this day to come for 10 years, have been saving for the last 3 and will be camping out to get as early a position in the queue as possible. The only reason I’m not currently an owner is that I can’t afford to spend $75k+ on a car.

Yep, going to definitely read the fine print on options to back out and get the $1,000 back.

If current policies are any indication, the reservation will be fully refundable up until you come up in the production queu and actually configure/order your Model III.

and when should have been?

Based on my experience with the Model S, the options you choose and other factors will play a much bigger role with when you get your car then your reservation number. I had a reservation number around 20,000 and got VIN 5,785 because I ordered basically the same configuration as the demo car I test drove. I definitely didn’t get the most expensive configuration- I just got the one they figured out how to make first. And I agreed to pick the car up at the factory near the end of the first quarter in 2013. So how you play your cards will matter much more than if you already have a Tesla.

Good to know, and thanks for the tip!

My Dad couldn’t either.

So thats why he spent $57k on a CPO.

If Model S owners get a Model 3 reservation first when ordering on 3/31, ok but if they get first even if they order on 8/4/2017, that would be a notch too far and unfair to the ones that couldn’t afford a Model S in the first place. So if a non Model S owner orders on 7/15 he should still be in front of a Model S owner ordering on 7/16. In short priority per day ok but not priority whatever the day which would indeed be unfair towards less wealthy people that simply don’t have a Model S because they didn’t have the money to afford one.

The other way to look at it is that prior Tesla Model S and Roadster buyers are the very people who’s purchase funded and enabled the existence of the Model 3.

I posted the link earlier, but here it is, straight out of Tesla’s 2006 Secret Master Plan:

in short, the master plan is:

Build sports car
Use that money to build an affordable car
Use that money to build an even more affordable car
While doing above, also provide zero emission electric power generation options

Don’t tell anyone.

So sure, you could think of yourself, and how much you have been waiting. Or you can show gratitude to those who broke the ground before you, who made it possible for the Model 3 to even exist.

Your choice.

(disclaimer — I’m not one of those people)

All well with that plan but in reverse the less wealthy masses of Model 3 buyers are enabling the Gigafactory which in its turn will enable better batteries for the future Model S buyers that will then have 150 KWh instead of 90 KWh, so both Model S and Model 3 buyers are actually contributing.

You have a funny math, where people who haven’t bought cars yet, are somehow funding projects being done today.

It doesn’t work like that. Tesla gets loans and is able to sell stocks and raise capital because they already have successful sales under their belt. Not just because people say they will buy a car some day in the future.

I have a feeling you don’t want to understand, so this is pointless. If you don’t get it already, it is because you are searching for any pseudo-logical clap-trap you can latch upon, regardless of reality. (AKA – Denial)

Do you really think that the market and Panasonic would invest all that money into the Gigafactory if there was only the Model S? Absolutely not, they do so because of the future value already present in the Model 3 potential that they integrate into their calculation. So the Gigafactory is the present of the Model 3 not the S. Denying that is simply not understanding the notion and value of futures.

It is a matter of order. Future sales are only possible on the backs of current and past Roadster, Model S, and Model X sales.

But for those sales, there would be no Model 3, and no Gigafactory.

That’s just fact. Just as the Tesla Secret Master plan laid it out. Just go back and read it yourself.

But like I said, if you are bound and determined not to see reality, I can’t stop you.

There is no doubt that the TZero, the Roadster and the Model S enabled the technology for the Model 3 but without Model 3 there wouldn’t be a possibility to build a Gigafactory and reap the fruits that will come from it in the form of lower price batteries and higher energy density. Those better cheaper new cells will benefit to Model S owners as well. It is in that sense that Model 3 buyers also participate in the ev transition. It can best be compared with phones; of course the high level mobile phones got the technology created but, if it wasn’t for the billions of cheaper copies subsequently made which authorized mass production savings and improvements, the present day high end mobile phones would not have the incredible long duration batteries they can now enjoy but would still have much less compact batteries that would be higher priced than what a high level phone battery goes for now. Another example is airlines first class passengers allowed the advent of commercial airplanes, but it was mass market that allowed better planes, still better first class and by the same time lower prices there too. The high end products allow… Read more »

Priusmaniac said:

“If Model S owners get a Model 3 reservation first when ordering on 3/31…”

Amazing how fast this bad meme has spread here. The article above concerns getting reservations for the media “reveal” event, not reservations for ordering a Model ≡.

