Tesla Powered “Blue Lightning” Lotus Evora EV Conversion Hits The Track…Is Awesome – Video

JUN 17 2017 BY JAY COLE 5

Lotus Evora EV – faster than an Audi R8 e-tron V10 on the track!

Thanks to many updates from OnPointDyno‘s Sasha Anis, we have been following a very unique Lotus Evora EV conversion via a Tesla Motor S electric motor and powered by a couple Chevrolet Volt 16 kWh batteries.

The result is “Blue Lightning”, a ~460 hp all-electric supercar, that we have watched moved from the an early development stage, to hitting the dyno for testing, to its first impromptu on-road drive…to now arriving on a proper track to stretch its legs.

The end result is that the Lotus Evora brings home a better track time than a Audi R8 V10 Plus timed early (see 13:03 mark of video).

Better still, the refinement level of the conversion is off the charts, check out this dash readout assembly:

Check out the professional dashboard readout in the Lotus Evora conversion EV!

As per Speed Acadamy via our friend Sasha:

“The Tesla electric motor powered Lotus Evora electric car is ready for its first track test and it turns some seriously fast laps! The only downside, it needs to be recharged and without a fast charging system on side, towing it is the fastest option.”

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5 Comments on "Tesla Powered “Blue Lightning” Lotus Evora EV Conversion Hits The Track…Is Awesome – Video"

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Wow.. that’s the most awesome conversion I’ve ever seen. I’m surprised they can pull that many amps from Chevy Volt batteries… even two of them.

Their method of recharging seems a little dangerous.

Digging around web forums, the expected weight of the car will be around 3200lbs (it’s very close to that now, with very little missing).

That’s not bad at all, given the weight of the ICE version is only ~120lbs less, although the car turns into a 2-seater rather than a 2+2 .

The range is said to be an apparently realistic 125mi at normal speeds (not unreasonable given a low-weight aerodynamic car with 32kWh).

Given this, assuming performance continues to be what it’s been so far, there might actually be a decent market for this.

Since it uses an existing body/chassis, motor & batteries, it should certainly be cheaper t obuild than from-scratch designs.
I wonder if Lotus might be interested in making this an actual product (assuming Tesla cooperates, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t)

I agree.

Lotus is about the chassy and no long builds their own motors anymore anyway.

This is the tesla roadster market so i doubt tesla would help lotus out.

Shakes head, Dave what are you saying? Crocodile Dundee has a lot to answer for.

Wow, what an awesome project. These conversions of ICE vehicles really show that dedicated EV’s aren’t that special. Another Audi conversion I’ve been following, gives pretty good performance as well.

If they could put a skate board battery pack under this it would really rocket.

Really love the instrument display. Custom made and puts other manufacturers to shame. Nissan, I’m looking at you, I hope Leaf 2.0 is a quantum leap over current Leaf, especially now you know what Tesla has offered and Bolt.

Really well done!