Tesla Puts On A Big Show In Paris To Lure New Buyers – Gallery/Videos

OCT 4 2016 BY MARK KANE 30

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

You can never tell how much Tesla Motors will (or will not) participate at the major auto shows around the world until they are pretty much upon you.

However, for the Paris Motor Show this week , Tesla brought a whole fleet of the latest Model S and Model X electric vehicles.

…with the P100D proudly announced on the wall.

The Model X is mostly still a public novelty for the most part in Europe, with sales just getting starting in high volume this month – gaining larger crowds on the display stand, while the Model S introduces the locals to its newly expanded lineup.

According to one of video reports from the show, France with about 1,000 Model S owners isn’t big market for Tesla, and a lot of consumers are still skeptical on EVs.

Editor’s Note/point of interest:  We have the all-time tally of Model S registrations in France at ~1,540 (and 458 this year) through August.

Today, most of EV buyers in France are very loyal to domestic brands, with the Renault-Nissan Alliance controlling the top 3 selling spots and accounting for more than 50% of the overall market.

With a new (and only marginally more expensive) longer-range 41 kWh Renault ZOE (400 km – NEDC) available this month, that will only making in roads for companies like Tesla that much harder in France…which may explain the large presence of the California automaker in Paris.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model S shown here from the 2016 Paris Motor Show

Tesla Model S shown here from the 2016 Paris Motor Show

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They didn’t have a production intent Model ≡ there?

Sadly, no. 🙁

I’m itching to see how they resolved the #TinyTrunk issue.

Maybe I’ll roll my reservstion over onto a Model Y. *shrugs*

Non-hatchbacks / non-SUVs suck for transporting Malamutes. 🙁

The others did.

I doubt the final production version of the Model 3 will be seen until next summer.

Why distract from the cars you can actually sell?

Excellent point, but it would also generate much more buzz for Tesla. The French are well aware of Model S. Good to know TMC is apparently not desperate to pull that card out, until M3 gets more vetted / refined / finalized before mass production starts.

I know Elon called for “Pencils Down” some time ago, but some issues just can’t be instantly resolved / finished this early in development: Autopilot (I’m going to keep calling it that, California DMV!) is continually evolving on both the hardware and software side, which could influence things like the interior HUD design, wiring harneses, computer packaging and power requirements, etc., etc.. And we’ve still had no peeks at the final look of the interior, or the “spaceship-like” steering controls.

Exciting, but frustrating times. 🙂

Hauer asked:

“Why distract from the cars you can actually sell?”

For the same reason all major auto makers show off concept cars — often ridiculously impractical ones — at auto shows: To attract attention.

Nissan and Renault are not competitors for Tesla. But good sales of their cars can make the France public more at ease with BEVs.

And a rising tide lifts all ships.

If Nissan and Renault succeed in making the French more aware of the benefits of electric cars, Tesla will profit to.

“And a rising tide lifts all ships.”

Ooooh… ! I like that one!

One factor in low sales in France might be simply the size of the Model S and Model X. They are big vehicles. That can be a liability in cities and even some rural areas.

No model 3??? Disappointing. Maybe it’ll show up in one of the shows in the U.S.

Why would it show in other shows. They already have nearly 400,000 buyers who put money down. Why would Tesla spend money to show it. This money is better spent on making the M3 better and quicker to the market. Even if this money is just $1. There already hundreds of thousands who want.

A country with so much over-night nuclear baseload. Think of the off-peak economics, and then ask self: why not BEV?

Germany needs it all..


You are joking are you?

Germany is EXPORTING electricity to France. Most of the time that export is in the range of several gigawatts. Only on rare occasions there is a net positive flow from France to Germany.

Btw the huge electricity exports of Germany are seen as a problem by several European countries…

You are right, and I hate you for it. >:/ Imports were at 1,5 billion Euro, while imports revenue were at 3,5 billion Euro. Net income 2 billion Euro for Germany.

That’s right,
Germany doesn’t need much electricity. Everybody is driving VW diesel. And the one who don’t drive VW diesel, are going by foot.

Not as much as the UK does!




