Tesla Posts 30 Job Openings For Gigafactory


Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory

~30 jobs have opened up for Tesla’s Gigafactory. This may not seem like a lot, but according to Reno Gazette-Journal, there’s a wide array of jobs:

“The job openings cover the gamut of responsibilities ranging from technical positions such as engineers and technicians to work involving supply chain development and facility management”

Tesla Gigafactory. (Image Credit: Steve Jurvetson)

Tesla Gigafactory. (Image Credit: Steve Jurvetson)

Elon Musk cannot stress the importance of the Gigafactory enough. He comments:

“The Gigafactory is a huge bet but I don’t know of any other way to do it. The amount of batteries we need is so huge that somebody’s got to build this thing and if we don’t contribute a bunch of money to building it, I just don’t see any other company doing that.”

The Gigafactory costs has added up a significant chunk of change, so far (further details here).

It is claimed that the county that the Gigafactory sits in got ~$246,000 in permit fees of which some was “used to hire two new building and fire inspectors to keep up with this large-scale project.

The statement above is according to Storey County manager, Pat Whitten, who adds:

“With a project this size, you’ll have many more inspections that will have to be made as it progresses.” 

Read the full report, with further details on costs and other aspects of the Gigafactory, by clicking here.

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The first of many…

Glad things seem on track (or slightly ahead of schedule). That bodes well for Power Walls, Model X and Model 3’s.

indeed, there is genuine revolution in the air.

I’ve been told by a source close to Tesla – well, OK, some guy by the dumpster in back of Golden Corral – that 15 of those positions are for Falcon Wing Door engineers and a couple really good lawyers.

Currently, the US Automaker with the greatest need for Lawyers, is GM…

GM already got lawyers on payrolls as all major automakers.

Do you think the airbag makers need better lawyers?

GM still holds the record for “Wrongful Death” lawsuits…

That sounds like something See Through would say.

YE…LAWYERS., so they Can Pour Gasoline Into An already Out Of Control Burning FIRE!!!!Speaking from Experience …With an automotive , Tool & die , & Successful Gas & Oil Exploration Background , On my own dime Btw …..Tesla Will show All These Clowns How Things Are&should be Done!….OIL SHOULD BE UTILIZED TO CONSTRUCT THINGS..NOT, TO BE BURNT INTO THE OZONE………..

It’s a good time to get into an organization like that (Gigafactory) early.

You become one of the core team and besides experiencing exciting (if often demanding) times, rather naturally you can progress far up in the factory if you want to.

If you have friends in or considering a move to Reno area, let them know…

I await the day they open such a facility in the Delaware Valley area, my resume would be waiting on their doorstep.

Tesla projects 6500 employees when the Gigafactory is at full capacity, supposedly in 2020. But if I understand it correctly, that number may include some who work at suppliers’ factories installed nearby, rather than actually working on the grounds of the Gigafactory itself.

30 employees is almost literally a drop in the bucket compared to 6500, but as they say: The longest journey begins with a single step.

I’m glad InsideEVs continues to post articles regarding the progress of the Gigafactory project.

Companies that turn raw materials into battery cell components and Panasonic that turn components into battery cells will be inside the Gigafactory grounds. All these are included in the 6.5k number.

The key question is that are those “high paying” jobs?

The key answer, is yes.

Do you know this for a fact or just making an assumption like you usually do like a Tesla fan boy here?

I would think so. Nobody hires ordinary production line workers many months, or years, before a factory opens, do they? At this point, I suspect they’re hiring mainly at or near the top of the pay scale pyramid; engineers and management. Hiring to fill out the bottom of the pyramid will come as they get much closer to actual volume production.

From what I know, beside few key positions, the engineers at Tesla aren’t necessarily paid higher than engineers at other Sillicon Valley High Tech companies..

Then again, $80K might be a high paying job for the rest of the country, but for Si Valley, that is almost minimum wage for people with engineering degree…

exciting?? wait and see