I don’t think Tesla is giving priority to existing Tesla car owners when ordering.

Ooops! Seems that for once, I’m the one spreading the bad meme. Thanks to acevolt for pointing out that in its invitation letter, Tesla did indicate ordering priority will be given to existing Tesla car owners.

Seriously? At the volumes they intend to produce, this is hardly an issue. Plus, let them get the first production models – the ones with the inevitable errors and flaws.

So, from this announcement, we can glean:

(1) Apparently Tesla will be showing an actual prototype, not just concept drawings or renders. This is what I expected, but for some reason there seems to be a popular notion that no actual car will be shown. (Yet another example, not that we really needed one, that the Internet is better at spreading bad memes than good ones.)

(2) Online ordering will start at all Tesla stores at the same time: 10 AM pacific time. Thus, those lining up at Tesla’s Australian showrooms will get no advantage over those farther west. While not surprising, that does end a lot of amusing speculation about people traveling to the eastern-most Tesla store!

Other media outlets have been recently notified by Tesla Motors, that they will have a driveable prototype at the event.

This should not be surprising to anyone.


No really since in Brussels it will be 22 h and the store is closed! So you will have to wait until 9 h the next day! The worst case is New-York since it will be 18 h with store just closed and they will have to wait for their 9 h next day even longer.

Sorry, New-York should be fine since it would be 14 h not 18 h.

Oops, New-York is 13 h not 14 h. London will be at 18 h, so they are the worst off since they will have to wait longest till the next opening. Internet ordering will be there earlier actually.

10 am PST is 04 am on April Fools’ Day in Sydney. 🙂

But it doesn’t matter as there will be over 100000 wealthy Tesla owners standing in the front of the “line” regardless.

Not exactly rue…reservations will start at 10am pacific times and online reservation only when the presentation start at about 8PM pacific times…

For those regularly posting comments to InsideEVs, and watching the calendar for the countdown to the Model ≡ “reveal” at the end of this month: Any guesses as to how many more articles will be posted about the Model ≡ reveal before the event actually begins?

I’m guessing 7.

Interesting question, this would be an article every two days. I am guessing it is more. I would say 10 at least 😉

18 articles at a rate of one per day

Are you talking just on IEVs?

I will take the under.

Yes, I should have specified articles posted to InsideEVs. I wouldn’t have any idea how to count every article and blog post published on the Internet on the subject! And obviously that would be at least thousands.


Great idea to give us something short term to speculate on vs. the long term stuff earlier in the thread.

I am going to say 8.

Ha – well, considering most posts are during the traditional 5-day work week, and considering that Musk will probably have at least 3 or 4 tweets about it between now and then (two articles each, one to report the tweet, the other to report on reactions).

I’ll go with…9 articles dedicated to the Model III launch…but it’ll be mentioned in passing in just about every post about Tesla – so whatever the number is, it could double…

Depending what you count we are at 2 already:

1.) http://insideevs.com/its-just-a-shadowy-image-of-a-tesla-model-s-no-model-3-here/
[Comments regarding the picture]

2.) http://insideevs.com/tesla-reaching-out-to-model-x-reservation-holders-to-get-confirmed-orders/
[I count this article because of the discussion “Model X reservations should be fast confirmed to not switch to Model 3 by the end of March”]

Is that black car at the picture above already the actual model 3?

Model S

“As a current owner who has supported Tesla and our mission, your reservation will take priority and be placed ahead of non-owners.”

Yeah, right, give those who already own one priority over the others! It’s not that they don’t really need it more urgently than others who are waiting for their first Tesla for ages already!

