Tesla Powerwall 2 Launched In UK At New London Store


Tesla CEO Elon Musk at solar roof/Powerwall 2 event in LA

CEO Elon Musk at Tesla Powerwall 2/solar roof event in Los Angeles

A substantial part of the grand opening of Tesla’s new west London store, was the official launch of the Tesla Powerwall 2 in the U.K. The new store in Chiswick, situated on the site of a former “classic car” showroom, will be the largest store in London, and one of 16 total Tesla venues in the U.K. In addition to the U.K.’s 16 Tesla stores, there are about 100 destination chargers and 33 Superchargers.

Tesla Powerwall 2.0

Tesla Powerwall 2

The 2nd gen Powerwall (actually officially named Powerwall 2 by Tesla) is a modern and simple white box, with the Tesla logo clearly displayed across the front, up top.

Reportedly, the new Tesla store is set up just like all of the other U.K. locations, despite its significant size. It displays a Model S, a Model X, and the signature “rolling Model S chassis”, which allows visitors to see the Tesla’s internal workings. However, the store will be the first to have a Powerwall 2 on display. As of right now, there is no Model 3 in the store, but there is surely space for it, when the times comes.

Tesla unveiled the Powerwall 2 in the U.S. in October. In the U.K., Tesla plans to begin installs in February of 2017. The company is currently taking £400 deposits (about $500 USD) and making reservations. The product will be installed by Tesla certified partners, and the installation cost is not included in the up-front pricing. The 14 kWh home battery should adequately power a three-bedroom home. The new Tesla glass solar panels that complement the Powerwall, are sold separately.

U.K pricing was also revealed:

  • Powerwall 2 £5,400 (~$6,800 USD)
  • Estimated U.K. installation £1,050 (~$1,300 USD)
  • Estimated Average Solar Roof £5,000 (~$6,300 USD)

A recent study in Australia (a country diving headfirst into consumer solar energy) rated thirty home energy storage systems and found Tesla to be much better than any competitors. Added to this, Tesla’s product is 30% cheaper than the next best option.

Source: ArsTechnica

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$6,300 for a solar roof?!?! Rip my panels off and upgrade me!

While I am still sceptical of the general approach of the solar roof (due to the high amount of connections) I have to admit that the price point is really better than I had expected.

Luckily my 60 year old roof is still in good condition so I shouldn’t bother about the solar roof at all…

The powerwall on the other hand is something I would like to have right now! Although I would be happy with a much smaller unit as well…

I need a larger unit, but I will make do with 13.5kWh usable. I’m having some solar additional solar installed with it, so the entire package qualifies for the solar tax credit. Don’t want to pay full price for a battery and it’s install. 🙂

Pricing for Tesla’s Solar Roofs hasn’t been revealed and I doubt it’s going to be that cheap.
Someone made a creative extrapolation from the original ArsTechnica article that states:
“Of course, that £6,450 for a Powerwall 2 setup doesn’t include the rooftop solar cells that you’ll need to top the battery up during the day—that’ll cost you another £5,000 or so.”

I found this site that has average roof costs for different materials.. https://www.homeadvancement.com/roof/replacement/cost
So I think you can add another $10,000 to the estimated price of a roof that also makes electricity for you..

Elon revised his statement, he says the roof will cost the same as a normal roof. No more of this, 50 years of power generation factored in.

How is that estimate generated?

What is the size of the roof?

What is the latest situation for Powerwall 2 in Spain. Have house can’t get electric ?

Can I bring in powerwall2 from Chiswick London to Spain? Joe