Tesla Powerpack To Charge Up Europe’s Largest Community, Battery Project In Nottingham


A 2 MWh Tesla Powerpack energy storage system is to be installed in a new £100 million housing development project by Trent Basin in Nottingham, UK.

Tesla Powerpack 2

According to the Solar Power Portal, the Tesla energy storage system (ESS) is to be Europe’s largest community battery, that will be combined with 375 kW of rooftop and ground mounted solar and heat pumps in the area.

The project includes 500 homes, which on average means 4 kWh worth of ESS per home.

“According to project lead Blueprint, the battery will store energy from the local renewable generation to be used on site while also performing grid arbitrage and smoothing out the peaks and troughs of supply and demand.”

Tesla Powerpacks to be installed in September.

Councillor Alan Clark, portfolio holder for energy and sustainability at Nottingham City Council, said:

“I am delighted that Nottingham has been chosen to pilot this innovative scheme. This highlights that the city is at the cutting edge of energy innovation, having the right people and infrastructure to get these types of projects off the ground. This growth in community renewable energy will help to sustain our status as the most energy self-sufficient city in the UK.”

source: Solar Power Portal

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Don Zenga

How much area does this storage take in sq. ft. or sq. meters.

Lot of such community storage’s should be setup to use any extra power from Solar/Wind.


Tesla’s website says each powerpack is 210 KWh (hey is was 200 just recently…new config?). So 10 of those makes 2MWh. The website says each one is about 3 ft by 5 feet footprint. Add some space in between, inverter, etc and probably about the size of a decent garage.


I wonder how much does electricity cost in Nottingham.

PS Why on earth do you need a comma in the title?


Around 12p per kWh general or there is a night time day time tariff you can get which is 15p during the day and 7p during the night.


I’m surprised the lack of Hollywood stars’ mega mansions endorsement … !!!