Tesla Powerwall 2 Installations Now Underway In Australia

Tesla Powerwall 2


Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla’s Powerwall 2 home battery pack finally makes its way into Australia, ahead of most other markets.

As we have reported before, Australia tends to be ahead of the game when it comes to home solar and energy storage. About 1.5 million households in Australia already have rooftop solar installations, which accounts for a whopping 15 percent of the country’s housing population. No other area in the world has achieved such numbers … yet.

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla app shows Powerwall energy flow

Powerwall 2 installations in OZ have begun this month, and a homeowner recently shared the process. New South Wales’ resident Michael V. recounted details on the Whirlpool forum.

Tesla Powerwall certified installers came from an Australian company called Downer. They admitted to Michael that they had not yet done an actual install, but had practiced using a prototype. They followed step-by-step instructions via an iPad and completed the process in just a few hours.

The Powerwall 2 can be wall-mounted, or sit on the ground. Michael’s was ground-mounted, but it still has to connect to the wall for safety purposes. The installers were unable to find adequate studs, so they use a plywood backing to distribute and secure the Powerwall’s weight. The process of securing the unit took about two hours.

After the unit was secure, the team simply connected it to the solar system and to the home’s electricity. Then Tesla had to activate it. Michael explained (via Electrek):

“Tim from Tesla arrives to commission the unit. It has a Wifi AP (TEGxxxx) and a Telstra 3G sim, but the sim has yet to be activated by Telstra, so Tim connects it to my home Wifi and uses a webpage to update the firmware. He says that the preferred connection method in future is via 3G so they do not need to rely on Wifi availability.

The installer used an iPad to connect to the PW2 Gateway’s AP, and defined the size of the solar, which inputs are monitoring the load and generation, and entered my Tesla account login.”

Michael was told that he would have full access to the Tesla app’s monitoring capabilities within about a day. His installation was one of the first, of thousands to come in Australia in the near future. Those ordering now will have to wait about two months for their Powerwall 2.

Source: Electrek

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Ron M

Great news

Malcolm Scott

We in Australia might be slow on the uptake of EVs, something quite different is happening with home battery storage. Last year about 7,000 homes had batteries installed, this year 25,000 installs are expected and 80,000 odd is forecast for 2018.

This is driven by very low cost home solar pv compared with other parts of the world, relatively high retail pricing of electricity and concerns by consumers and business around energy security and reliability of supply from the grid.

It’s such a mess that consumers are behaving rationally to have future price certainty. Energy freedom and energy democracy forces are playing out as well.

John M

So how much did it cost for a “few hours work”? Just wondering why it costs nearly $2,000 to install a PW2 when clearly even first timers can install it quickly and there’s only electrical cable and conduit, a few breakers (probably 2) and an interface unit which Tesla is including in the base price… be great to see a breakdown of the costs.