Tesla-Powered Lotus Evora Does Time Attack Lap – Video


Watch Blue Lightning unleashed on the track

If you’ve been waiting for word on the Blue Lightning project being showcased by Speed Academy, featuring a Lotus Evora gifted with a Tesla drivetrain and powered by Chevy Volt batteries, you’re in luck. This stunning example of electric Frankenspeed recently took to the track, and under the pressure of competition, rolled away with a nice piece of hardware celebrating its first place finish. And, there is video.

Blue Lightning from behind the wheel

Now, if you haven’t seen our previous installments already, just do it. We have the beginning, with the car in pieces, partly assembled spinning a dyno, then on the street, and finally, a race track shake down. It’s all very glorious in an understated sort of way (because, well, they’re Canadian) and well worth your time.

This most recent episode sees our unassuming protagonist, Sasha Anis — the builder and driver of Blue Lightning — entered into a Canadian Sport Compact Series (CSCS) Time Attack contest. Since the car is still street legal, it was admitted into the Superstreet rear-wheel-drive class. Though somewhat softspoken in front of the camera, Mr Anis proves himself a monster behind the wheel and manhandles this beast into submission, nailing apexes and slinging through chicanes with confidence.

So quick was he around the circuit at Shannonville Motorsport Park, he bested the times of all other competitors, save for two piloting race-prepped vehicles in unlimited classes. No wonder too. The Tesla drivetrain makes this Lotus blossom to its full potential. In his voiceover, Anis points out that he’s getting 450 wheel horse power coming out of one particular turn.

While it may be a while before we are treated to another installment n this series, we are assured that, when it finally does arrive, it should be very special. We can hardly wait. In the meantime, excuse us while we savor this one a couple more times.

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It is just a matter of time that electric race car will dominate all racing series.

(battery swap is far easier to do in racing situation than everyday usage).

Yeah, I really want to see them integrate battery swap into E-racing. Switching cars just seems so wrong.

A battery swap would be a cool pit crew action in addition to the tire changes. Heck, the ICE cars refuel on pit stops so why not EVs?

Deja vu… this is almost word-for-word what I’ve previously posted on the subject!

Too bad Formula E is moving to a battery pack with enough capacity to finish the race with the same car. Of course, they still have to limit speed to have enough energy to finish the race. Battery swapping would allow higher sustained speeds!

Yeah, I remember that. I remember nodding too, or maybe I was just falling asleep.

There are a lot of different motorsports out there, and a fan can choose from a swath of other categories of racing which place importance upon the work of the parts swapping crews. A time attack car, or a drift car, particularly one meant to also do duty on the street such as the nice build in the video linked to this story, have nothing to do with in-race refueling performance. Formula E wisely has crafted a series meant not to emphasize the speediness of the crew in performing refueling and parts swapping such as wheels/tires. By creating the series this way, the series focuses instead more on developments which can help create better road cars. All of that has nothing to do with the story of this electric Evora. The takeaway here is that rather than simply building amateur class race cars out of repurposed and modified internal combustion engines and street sports cars and sedans, one can effectively choose to repurpose and modify instead an EV powertrain, (with street sports cars and sedans,) and to good effect! That the car hobby can continue in a more sustainable manner ought to be welcome news to enthusiasts and hobbyists who… Read more »

So… Does that mean that Tesla should consider selling its motor?
I know they opened their patents but it seems nobody cared to use them.
Sellign the hardware directly would be great. Eventually reducing its cost.

Maybe someday, but they can use motors they can produce, I would think.
I guess selling it’s design is what you mean.

Using their patents is tricky in that there are not very many that can actually make use of them, without it making them look like have cow towed to Tesla, also there is a good faith clause that restricts the user of the free patents.
Although there are still companies that are using them, but it’s only a trickle, not a flood.
More Information:

I think Tesla needs to snap up this guy and move him to Fremont to begin his new job developing Roadster 2.0.

When you think about it, the Lotus Evora is the perfect candidate as platform for Roadster 2.0. It has the suspension tech in place that only needs some beefing up and recalibrating for the added weight of the batteries. Some refashioned body panels may be in order as the Tesla has to have It’s own identity apart from Lotus. This makes tons of sense. Tesla and Lotus have done business before from Roadster 1.0, and it helps the struggling Lotus stay in business. Too bad it was Bob Lutz that served as temporary Lotus VP and not Musk. Lutz has EV experience but badmouths Tesla every opportunity he gets nowadays. His utter devotion to his former employer GM probably due to his vast stock holdings rather than any true loyalty. After all, GM could sell VIA trucks in it’s showrooms but never will. I think VIA should dump Lutz. He probably is one factor in keeping VIA small as to not threaten the big boy’s high profit truck money machine. I like the guy as he is a bit of a larger-than-life fighter pilot, father of Viper, BMW 3 and Volt…But his true colors of late are EV-nitpicker, A-hole TV… Read more »