Tesla Provides Details On August Updates – Quicker 75 kWh Model S, X

Tesla Model S


Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof (Textured Glass)

‘Tesla Updates’ August 2017 newsletter gives us some additional details including new features for the Model S and X, the newest phase of the updates referral program, and info about solar products.

As we recently reported, the Model S and X now include more features, which were previously part of paid upgrade packages. All vehicles include Smart Air Suspension for maximized handling and ride comfort. Performance models now include the Premium Upgrades package as standard (previously $5,000), despite recent price reductions.

Tesla Model X

Model X

The Model S and X 75 kWh vehicles have been updated over-the-air. This recent update boosts the vehicles’ zero to 60 mph acceleration by one full second. The Silicon Valley automaker has also added a new cream interior color option. Additionally, the emphasis continues regarding the new seven-seat Model X with fold-flat second and third-row seats.

The newest phase of the Tesla Referral Program allows owners to give five friends a $1,000 credit toward the purchase of a Model S or X, as well as free, unlimited Supercharging.

Lastly, Tesla offers some valuable insight into its Solar Roof and Powerwall products. The company calls the combination the “world’s first complete clean energy solution”. The publication provides clickable links to Solar, Solar Roof, and Powerwall for more detailed information. Tesla suggests that even without solar, the Powerwall can provide backup for homeowners to protect against power outages.

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I have a question to the 0 to 60 Update
I thought this is only possible with a hardware adjustment
Nice if you can reply