Tesla Hopes To Open First Michigan Service Center In Farmington Hills

Tesla Service Center



Tesla vehicle getting serviced at a company-owned service center

Though Tesla is in the midst of a legal battle to sell its cars in the state of Michigan, the automaker seems to have plans to open a Service Center in the state.

Michigan is one of a list of states that do not allow Tesla to sell its vehicles within state lines. The automaker has battled this for years, and in some cases has come out victorious. However, Michigan has been particularly problematic for the Silicon Valley electric car maker.


Typical Tesla showroom

Recently, the automaker made some huge headway with regards to its case against the state when the court ruled that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, along with other lawmakers and dealer affiliates, must disclose all prior conversation and communication to Tesla.

This means that if there was a “deal” or “plan” devised to specifically outlaw Tesla’s direct sales scheme in Michigan, inside information may prove the existence of such criminal activity. Not only could this lead to the automaker finally being able to sell its vehicles in the state, but also, parties involved may end up being charged for foul play.

Until recently, the automaker’s only “store” in Michigan was a mini boutique inside of a Nordstrom department store at Somerset Mall in Troy. A few months ago, the EV maker officially opened its first standalone gallery near the original boutique.

With all of that being said, a Redditor recently discovered leaked blueprints for what appears to be an upcoming Tesla Service Center planned for Farmington Hills, MI:


Apparent blueprints for potential Service Center at 37567 Interchange Dr. in Farmington Hills, MI (Image Credit: TwinTurbskiZ via Reddit)

Tesla has yet to verify the information, though the automaker has been pursuing plans to open a Service Center in Michigan for some time. Currently, the company’s website says that a Detroit Service Center is “coming soon.” Although Tesla can’t sell its cars in the state, there is a growing number of Teslas in the area, which people purchased online or across state lines.

Further substantiating the plans is the fact that the automaker has recently listed job openings related to a Service Center in the area northwest of Detroit.

Source: Reddit via Teslarati

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I hope they really do, but people should be aware the same misbegotten law that forbids them from selling cars I Michigan also explicitly forbids them from servicing them. So either they’re doing this in anticipation of winning or settling their suit, or to give them standing for a second suit, or something like that. But it’s not a slam dunk.

True, it’s more like an in your face 3 point shot over a guy trying really hard to block you who’s paid off the refs.

John, you took the words right out of my keyboard! 🙂

Yeah, according to what I’ve read, the current Michigan law not only bans direct sales, it also bans Tesla from running a service center in the State. If Tesla is moving ahead with plans to open the latter, then it appears they expect a court ruling in their favor rather soon.

Go Tesla!

Governor Rick Synder, now there’s a piece of work.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Dirty politicians should all be taken to court if found to have conspired against Tesla.

Synder belongs in prison.
He is not a traitor like Trump/Pence, but, Synder is well known for has lack of morals.

Enlighten us. What makes Trump/Pence traitors? Just because you disagree with them will not cut it.

Tesla could sell their products in MI at any time. All they have to do is establish a dealer franchise with an independent auto dealer. They refuse to do so.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

So basically add a middle man and sacrifice profits so they can be in the same “disadvantage” as the others and have to go to a “Stealership” to buy one.

No thanks. The Stealerships can go suckit!

It’s a level playing field. All other OEMs, even small ones like Smart and Mini manage to do it. Tesla’s being greedy.

i disagree.

you should have the choice to buy your airline tickets through a travel agent or directly from the airline. and the fact is you do.

mom and pop travel agencies were hit when it all went online, so they had to evolve by providing outstanding service to compete.
tesla is just challenging dealerships to do the same.

No, not a level playing field when the rules of the game were set up against you. This kind of crony capitalism has no place in the U.S. No one says that Apple or Microsoft can’t have their own stores and service locations. And yet, we have these antiquated laws for automobiles that have enshrined protectionism that is very un-American.

level playing field huh?
You GOPers scream that you want Tesla to have a level playing field, while at the same time, you pass laws that prohibit the taxation of internet sales.
Right now, zero taxes on internet sales, make things VERY disproportionate, hurting brick/morters BADLY, as well as the states.

And now, you block Tesla screaming that DEALERS need a piece of the action.

Windbourne, this is neither a GOP or DEM as there are blue states that have these same ridiculous laws. This is about the greasing of palms to influence the politicians and on that both are guilty.

You are right, but some are blinded by ideology so they make everything political.

Thats so anti capitalistic. Cronyism at its finest. So MI can tell Apple that it needs to go independent franchise instead of ifs stores to operate, i dont think so

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Even playing field my Azss!

ICE cars run on petrol and the Govt heavily subsidizes in the Trillions to make it more affordable.

Kill all the petrol subsidies and the $7500 tax rebate then it’s an even playing field.

Nobody wants to go to a friggin “Stealership” and get ripped of lust like it has always been. Sh1tty experience so why not make it Sh1tty for everyone right?

@MAF “It’s a level playing field. All other OEMs, even small ones like Smart and Mini manage to do it. Tesla’s being greedy.”

You are right, according to the Dealerships, the field is not level. Since Dealerships assert that they add a valuable service that Tesla does not. It is Tesla that should be at a disadvantage. Dealerships should be happy that Tesla does not provide the “Valuable” dealership service.

