Tesla Pushes OTA Software Update To Fix Passenger Airbag Issue In Model X

Tesla Model X


An industry first, it seems.

Countless vehicles have been recalled over recent years for passenger airbag issues. The recall typically involves replacement of an airbag sensor or recalibration of the current sensor. This is done at the dealership in just a few minutes, but it’s still an inconvenience to owners.


Tesla Model X

Enter Tesla and its ability to update vehicles over the air.

For right now, a right-hand-drive Tesla Model X SUVs experienced an “anomaly with the passenger airbag in a right-hand-drive Model X.” 

Trip to the dealership? Nope. Tesla will fix this issue with an over-the-air software update that was sent out starting over this past weekend.

Here’s Tesla’s statement on the matter sent to owners (via Teslarati):

Tesla Letter To Owners

Just one more perk of owning a Tesla. OTA update for the win.

via Teslarati

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Why have other automakers not yet implemented money-saving OTA updates, like this, across their entire fleets?

Long ago, PC Mag and many others wrote: “Tesla Update Strategy Leaves Other Automakers in the Dust / Routine and easy software updates represent a “fundamental paradigm shift” others will be forced to follow…” (2015) http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2478816,00.asp

As noted in the documentary, “Who Killed the Electric Car?,” auto dealers barely break even selling lower-end cars. Dealers still make most of their profits in the garage, doing service for years at $100+/hour + huge part markups. Since electric cars have fewer moving parts, the dealers long-term might make half as much money servicing pure EVs.

This could be the reason why GM’s dealers continue to push the hybrid Chevy Volt over the newer EV Bolt: the Volt still needs all the regular engine maintenance of gas cars.

I conclude that while its easy to blame the major automakers for timid “compliance cars” like the Bolt, the real answer may lay in internal auto politics: passive-aggressive resistance from many entrenched dealers.

“the Volt still needs all the regular engine maintenance of gas cars.”

“all” is a gross over generalization.

Volt needs an oil change every 2 years and nothing else.

That is compared with typical 1 or 2 oil change per year for most ICE cars.

The Sparky that had 300K miles only had 6 oil changes over that period.

None of them have to be done at the dealers. So, that entire claims is just stupid.

The Volt needs less frequent oil changes than LEAF needs brake fluid changes.

Isn’t another way to save money to not need OTA updates by not having bugs in the first place?

Every car company who hasn’t had to recall cars to fix a bug in their airbag control software didn’t stand to save any money by altering their airbag control software remotely.

The article leads you to believe that Tesla has the ability to fix an airbag issue with an OTA update. It appears that they fixed an airbag software issue with an OTA.
Misleading headline, not really an industry first other than it fixed a software issue relating to the airbag. When Tesla can fix a flat tire with an OTA, then I’ll be impressed.