What’s the next step? Buy a Model S or X and get a Model 3 for free?

It may make sense for some Tesla executives to show binding of existing customers, but that way if you are after a base Model 3, don’t expect anything before 2019 or 2020!

I think the logic here is that if you have the money for a S/X then you will order the more premium version of 3.

Also most probably they will launch more expensive founders and signature editions first. I predict fully loaded versions will be around 60 000 USD.

Tesla already said that they are not doing Signature Models of the E


Buyers of the Roadster and Model S essentially made the Model 3 possible. Without them, Tesla’s 2006 Secret Master Plan would have failed and they would have folded long before getting the Model S on the market.

That’s why they are getting priority. It is this thing called gratitude. I posted the link earlier, but here is Tesla’s Secret Master Plan, one more time:

in short, the master plan is:

Build sports car
Use that money to build an affordable car
Use that money to build an even more affordable car
While doing above, also provide zero emission electric power generation options

Don’t tell anyone.

Yet another bitter post about a non-issue! Yikes, people, what did you expect?!? They did the same thing for the S and X.

At the volumes they intend to produce, this is going to be, what, a further delay of a month or two? Besides, the first ones are going to suck anyway. Tesla makes mistakes, and they also keep adding/modifying options packages every few months.

In fact, I just noticed this week that the Model S has a different base rim. Every rim now has a turbine-blade style design. The split 5-spoke rim is gone.

I’m an BMW X3 owner and believe me if it doesn’t come before the start of 2018 or midway thru I’m gonna buy something else

My wife was actually OK with us traveling to LA for the reveal if we are selected so I hit the “enter” button on the email. I got a bit of additional info after I signed up. Sounds like the live stream of the event and the online reservations will both start at 8:30 pm pacific time:

Enter to win a Model 3 unveil invitation
Los Angeles, CA
March 31
7:00 pm
Please sign up if you would like to attend the Model 3 unveil in Los Angeles, California on March 31, 2016. This offer is available to current Tesla owners and space is limited. Invitations will be randomly selected from those who register prior to noon Pacific time on March 16, 2016. Please use the email address linked to your Tesla account when registering.

Model 3 reservations will open to the public in Tesla stores at 10am Pacific on March 31st. A website live stream with online reservations will begin at 8:30pm Pacific the same day.

Stripped down version for me, price range 15-25k, battery-free if possible. Then they can have some serious pre-orders. If Tesla can’t deliver it on its own, then should seek partnership, say with Apple. Hopefully they will grasp that somewhere down the road. Until then enjoy battery drain, fill it up, discharge etc. and be sure to deliver ever increasing battery size, for the sake of range anxiety. Way to dead alley.

You don’t own an EV, do you…

He doesn’t even understand what the point of electric cars is.

Yea, when I want a cheap, stripped down computer, I head to the Apple Store…..

Can’t decide if LOL is posting a joke on purpose, and forgot the /sarc tag, or if LOL just is that far out of touch with reality?

I’m hoping this was an attempt at a joke?

LOL said:

“Stripped down version for me, price range 15-25k, battery-free if possible.”

You’re suggesting Tesla should make a gasmobile?

Are you on drugs, or just trolling?

Maybe he’s afraid of shocking himself?

Build high optioned orders first makes sense from a business standpoint but I don’t see why S or X owners get theirs first… It’s not like they’re going to buy another brand anytime soon. How does this policy fall in line with accelerating the advent of sustainable transport?!

Their purchase of S and X paid for the R&D to develop the Model 3. The current owners have also shown the willingness to buy a car from Tesla.

If Model 3 isn’t a huge sales success, Tesla goes out of business. It would be foolish for Tesla disenfranchise their most loyal fans at the unveiling of a life/death product.

Tesla needs to sell twice the number of Model 3 per year, as Audi sold total vehicles in the US last year. Yeah… double Audi’s sales (all models, SUVs, sedans, etc.) in the US. That is a huge number.