What say you?

“Tesla’s being greedy.”

Gosh, I wasn’t aware that competitive business practices make a company “greedy”. 🙄

Tesla being able to cut out the middleman of the “stealership” is what has allowed it to compete with much larger auto makers. Trying to force a company with no independent dealers to conform to the same rules as those which do, is outright protectionism and is contrary to the capitalist ideals of competition and a free market.

Perhaps you prefer economic communism? Good luck with that; Russia and China have both had to give it up as unworkable.

You actually think that the “end user” price is affected by whether or not there is middleman? Only difference is that Tesla makes more profit on car sales than a typical OEM.

Well, they tried to followed the law and applied for a license without an independent franchise. Then Michigan changed the law on them.

It’s strange, because the existing laws had been in place for a long time.

As I understand it, Tesla are not only allowed to sell cars but they can’t offer test rides either. There’s so many ways Tesla can give the middle finger to Michigan.

For example:
Create an umbrella company which allows Tesla to hire out cars. Allow people (read: potential customers) to hire out a Tesla for 1 hour slots accompanied by a Tesla staff member. Hire costs are $1. Essentially this allows potential customers to take cars for a test drive, but legally Tesla are just hiring cars, not allowing people to test ride them.

This would create a huge amount more buzz in Michigan without technically “selling” cars.

Yes, they can’t sell or service new cars.

The key reason for the court case being against Michigan is that it’s the service centers that are the far more important than the stores.

It’s funny too that it can ban tesla but dont mind getting a the sales tax and registration. Thats unconstitutional

Typical GOP game cut programs they don’t like, spend money they don’t have on programs they like. Then cut taxes for corpoations and rich. Is it any wonder we have a 21 trillion debt, and 225 billion deficit in the first quarter of 2018

Ron, Now that is some funny stuff. Remember your messiah Obama that doubled the national debt from 10 TRILLION TO 20 TRILLION spending more than all the other past presidents combined. I am glad you are finally worried about debt though as we spend over 50 percent of our vast wealth on social programs. Many of which disincentivize working for a living.

Gosh, I was under the strange impression that it is Congress that controls taxes and spending, not the President. 🙄

Somebody here doesn’t understand that whole Separation of Powers thing… and that someone isn’t me!

Also, the time in which the GOP could truthfully point fingers at Democrats for being responsible for ballooning deficit spending and national debt, passed decades ago. The GOP’s recent insane obsession with continually cutting taxes without matching cuts to spending, is undermining the American economy far worse than the Democrats’ tax-and-spend policies ever did, even at their worst.

And it’s not just the GOP at the Federal level, either. Thank goodness Governor Brownback of Kansas has been appointed to some ridiculous made-up new cabinet post, because finally the State of Kansas will be freed from the tyranny of his ruinous tax cuts; cuts which are so crazy and so deep that Kansas can’t even afford to run its public schools!

The Gop undermining the economy? Sure, who needs the lowest unemployment in more than a decade, “Help Wanted” signs everywhere, consumer confidence at a peak, the stock market through the roof, companies investing and repatriating billions. All we need is ideology. Of the left kind, of course.

Push yes the congress does control the spending and when the vote in lockstep with the messiha while controlling both the house and the Senate then you get increase of 10 TRILLION DOLLARS added to the deficit. Oh and btw why don’t you see who signed all those bills that ran our deficit to over 20 TRILLION.

Bush another GOP as president when we went to war in Iraq and the banks imploded because if the greed on wall street. Selling bonds backed by junk mortgages. That’s why we have regulations because greedy CEO’s can’t be honest. So the deficit your blaming on Obama falls back to Bush and a do nothing GOP congress under Obama. The sent 50 bills to repeal Obamacare but never anything worth while.

This is a EV enthusiast site. The Huffington Post or Daily Kos are more appropriate for left wing nonsense.

If politics should be kept out of EV advocacy, then we shouldn’t have to read propaganda from far right wingnuts and/or Big Oil shills claiming that EVs are more polluting than gasmobiles, or that the money GM got for its bailout all went to build the Volt, or that global warming is just a hoax, or that the future of automobiles belongs to fool cell cars.

I don’t see right wing provocateurs posting much here. The few posts are always replying to the constant attacks initiated by fanatic left wingers that frequent these EV sites and seem more interested in political propaganda than discussion of the acceptance and advancement of EVs.

While this certainly could be the foundation for a future service center, the current plans seem to indicate it’s nothing more than an expansion of what they already have nearby – an indoor parking facility for staging vehicles going to and from service out of state. All the blueprints mention are “Parking Areas”. There’s no office space, customer lounge, or service bays shown. It’s essentially just an open space with a couple bathrooms and wash-up areas. They will probably wash and detail cars returning from service too, but that’s the extent of the work they can carry out under current law.

Ah, finally an explanation that makes sense. Thank you.

Assuming that’s correct (and I see no reason to doubt it), then this may be one of the new, giant Supercharger stations which include a customer lounge.


Oops! You said no customer lounge. My bad!

I have read all the details on the tesla case, the laws, etc. In the end I don’t care. I’m buying a Tesla. I have to travel to do so and there is no good reason for this. This needs to be overturned, period.