Tesla Races To Finish Gigfactory ASAP


Tesla Gigafactory - July 2016

Tesla Gigafactory – July 2016

Tesla Gigafactory - Aerial view July 2016 West

Tesla Gigafactory – Aerial view July 2016 West

It’s Tesla Gigafactory week with press in attendance now and the grand opening to a select group of lucky individuals planned for Friday.

This means that there’s been a wealth of Gigafactory information spewing out all week, including this from JB Straubel, Tesla’s chief technical officer and co-founder, on how Tesla is racing to complete the battery factory as quickly as possible.

“We have to be ready with cell and pack production well ahead of vehicle production. We’re accelerating our construction plans and accelerating our planned ramp up of cell production.”

To accelerate efforts, Tesla has 1,000 workers on site who work in two shifts seven days a week. As Wall Street Journal explains:

“Tesla has doubled the number of people constructing the “gigafactory,” which sits on more than 3,000 acres near Reno. Now, 1,000 workers build seven days a week on two shifts in an effort to start churning out lithium-ion cells by late 2016.”

“As of now, the gigafactory’s structure is less than one-sixth the size of what the final building is expected to occupy. Most exterior walls are temporary and can be relocated. Already finished is a four-story rectangular portion of the facility, housing 1.9 million square feet of floor space.”

Joe Taylor, chief executive of Panasonic North America, says the cell maker is doing its part to keep pace too:

“We are running around like crazy hiring people.”

One new goal, as announced by Elon Musk, is:

  • 105 gigawatt hours of battery cells annually by 2020

The Gigafactory is essential for the Model 3, so we hope Tesla is successful in its efforts to accelerate construction of the battery factory

Source: Wall Street Journal

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That is a huge employment bump.

All employed right here in the United States to enable more use of 100% US produced electricity to power cars.

This is much better for the US economy than building more gas cars that will create more foreign oil extraction jobs outside of US borders. (and yes, Canada and Mexico are most definitely outside of US borders…)

By that flawed logic, it is patriotic to buy a gas car, since much of that fuel comes from domestic fraccing.

Its ok little leftists. I know that facts hurt your head.

There is nothing patriotic about fracking, and destroying the irreplaceable aquifer under everyone’s feet.

Change takes time. Solar and wind will eventually replace natural gas and other filthy fossil fuels. For moral, economic and environmental reasons.




The scientific studies don’t support your assertions.

But a lot of fracking occurs in Canada?

Yes small minded right winger, it is patriotic to buy American products built by American labor with sustainable energy generated on our soil despite your yearning to outsource labor, products and energy to the cheapest foreign bidder. That behavior is called unbridled capitalism and is unpatriotic despite whatever mental cool aid you have been drinking on Fox.

By cars.com index most American car is Toyota Camry with 75% American content, for the second year. Some other Hondas and Toyotas follow. Sorry no GM nor Ford nor Tesla are most American. Model S is reported to have some 55% American content.

There is also Kogod Made in America Index, but it includes too much arbitrary criteria, not real physical parts.

Where did the money go for the engineering of those cars? (just 1 example of many that it’s not just about where the car is assembled; much more to it)

Isn’t it obvious that money goes to:
1. People and companies who are making these 75% parts of the car, as salaries and shareholder dividends.
2. Workers and managers who assemble these cars in the US or foreign factories.
3. Shareholders. All major automakers are publicly traded companies with shareholders around the world. They are not some family business despite the fact that main headquarters are in one or another country. Most of the money do not go to people in headquarters.

Scott Franco said:

“Its ok little leftists. I know that facts hurt your head.”

Scott, I generally enjoy reading your posts. But if you think you’ve scored a point here by making an unprovoked attack on “leftists”, then you’re very wrong. What you’ve done is reveal your own narrow-minded bias.

I’m all for creating good paying American jobs. We certainly need more of them. I’m also for ending the use of burning fossil fuels for everyday transportation needs.

The first can be done while still doing the second, contrary to what you implied in your rant.


This article’s key word – “acceleration” – is commonly used to describe Tesla’s products and practices in all sorts of ways. High acceleration is good on the drag strip and makes great videos, but we also have seen a lot of unintended consequences and costly accidents related to Tesla’s acceleration, also in all kinds of ways.

Let’s hope they have construction managers with the experience to keep this on-track and not get derailed by upper management’s accelerated expectations.

There you go again blaming Tesla for the accident, all I know is that Tesla hates will have a bad time the upcoming weeks. Go Testa!

This build out is big enough to warrant a construction manager for each new block, for each shift, for each crew: Concrete, Steel, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Lighting, etc.!

So that could be as many as 80 people, not so bad to manage by a few directors of development! Four directors = one for each block, each of them coordinate 20 managers.


I will be at the Gigafactory 1 event on Friday. I hope to get there early enough to test drive the Model 3, of which I have two on order.

Please share your thoughts on the model 3 if this comes to fruition.

Please shake Elon’s hand and tell him to keep fighting for a clean energy future.

Are the workers now working at Ludicrous speed?

Any idea when the first cell will come off the line?

Everyone working there is wearing plaid shirts!

Maybe make the coffee with Redbull.

I can’t see any Tesla vehicles in the employee lot….