I’m not (yet) a Tesla owner but I find it very smart for Tesla to give first choice to their first customers. It make sense business=wise…

1. Non owners will be priority
2. the high equiped cars will be priority

Conclusion, the non rich will get their base model 3 around end 2019 or 2020, then in many countries federal tax credits will be expired before! Really that’s crazy, hopefully Leaf 2 will be here earlier, when i can afford it. Bolt is also to expensive with 60 kWh, why GM did not offer 40 kWh for 32k $?!

Tesla says 10 AM PST. Do they mean that, or is really going to be 10 AM PDT?

For the east coast stores that open before 10 AM PST 9or PDT), will they make you wait until then to give them your deposit?


Its 10am. I called them and verified.

10 AM pacific times?

Wow. This is like early adopter’s forum. I will wait couple of years before getting one; they should shake out the bugs by then. Thanks for testing, early adopters. 🙂

Hmm a lottery, what a concept. Hope they had permission from their legal team.

“Tesla Hunger Games”. 😉

Although it looks like Jennifer Lawrence won’t be a priority Model 3 customer.


The black outline is EXACTLY the same size as the Model S in the top image, even though it looks smaller.

The black outline is not likely the Model 3.

We really couldn’t have seen anything on the picture, so why do the extra work and make a picture of a shape thats very close to a smaller Model S shape. And since such a shadow seems smaller, they could leave it the same size as the S, but have the right effect on our eyes.

Funny thing, the shadow would also almost match a Audi A4 picture I found on Google. I guess blacked out all sedans look almost the same. At least the front.

To me, it looks like the side mirrors have more space between the body of the vehicle than on S. But could just be a visual trick.

You are a graphics guy right? Can you do an overlay for us?

Also, it looks like side mirrors aren’t disappearing in the next 2 years.

I have terrible graphics tools on my Windows PC at work. I would have to wait until I got home on my Mac, but someone already did it. (See the post here: http://insideevs.com/its-just-a-shadowy-image-of-a-tesla-model-s-no-model-3-here/)

Thanks, figured it was just black playing tricks.

Wait a minute…why would a current model s/x owner be interested in a model 3? Leaf, volt, golfe, i3 owners should get priority.

Lease holders, spouses, children, or just plan to replace vehicles every 3 years.

Ok I see your point but at the same time Leaf and volt owners outnumber all current model s/x owners & lease holders.

The buying power of the current base of Tesla owners is greater than the base of LEAF + Volt (minus the overlap).

Also see my comment above.

Mister G March 16, 2016 at 9:40 am Wait a minute…why would a current model s/x owner be interested in a model 3? Leaf, volt, golfe, i3 owners should get priority.Pushmi-Pullyu

Mister G said:

“Wait a minute…why would a current model s/x owner be interested in a model 3? Leaf, volt, golfe, i3 owners should get priority.”

That’s the business model that cable TV companies use: Offer new customers a better deal than those who have been loyal customers for years. Dish Network pulled that crap with us; offering a receiver with a built-in DVR for new customers, but not offering a free upgrade for existing ones. That’s the main reason my household isn’t a Dish Network customer anymore.

Tesla is smart to reward customer loyalty. In the long run, that will pay off. Nice to see Tesla is practicing long-term thinking, not the short-term thinking that is seen so frequently in businesses today.

It’s amazing how urgently some people want to have Model III before other people and get jealous when other people seem to be in front of them in the waiting line.

Calm down. Everyone can buy a Model III, just not everybody at once.

Not everyone will get the $7500 tax credit (unless the tax rules change).

Yeah. The amount of “sense of entitlement” on display in this comment thread is pretty shocking.

So do I correctly surmise that I will be putting $1000 down on a car that, at the 10am opening, I will not have seen a picture of????

Not complaining, just pointing that out.

Unless they have some literature at the dealership, or there are leaks or teases between now and then, you are correct.

Yeah, I wondered a similar thing too. Why the reserve in the morning when it will be revealed in the evening? Seems backward…

Um, I think its called a “Choice” you can elect to make or not make.