And also a country where a company may LEGALLY dump radioactive waste to the ocean…

And yet another hot spot for childhood leukemia with absolutely no link to the radioactive contamination…

Come on people inside evs is a place for forward thinking people. Nuclear power plants are overcome technology up to the point where the human species becomes intelligent as a whole, that means when there is no war and no weapon anymore. Until then I prefer power generation which does not cause proliferation problems.

As long as we choose to contaminate the air the soil and the oceans, as long as we fail to acknowledge the negative side effects of big oil, big weapon and big nuclear and their propaganda, as long as we choose to be slaves our children have no chance to be free!

Yes, but how do you cut out coal?

Like a lot of environmentalists, he only has criticisms, and no answers. 😉

Well, Germany’s solution temporarily at least is to use more Coal.

(I’m quite upset that the Coal plant in my town which I’ve been coexisting with for my entire lifetime shut down almost a year ago now. Unlike some of the TVA plants that ruined a nearby town with sludge, the private utility that ran the plant sold the waste to a gypsum board plant to make formaldehyde-free dry-wall, so as to be safely used in homes, unlike that home-destroying Chinese stuff Lowe’s sold a while back).

Perhaps a German commenter can elaborate, as I am not sure why the 11 MARCH 2011 Fukushima (LEVEL 7 (at least)) disaster put the ‘Fear of God’, so to speak, into the German Government; they are phasing out their entire Nuclear Generation.

But it makes one further question the safety of these things, since when CHERNOBYL exploded the comments were always

“Well, haha, its inferior Russian Technology – what would you expect?”, until

(at least) 3 Turn Key General Electric BWR’s melted down, melted THROUGH the containments, and blew up besides. Unit #3 was a Nuclear Prompt Criticality since the huge explosion was a Detonation (faster than sonic speed).

Perhaps there are other answers that can both solve some energy problems and conventional Uranium related safety problems.
One of those is moving to Thorium based nuclear systems with a molten salt reactor.
Another one is finally cracking the fusion energy problem with deuterium Tritium or with hydrogen Boron 11.
Anyway we are going to need nuclear energy for space colonies far away from the sun like on Titan where safe nuclear energy will be paramount to the very existence of those. Titan is simply not receiving enough sunlight to rely on PV. Perhaps you can use wind generators and build hydrodams that run on the methane river flow (methadams?) but you are going to need a lot of energy to resist the -180ºC external temperature while also being able to transform the ice rocks into Oxygen and Hydrogen. So nuclear energy is rather something that must be made clean and ideally non radioactive but not discarded altogether.

France, has, what in retrospect has come to be realized by many, an over-reliance on electric space heating.

Therefore the kicker is france, in the cold winter months, needs all of its baseload just to keep homes from freezing.

Not like the States where there is a huge excess during the midnight shift, exacerbated by the ongoing de-industrialization.

jus’ askin’

I don’t see a ton o’ the interest in the cheaper-version-of-hot-wheels all black wheels going on in the little I see of modding cars in france — was that the Best decision for displaying the X?

(or to put it in indefensible terms (looks are subjective), that is the single Ugliest Model X I have ever seen, and doubt its slightest appeal to French car lovers.

Hey I bet you would take that Model X with black wheels if it was free. Are you suffering from TES Tesla envy syndrome?

I and Most readers here are severely nauseated and -suffering- from Anything originally posted by Malfoy aka Mr. Acronym, but your point is well taken by many readers, I trust. FUD-speak clearly appeals to some.

I can state, categorically, that I would not take the black wheels on that white car even if they were offered to me free of charge, but I’ll guess that you don’t believe me.
so be it.

You are absolutely correct! Don’t know what Musk’s team was thinking! Those VERY ugly black wheels/white car is a look that I only see the immature, Asian boys driving here in SoCal.
The city of fashion likes to buy REAL fashion and Tesla just shot itself in the foot showing those dumb black wheels!
Wake up, Elon! The EU can be dominated in the EV segment, but you need to take a look at Audi’s ads/cars. You also need a new Marketing Chief. This is Mktg 101.

Just because you (as a woman?) dont like black rims doesnt mean that the intended target group (young males- yep, they seem to be buying the X) wont like it.

Elsewise, there are other Tesla cars there with bright rims aswell on display..

I hope tesla comes back to Detroit please ?