Tesla Praised By Suppliers For Innovation

NOV 17 2015 BY MARK KANE 22

Tesla Model X In White Trim From Front (click to enlarge)

Tesla Model X In White Trim From Front (click to enlarge)

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla scored a high 3rd, along with Toyota, in a new North American Suppliers’ Choice Study by Deloitte and Automotive News, as suppliers appreciate Tesla’s openness, ease of working and trust.

First place belongs to BMW (fourth time in a row), while second went to Mercedes-Benz, based on 170 suppliers that responded to the survey to rank 15 manufacturers.

“The survey measures automakers based on five factors: openness to new ideas, ease of working with the automaker, level of trust, willingness to provide financial incentives or rewards for supplier innovation, and ability to implement innovations. The factors are weighted according to their contribution to the overall index score. Openness to new ideas was the most important factor, accounting for 32 percent. Index scores are based on a 1,000-point scale.”

Interesting are the changes that happened in the market over the years. Suppliers no longer manufacture parts only from carmakers’ specifications, but often develop their own solutions and more than half would not sell most innovative products to carmakers careless about relationships:

“More than half the 170 suppliers that responded said they would withhold their most innovative products from automakers that do not participate in collaborative relationships.”

This is where Tesla fared exceptionally well, in innovation by/with collaboration.

William Forsythe IV, a principal at Deloitte said:

“Suppliers are managing their relationships with OEMs differently than in the past. They’re being selective about customers with whom they choose to do business.”

Source: Automotive News

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This article should be “BMW Praised by Suppliers for Innovation”….I love my electric cars (and have 2 PHEVs), but the clear Tesla bias needs to stop already.

ridiculous. I have/had both. ” the clear Tesla bias needs to stop already.” …define! prove? got to bimmerpost if you want a bmw love fest.

Tesla fanboy much? Breathe in, breathe out, count to 10. Now be a bit more logical.

BMW produces just as many BEV models as Tesla. We’re on the same side here, I applaud Tesla for their efforts, but the headline could have been a little less biased.

Weird looking ill engineered overpriced BEV, yes, a tiny fraction of their business.

Stop turning this into a Tesla vs BMW argument. I don’t own a BMW, never owned the i3, i8, X5 PHEV, i3 PHEV, etc…and don’t care to own one.

The fact is that BMW and MB are ahead of Tesla on this one and the headline is far biased toward Tesla. Please turn off that Tesla ego for a second.

/end rant

Tesla vs BMW argument? Isn’t that what YOU do since the beginning?!

This is an EV site it is just fair to make a headline about the only electric car only company in existence.

Ordinary Guy

“Stop turning this into a Tesla vs BMW argument.”

I guess I missed the rule which says you are the only one allowed to do that… troll.


Tesla fanboys who live in glass houses and don’t own an EV, shouldn’t throw stones. 🙁

BMW is first for the fourth year in a row. That isn’t interesting news.

What makes this interesting news is that:
“Tesla, appearing for the first time in the biennial North American Suppliers’ Choice Study by Deloitte and Automotive News, ranked third”

Third place is pretty good for an upstart automotive company that has never appeared on the list before.

Seems like someone has anti-Tesla bias, if you ask me.

They’re just Envious , Cuz ., They’re…BMW Break My Wallet fans

Sorry, I don’t agree. BMW getting first place is not really EV news. I’m sure they have gotten this before. Tesla ranking so high for being an all-EV manufacturer is EV news.

+1. Worrying about who is a fan of which carmaker is also a waste of typing.

BMW pays for their awards lol

Actually, I don’t think this is legit EV news at all. It’s business news, or automotive news.

Do you think that Tesla’s corporate conduct as a company is inherent to their being an EV company?
I don’t think so. It may be related to good management, or a spirit of innovation, or a tech-sector / silicon-valley approach to manufacturing and/or design, or some other factors but none of those are specific to EV production.

This isn’t EV news, just like reporting in Elon Musk’s private life wouldn’t be EV news. Yes, he’s a colorful character and that may have something to do with the media attention the company gets. That in turn may contribute to Tesla’s success — but it’s not EV related.

Yes, this isn’t Teslarati, where Mark’s writeup seems to have first been posted. BMW i-drivers can rightly be pleased with first place, and Volt fans should be happy that GM’s eighth place finish wasn’t highlighted.)

Here’s a more complete listing from TransportEvolved. “While Tesla didn’t come first, it scored a joint third place with Toyota, coming behind BMW in first place and Mercedes-Benz in second. That placing puts it ahead of far larger automakers like Honda, which placed in fifth place, and Ford in sixth.”

GM came in eighth place, demonstrating that despite the new approach to manufacturing, parts and collaboration demonstrated by its work on the upcoming 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV, there’s some serious work to be done before it is viewed with the same kind of favour as Tesla.”

Volkswagen came in eleventh place out of the fifteen North American automakers this year, criticised for its lack of openness.

I am surprised that GM is even 8th since LG Chem is openly mad at GM for disclosing the magical $145/kWh number…


Good point, that probably did not help their rating much.

You mean Tesla didn’t score a 1100 out of 1000? That would be some news.

If you score by shipped SUVs the score would be around eight. If you score by reliability it would be “below average.”. If you score by net income it’s approximately negative two billion, and if you score by worldwide EV sales it’s a solid #2.

Tesla Motors S is…

#1 in EV tech

#1 in “Best Car of the Year” awards

#1 in customer satisfaction

#1 in rate of growth in annual sales

#1 in kWh of batteries installed in cars

#1 in other EV makers trying to imitate their cars

…and unfortunately…

#1 in being a target for trolls posting EV-hating online comments to EV-related articles

The plethora of awards Tesla has received is quite mind-boggling. The breadth and depth of these accolades, from many different sources, has certainly cemented the claim, though they don’t make it, that the Tesla Model S is the best car ever made.

Wonder how the supplier for the Model X Monopods felt, after Tesla took production inhouse?

“You’re not doing it right…” 😉