Tesla To Hit Annualized Production Rate Of 500,000 By End Of 2019

FEB 20 2019 BY MARK KANE 31

One-half of a million electric cars would be quite an achievement

Elon Musk expects that the annualized production rate of Tesla electric cars at the end of 2019 will reach about 500,000. In terms of weekly output, it would be around 10,000 cars per week.

The production will be mostly at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California, but by that time a small mount production of the Tesla Model 3 could start in China too.

In 2018, Tesla produced 254,530 cars, which was 152% more than in 2017.

“Tesla made 0 cars in 2011, but will make around 500k in 2019”

“Meant to say annualized production rate at end of 2019 probably around 500k, ie 10k cars/week. Deliveries for year still estimated to be about 400k.”

Deliveries in 2018 amounted to 245,506 (up 138%), so an increase to 400,000 would translate to about 63% growth, year-over-year.

We guess that Tesla is already able to produce roughly 8,000 cars per week (S, X and 3), which is not too far off from the 10,000 weekly target required to hit 500,000.

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There is nothing new in the tweet(s). All from Q4 update letter. Other than a cool aerial photo of the Model 3 ship yard.

More serial anti-Tesla FUD straight from Reeking Alpha and a Euro shill for the Hydrogen hoax pretend rival to Tesla and PEVs in general.

Is there anyone still believing Musk’s promises? If yes, then they should know I am a Nigerian prince and they won 1.000.000$ from me. They only need to send me 1000$ for the bank transfer fee.

LMAO, you mean the Musk whose Tesla has almost single-handedly made compelling PEVs a thing?

Another Euro point of view

You are right Get real, he almost single-handedly & very successfully convinced many investors to fund Tesla, if I remember well last capital raise was achieved with the 450k Model 3 orders count in respect of the USD 35k Tesla Model 3. Yes, yes, this base Model 3 which references to were completely removed from Tesla website some days ago.

And you on the other hand of single-handedly buy and drive “Clean Diesels” while carpet-bombing your serial anti-Tesla FUD here like sneaking in the wholly unrelated comment (first one by Talia was already removed) that a Tesla lawyer was replaced.

If you don’t care for or drive an EV, why do you bother coming to this site?? Honestly, folks like you come for a period of time, and then you eventually leave. But there’s always a couple of you. I don’t get it- why wouldn’t you just go hang out at diesel forums??

These are corporate performance targets.
If it bothers you to the point of claiming broken promises and lies, then perhaps you should consider cryptocurrencies instead.

Another Euro point of view

At least someone had an issue with that promise, Tesla’s general counsel who resigned right after.

This tweet had no new information vs what was in the Q4 report.

Another Euro point of view

You mean the second/corrective tweet ?

I do believe him😁
Please use the money to e.g help poor kids i Nigeria, not Tesla customers

He delivers on his promises. If the timing of his delivery is really that big of a concern to you, then I don’t think you quite *get* what he is doing.

It’s a club whose members are constantly changing though, the song remains the same. Off key and discordant, and not at all in compliance with considered methods of melodic construction. Too much repetition of the same old sour notes. Like an old accordion that’s gone flat, because the bellows are worn out from overuse.

Tesla is only competing against itself though, who else is in the game so far?

As long as everyone else is playing catch up, and as long as Tesla is pressuring them to improve their products and thereby advancing their mission statement, then progress is being made.

Another Euro point of view

This is very nicely written.

And yet the vehicles still increasingly roll off the assembly line.

The difference between you and Musk is that in the end he will actually hit is numbers, even after delays.

Where you will never be the Nigerian Princess you dream of being.

Tesla is already at a 9k weekly production rate.

Is Elon getting better at under promising and over delivering?

Says who ? Bloomberg tracker shows 5.5K/week average for M3 but despite their claims they haven’t always been very accurate, correcting before the end of a quarter. And also, is the question whether 8-9K peak production can be achieved or whether they are capable of doing 6-7K average, which I’m confident they are (all models combined). They’ll need to to 10K/week once the M3 SR is released, hopefully soon now.

For the last seven weeks it is more like 7k for the model 3 plus 2k for the S and X. That is 9k per week.

You aren’t including S/X numbers. This story is not just M3 sales.

It is a great achievement, if they do make it — but also far behind schedule.

Yes, Tesla is a bit late- Elon admitted he have an issue with time
Anyway, Tesla deliver much more BEVs than anyone else, despite teslakillers and bankwoupsy has been touted for years😁
Anyone ever heard a big OEM claiming they will compete with Tesla in a year or two?
Keep going Tesla- love your mission

They are still five years ahead of everyone else.

Actually, they would still be ahead of their original schedule for hitting the 500K rate in 2020, before Tesla announced their intention to accelerate their timeline.

The thing about manufacturing, is that schedules change. We’ve seen that with EV after EV.

An aggressive target, but then Musk is never shy in his forward looking statements.
I would expect closer to 400k, and that’s being a bit generous. Still Tesla almost single-handedly advanced the ev revolution and put a bee the bonnet of every legacy auto maker, by advancing the advent of evs as the main personal transportation method by at least a decade.

That’s what Mr. Musk expects (or aspires to) also, 400k total for ’19, 500k RATE by end of ’19. May be a bit ambitious but still amazing if they just get close to these numbers.

He and associates have actually created a successful new car company in the U.S. for the first time in something like 90 years I think. Let’s hear it for immigrants.

Is Elon Musk getting better at under promising and over delivering?

How bloody lucky was Tesla to have that Nummi factory (and workforce) just sitting there waiting to be utilized?!