Tesla Eyes Site Near Palo Alto For New Sales/Service Center

Tesla Service Center



A 23,000-square-foot Tesla sales and service center may move in where the Crunch Fitness at 515 Veterans Blvd. in Redwood City, California is currently located (Image Credit: Crunch Fitness)

Tesla has reportedly submitted initial plans to build a 23,000-square-foot sales and service center conveniently located between Palo Alto and San Mateo, California.

The service center would occupy a lot at the intersection of Veterans Blvd. and Whipple Avenue in Redwood City, California, with easy access to Highway 101. This would be ideally placed near other traditional automotive dealerships in the area.


Crunch Fitness shares the property and lot with Chef Peking restaurant, which may be displaced if Tesla moves in (Image Credit: Crunch Fitness)

The specific plans call for a 4,000-square-foot sales office, a 15,000-square-foot repair garage, and a warehouse. The site is will also include 57 parking spots and at least one Supercharger.

There are currently minimal details about the specifics, and Tesla did not return a request for comment. It’s not known if the Supercharger(s) would be public, or only for use by those visiting the center.

Assistant Mayor Aaron Aknin assured that the necessary questions will be addressed when the time comes. At this point, he explained that the plans are somewhat incomplete, and the developer is working on detailed drawings. The finished plans, along with the official application, will go before the local planning commision in the next few months. Additionally, according to city spokeswoman, Meghan Horrigan, a special zoning amendment will need to be issued to allow auto sales and service at the same site.

The preliminary information didn’t make it clear as to whether or not Crunch Fitness and/or Chef Peking will be displaced. The publication was unable to reach the property owner, Colliers International, to secure details on the current lease. However, Mayor Aknin said that Crunch Fitness intends to stay in Redwood City despite potential site changes.

Source: The San Mateo Daily Journal

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In other local news, a new Chevy dealership is opening near my house. /s

I bet they don’t carry the Bolt though…

Yes, they do actually. Three on initial allocation. Some other dealers in town have from 7 to 10 in stock.

7 to 10! Thats more available than All of Canada, right now!

Well, it’s been a month now. I wonder how long it takes to retool. 2 months? I guess they have produced close to what they can credits for and that’s why they languish on CA lots, since that is where the would prefer to sell them.

Tesla, on the other hand, has demand for the M3 for years.

Is anyone else getting the stupid pop up about winning a free $1000 gift card from this site?

Take a screen shot and send it to them.

Yes, please do that…its a particularly troublesome rogue/bad ad to hunt down, I kinda thought we had it isolated actually.

Its no secret that superchargers in California are often backed up and getting Tesla service in some areas takes months. Its going to get much worse by early next year with the Model 3, before it gets better.

I think this is why Tesla had to do a quick raise of well over a billion dollars. Its not to cover losses or buy robots; those were already bought. They will need most of it to triple their vast world-wide infrastructure, to support over a half million cars next year.

The Bottom Line: Tesla build-out will get really insane next year.

“The preliminary information didn’t make it clear as to whether or not Crunch Fitness and/or Chef Peking will be displaced.”
I live there. There is no way they can fit 23,000sf of building without displacing at least one, if not both of those buildings.

Yup all the time it’s a pain.
How can we stop it?

“between Palo Alto and San Mateo, California.”
Ummm, why not just say Redwood City????