Tesla ‘Project Loveday’ Video Compilation: Entry Deadline Extended

Project Loveday


Project Loveday

Project Loveday: Bria Loveday (originator of the Tesla fan-made ad content) seen here sporting a few pieces of her complimentary Tesla gear for the suggestion

Tesla shared a Tweet this week as a gentle reminder to get your submissions in for ‘Project Loveday,’ which was set to end this weekend, but is now extended until June 5, 2017.

Project Loveday is the fan-made Tesla commercial competition that Elon Musk agreed to run, based on a suggestion from my daughter, Bria Loveday. There is now one month left to get your submissions in.

Let’s have a look at some of the outstanding entries to date (and a couple extras):

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I don’t know how to make a video (and I don’t have time to), but I always thought that someone should make a Tesla ad that has the clip from “Hunt for Red October” with this quote:

“The world trembled at the sound of our rockets. Well, they will tremble again — at the sound of our silence. The order is: engage the silent drive.”

The video would be some SpaceX rockets launching and then a Model S/X drag race where you can hear how quiet the cars are.

Anyone who wants to make this should feel free to take my idea and do whatever they want to with it.

Narrows the window of likely dates for when the Model 3 event will take place… or it would, if Musk hadn’t already said “July” on Twitter.

Ugh… when will we finally start getting some info on the Model 3? What options will be available? How much will they cost? When will different configurations begin delivery in each region?

A lot is known in a general way, and some things specifically. RW drives in CA, to employees of Tesla. Then a gradual roll-out across the U.S. from West to East, still RW drive. Things become more vague after that, though Musk has said AWD, will be produced this year. 2017.
The numbers? well Tesla says 100K, by years end. I would fall over if that happened.

“So as a rough guess, I would say we would aim to produce 100,000 to 200,000 Model 3s in the second half of next year.” EM 2016

I pitched an idea for one, storyboard description and even got some comments, interest, but it won’t happen, as I supposed.

My vote goes to “MODERN SPACESHIP”