Tesla Puts Out New Model 3 Video


Sure looks a bit like advertising to us.

Either that, or Tesla is trying hard to promote the 3 to perhaps overshadow that production and delivery is behind schedule.

Whatever the case may be, we get a few new looks at some Model 3 production processes, as well as a really solid peek at the clean interior that makes the 3 so unique. It’s so simple inside it’s almost frightening.

Where are all the buttons and doodads and whatnots? This may take some getting used to.

Tesla Model 3 Steering Wheel

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I’m sure there are more reservation cancellations after the delayed email…Sounds like this is a way to gain reservations to keep the total reservations number high…Otherwise Tesla would prefer to anti-sell the 3…

New orders coming in every day. Some will cancel some new buyers are planing ahead.
That’s the way it works.

How many?

Certainly would be more if Tesla promised if you reserved today you’d get a vehicle in 2018…Yet they’ve only delivered just over 350…

Thats basically what “Bacardi” said …

I could cancel my 3 reservation and buy what instead? The only halfway comparable EV available now is the Bolt. The new Leaf might be on dealer lots before the 3 finally arrives, but seriously.

Plus Tesla just installed a beautiful new 8-stall Supercharger just down the road.

Tesla has had my thousand bucks for over a year now. A little longer won’t make that much of a difference.

Tesla , with all their Hi-Tech has forgotten that “the Cart Follows the Horse”, Not the other way around. Too much Hype, too soon, going on for yrs., with Very little Product to Back it up with..


Can’t find the keyhole either !

Just kidding PuPu !

Who knows when you’ll be able to buy this, but look how cool it is.

It’s like having a “Hot Girlfriend” that won’t put out…lmao.

“clean interior that makes the 3 so unique. It’s so simple inside it’s almost frightening.”

So many positive words for something that is so polarizing. Scant is a fitting adjective. Distracting is another.

Buttons and doohickies are distracting. This is not.

I love the clean look. Unfortunately I think it will not be nearly as functional as a mess of hardware buttons.

Voice control could make up for it, but it’s have to be extremely good – far better than anything I’ve tried – to actually solve this problem.

Yeah, reliable voice control is something that software and robotics specialists have been working on about as long as they’ve been working on trying to get reliable optical image recognition software.

Sadly, neither goal seems to be very close.

Google Assistant is making great progress as are others.

Of all the (relatively few) complaints I have about my MS, voice control is top of the list (or at least competes with the satnav). I simply cannot understand how it can be that whilst Apple’s Siri works pretty much completely flawlessly with anything you might say, the S’s VR is an utter joke. It’s not just that it can’t understand (very simple) things that I say but that it keeps falling over. I just don’t bother using it – except after a software update, hoping it has been fixed – and always being disappointed. Even if it worked well, its vocab is so limited it’s almost pointless. With the lack of physical controls on the S (let alone the 3) this is a serious issue, potentially a safety-related one.

If Apple can do it, why can’t Tesla?

Just to get it straight, you did try the Model S while stationary, or Siri while driving?

You know apples and apples 😉

IAutonomous auto control advocates (Musk among them, but hardly the only one) are telling us that hands-off control of your car is basically here — we just need to get regulators to buy in.

So the modern top-tier car is ready, all by itself, to pilot you in the rain at night into a large four-way interchange at 20m/sec as lights are changing, making pefect decisions about the unpredictable movement of one or another sack-of-protoplasm driven machines, all within hundreths of a second. It will recognize that the shrub in the median is flora, and that the guy holding the “will work for food” sign is potentially mobile fauna as you approach a left turn signal changing to yellow. All this will happen essentially error-free with perfect perception of all objects, road surfaces, etc and execute the proper propulsion, braking and directional control. It’s pretty much ready now.

Yet with the best of modern cars, when you say to the hands-off phone control “Call Home”, there’s a very good chane it’ll say “Calling Work”.

So do you REALLY think real autonomy is almost here?

Nope. Nunh unh.

Whilst I can see your point, what you are forgetting is that the vast majority of human drivers are totally unaware of just about everything you mentioned in your comment. An autonomous system is never going to be perfect but it only has to be a bit better than the average (dreadful, in my 30 years of policing experience) human driver for lives to start being saved. If that means limiting it at first to freeways etc then that’s fine by me.

The other thing you do not appear to have considered (albeit even further into the future) is that, eventually, cars on certain roads will either not be *allowed* to be driven by humans or will have the electronic equivalent of an ‘L’ plate attached to them and given a very wide berth by all the autonomous vehicles around them.

Therefore, with all vehicles being able to communicate with each other in the blink of an eye (or indicator) where they want to go, how fast, which lane etc, etc, (and all without any emotions, drugs, myopia or ego involved) resulting in the almost complete cessation of collisions.

What you describe in your last paragraph is a car-only ecosystem, aka the motorway. Autonomy there has been (almost) achieved by the current state of the tech.

But motorways are safe already, responsible for only a minority of casualties. A complete cessation of collisions is quite a number of years away I’m afraid.

Just read a hot one on Green Car Reports.

Apparently, if the 12 volt battery goes dead in the ‘3’ there is no way to open the frunk, nor open up the rear doors, so an elderly passenger in the back is trapped until someone figures out how to jump the 12 volt battery with the only the driver’s door open.

haha or a very overweight person…

Check the Model 3 owners club video. All doors have a manual release.

I didn’t see it in the video. Where?

Model 3 reservations could be greatly impacted if the federal tax credit ends up getting abruptly cut off entirely, long before Tesla hits 200k sales. That is in the current version of the Republicans’ tax reform plan: to eliminate the tax credit for anything put in service after 2017.


On the Tesla order “guess-o-matic” page, they moved my order date from November-jan to dec-feb, ie., one month later.

The official announcement of the delay puts it more like 3 months.

I suspect the right answer is 6 months, based on the old engineering rule [1]

[1] “to make an accurate engineering time or cost estimate, take your best estimate and double it” (old engineering saying).

It does seem very strange to me that Tesla is admitting it’s three months behind on ramping up production of the TM3, yet from early reports such as yours, Scott, it seems Tesla’s communications with its reservation holders are suggesting a mere one month delay.

I can understand why Tesla is reluctant to admit that reservation holders are going to have to wait three months longer than originally estimated, but I don’t see how denying reality is going to help Tesla’s public relations, or its corporate image. 🙁

“Tesla is admitting it’s three months behind on ramping up production of the TM3”

The ramp went from 5000/week in December to 5000/week in March. There will still be loads of cars built before they hit that magical 5k. Not a big deal for a start-up.

I think they’ll be more like 1000/week for the last half of 2018. 5k/week is 260k cars/year. That’s a lot for a company hanging out at ~100k cars in 2017. More than triple current production when S, X, and 3 are totaled.

My new car will be the model 3 I orderer, but my current car works well so I don’t mind when my Tesla will arrived. I am not even “waiting”.

Interesting they have the driver driving and not using AP. Would have thought Tesla would be spruiking AP at every opportunity. Although it is probably more realistic for the target audience that AP is not highlighted.
Concerning to see several human agents installing things into the car, that will be the potential bottle neck.
This promotion is a good indication that Tesla is getting ready to release the Model 3 to the general public, I think it is a good sign.

An amazing car at that price point. All new tech. Will be the new benchmark gas or electric!