If you want to get in the line early you can go to the store and place your refundable deposit before the reveal happens later that evening.

Don’t want to do that, you can always choose to wait until the reveal to make a reservation too.

Think of it as a blind date, and being told they have a great personality.

I am surprised by this too, but maybe it is for bragging rights.

Like “we took more reservations before people even saw Model 3, than BMW sold i3s last year.”

Finally a car for the masses! Can’t wait to see how it looks and the specs. Unfortunately most electric car manufacturers build garbage under $40k … what “car guy” wants to drive a Corolla style boring car with 100hp? Fingers crossed! Well, after a couple days with my bro-in-law’s 2015 P85D I have a few comments. The acceleration is impressive no doubt, but it seems less impressive to “car guys” as there’s literally no noise. Like a high power roller coaster. His has “insane” mode not “ludicrous” which needs a rumoured $5k contactor upgrade. It’s really relaxing to drive being so quiet just cruising. Lack of door pockets is annoying, besides glove box no real out-of-sight storage for small stuff. Finishings for $160k $cdn car kinda cheap like switches on the seats compared to say Audi/Mercedes (in terms of look/feel). Last night I had to put a tuned BMW M3 in it’s place on the freeway onramp. He took the left lane, I took the right (out of three) once on the highway. We both matted it and I lost him at 210km/h when he gave up and took the exit. No chance. But….I have to say at that speed… Read more »

It does not have the air suspension? I thought that was standard/required with Performance models!

The air suspension would solve that problem – it adjusts in real-time and you can select different modes, just like you can select steering modes.

From online discussion, it appears the Model S does not have user-selectable stiffness selection for the air shocks, but it does automatically adjust for road conditions.

See discussion here:


Ok, so after 2nd inspection, there are suspension height settings, LOW/STANDARD/HIGH/REALLY HIGH. It was set in Standard. No stiffness adjustment I could see. Those magnetic shocks on the new 2016 Mustang GT350R would be nice.

I’ll have to take another look, I recall the suspension setting for air suspension was greyed out.

I was able to apply a complex filter to the photo above, and actually reveal the real model III car under the covers!

Here it is:

Kinda ruins the joke to pull the link through like that 🙁

One thing I am almost sure is that this car is going to be good looking. It seems established automaker have a hard time making a good looking EV, still stuck in the idea that EV should be like medication. If it has bad taste then it probably is good medication.

One comment I found interesting in an extended video review of the Model X is that it doesn’t attract any attention until someone sees the falcon wing doors open.

I think the Model S looks “sexy”, but that doesn’t mean the Model ≡ will be. In going for a more streamlined shape — lower drag coefficient — Tesla might well be forced into the same mold as the GM Bolt and the BMW i3. On the other hand, VW achieved a very low Cd with the XL1 without using that shape… altho only b using, among other things, rear wheel covers and rear wheels more closely spaced than the front wheels.

We’ll have to wait and see.

If it looks like an i3 or a Bolt I’m out and save more for an S…

people will be disappointed if they think they gonna have a smaller S at 35,000$. It’s not the point. The point was having an electric only vehicle starting at 35K so Tesla have to make some choices. If the model 3 looks as good as an S then the S sales would suffer…

The link is not working, which is unacceptable!
Time for Tesla to donate another Model ≡ for all those unable to enter the drawing.

I’d love Tesla to surprise everyone with a eLotus7 type Tesla which would be designed for urban “assault”.

I think David Copperfield runs the media plan for Tesla. It is show after show. I guess it is the “new way to do things”. Very trendy – with avacado dip.

I plan on driving past my Tesla store early on 3/30 to see who is camping out for the 3/31 date. Though, it really won’t matter other than to get some press coverage – your spot in line will be managed on “Tesla Time”.

Don’t forget that BMW 3 series or Audi A4 is not exactly mainstream. Many, many peoples can’t afford a BMW no matter what the size is…so even if the Tesla 3 will be more affordable it won’t compete against a real ”killer” like a Honda Civic or a Toyota Corolla.