Bjorn Nyland Reviews Radio Flyer Tesla Model S – Video

Tesla Model S by Radio Flyer


Who better to review the Radio Flyer Tesla Model S than Bjorn Nyland?

To be honest, although the review is useful, we expected it to be a bit more humorous. Perhaps Bjorn cleaned up his act a bit for a review of a kids toy.

The Radio Flyer Model S looks almost exactly like the real deal. Except, of course, for the huge cutout in the top to accommodate a small child. Bjorn says he thinks the toymaker did a great job with the likeness to the real Tesla Model S P90D. It’s about 90 percent identical. He says that many competing toy¬†vehicles are only about 50 percent accurate. It even has a frunk that opens to store small items, folding side mirrors, and LED headlights.

Tesla Model S

You can charge the toy Tesla Model S via the charge port, just like the real car.

Although it has no touchscreen, it has an auxiliary jack and a place to stow your phone. A built-in amplifier allows your child to listen to his/her own music through the car’s “infotainment” system. Unfortunately, it’s not loud enough if the car is at full speed.

The Model S has simple controls for forward and reverse, and it’s the only toy of its kind that uses lithium-ion batteries. It has a longer run time than other models, and it charges more than twice as fast, due to the charger’s 50W output. The charger fits into the Radio Flyer just like it would in the original car. You can also opt for a standard or a premium battery when you purchase the toy Tesla.

Bjorn says that the Tesla is the fastest toy car he has found. However, if you pop the trunk you’ll find two speed settings. So, if your child isn’t ready for the power of a Tesla, you can choose to flip on the governor.

The only major issues Bjorn points out are the plastic wheels, which will wear out on pavement, and the small turning radius. Both of these issues are common to most toy cars.

You can get one starting at $499. If you check all the boxes, meaning a premium battery plus a spare battery, a car cover, personalized license plate, parking sign, and silver turbine wheels, it will cost you $829.

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“The price is about two times more, but overall you get a better car.”

So, basically, it’s just like the real thing.

Now we need to see Bjorn driving that thing into trees and such. “Sheeeeeeet”

These things are sure fun toys. My kids have a similar BEV built for less than $100.

24V 10A li-ion pack made from recycled laptop batteries.
24V 6A fast charger made from 2x 12V power bricks.
Foot accelerator with variable throttle. This is one of the biggest problem with the stock units – the foot switch is simply ON/OFF.
Controller is a 24V 10A brushed motor meant for ebikes/scooters.
Actual functional LED headlights based on 3W cool white high power modules with LED driver.
Bluetooth input audio power amplifier. Much better than simply 3.5mm jacks.
Still haven’t figured out how to upgrade the plastic tires. Screwing/gluing old bicycle tire strips seems tacky.