Tesla Preps To Challenge Hyundai IONIQ In South Korea


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid

Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid

Tesla Motors is gearing up for entry into the South Korean market, as noted by job listings for sales and engineering positions on the company’s website.

Additionally, a recruiter will be hired by Tesla to handle the task of assembling Tesla’s team in the region.

This move by Tesla comes as Hyundai readies its plug-in car offensive in with IONIQ, both in BEV and PHEV forms.

The IONIQ electric features ~110 miles/180 km of EPA range, and 100 kW CCS Combo charging (at least when it arrives in the US in a couple months.  The PHEV version has a 8.9 kWh battery, but has not yet been rated for range.

As Automotive News states:

“Tesla has registered its corporation and plans to set up an office in Seoul, the company said in an emailed response to questions, declining to provide details of its plans.”

“South Korea is among countries where Tesla will offer its Model 3, the car the company is counting on to expand its customer base, CEO Elon Musk said in April. While electric autos comprise less than 1 percent of 21 million vehicles in South Korea, market leaders Hyundai and Kia Motors Corp. plan to have 28 environment-friendly vehicles in their lineups by the end of the decade, including electric cars and hybrids.”

It seems Tesla doesn’t want the Korean automakers to dominate the plug-in segment in Korea. Tesla’s entry will not please those automakers, but South Koreans in general love Tesla, so this is a smart move by the California-based electric car maker.

Source: Automotive News

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Unless IONIQ cost more than $30K, Tesla cannot challenge IONIQ.

It would indeed be a surprise if the 110 mile IONIQ cost less than $30K. No current 100 mile+ plug in has an MSRP of less than $30K currently.

SparkEV, price is not the only factor! Base Model 3 will beat it on Range Alone, plus Cache`, Superchargers will be installed in South Korea as well!

Most likely the IONIQ will reach $35,000 range easily enough!

At a range of 215 miles, Model-S have 105 mile extra range than Ioniq and many will buy if they use it for business or do frequent long range trips.

Korea is the World #2 is LPG vehicles and most of their Taxis run on this fuel.

When Model-3 goes on sale with a decent 215 mile range, expect many Taxis to buy it to reduce the pollution and also save on cost.

The KIA/Hyundai models do hacve a lifetime battery warranty on the hybrid and plugin hybrid. If that was added to the 100% Electric it could be big.
But the Range and Super Charging put Tesla in a much high area of super cars. It’s not even the same as the IONIQ vehicles. The Tesla Model 3 will change that and still have the longest range and Super Chargers.

I heard the Niro is outselling the ioniq.

Competition between a Model S and an Ionic at about the same price is completely in favor of Tesla since 200 miles, I even think 300 miles, is the bare minimum for a pragmatic electric car that can be the sole car in the household and be used for everything.

The only plus an Ionic might have is a hatch but, since many have complained about that for the Model 3 and they now have 400000 reservations, Tesla will likely offer a range of Model 3 cars, including one with a hatch.