Tesla Preps Gigafactory Site Near Reno – Video


Tesla Prepping Gigafactory Site Near Reno

Tesla Prepping Gigafactory Site Near Reno

During its recent conference call, Tesla Motors admitted to being in the preparatory stage on a potential battery gigafactory site outside of Reno, Nevada.

That site, which we covered in detail here, is one of several potential gigafactory locations, according to Tesla.

More specifically, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated this in regards to the gigafactory:

“We have  essentially completed the pad, the construction pad for the Gigafactory in Nevada. So in terms of creating a flat pad and getting the rocky foundation that is substantially complete. There’s still a little bit of work ongoing.  We are going to be doing something similar in one or two other states – which is something I previously said we’d do because I think it makes sense to have multiple things going in parallel.”

“Before we actually go to the next stage of pouring a lot of concrete though we want to make sure we have things sorted out at the state level – that the incentives are there that makes sense,…But I do want to emphasize that Tesla is not going to go for a deal that is unfair to the state or unfair to Tesla. We want to make sure it’s compelling for all parties.   I think on the Nevada side, at this point the ball is on the court of the governor and the state legislature.”

Well, we know have video of work being done at the site.  As KTNV Channel 13 states:

“Electric car maker Tesla Motors says it’s preparing a site near Reno as a possible location for its new battery factory.”

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10 Comments on "Tesla Preps Gigafactory Site Near Reno – Video"

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Reno has to pay Tesla to make that factory. 10% at least.

And the factory would be near completion long about ELECTION TIME!!!! Wow, go figure!!!

What politician can ignore THAT?!!!

Elon is the master – what a big big carrot he is dangling for someone to get that jobs vote!

And, seriously – who wouldn’t want those jobs?

What happened to the report that work had stopped and all the workers were fired?

Work stopped as they were at a stopping point. Next step is to pour the concrete. Right now Tesla is negotiating with 5 states to get the best deal on taxes and other costs the government controls. The Reno site could easily be used by other companies if the Nevada legislature doesn’t pony up what Tesla wants (probably in the $200 million range over 10-20 years).

Its really in the hands of the Governor’s office at this point. The NV legislature only meets every 2 years (odd numbered years). So its really up to Sandoval to see if he can deliver jobs for Reno.

Agreed. I may be low on the cost – some estimates are Musk is looking for 10% or $500 million from the state(s).

Tesla is proving to be the biggest sucker of tax dollars so far 🙁
5 is too low. Tesla should be building in at least 10-20 states. The more, the merrier. Will show how much smarter these guys are compared to the silly competitors, who prepare land at only one place and start producing batteries right off the bat.

I AZ will be the one left out in the cold on this deal. They have no direct sales of Tesla’s and I don’t think they can afford the 10% down to build a qiga-factory. TX might get something but only if they overturn their no direct sales model, which I believe is unlikely. So by eliminating them you only have CA left, and NV of course. About 80% of well informed iev chose NV as the first site months ago. Well done.

And New Mexico.