Tesla Plans First (And Only) Company Dealership Store In Virginia

JUN 4 2014 BY JAY COLE 13

Last year, Tesla and the state of Virginia found themselves in a protracted legal battle over whether or not the company was able to sell its Model S sedan direct to the public.

Future Location Of Tesla's Lone Dealership In Virginia (via GoogleMaps)

Future Location Of Tesla’s Lone Dealership In Virginia (via GoogleMaps)

Originally Virginia had rejected Tesla’s bid to be able to sell cars themselves in the state; which did sit all that well with Tesla, who responded with a lawsuit of their own.

In the end, Tesla struck a deal in late September with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and the Virginia Automobile Dealers Association to allow Tesla to sell their EV direct in just one store in the state.

Tesla said at the time of decision:

 “We are encouraged by the settlement and look forward to seeking a license to open a store and an associated service facility in Northern Virginia.”

Tesla’s only presence in the state had been a small gallery store in Tysons Corner, near Washington, D.C.

And it appears Tesla really likes the town, as the Washington Post reported that last Thursday the Georgelas Group (a Tyson area developer) submitted zoning plans to Fairfax County to redevelop a warehouse at 8500 Tyco Road into a “vehicle sales, rental, and ancillary service establishment” requiring a special exception.

The Post reports that the county planning commission has not yet scheduled a hearing on the proposal.

Washington Post, hat tip to George!


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So, people that dont work for Tesla will be selling the cars there?

” to allow Tesla to sell their EV direct in just one store in the state.”
It’s direct, so I’d assume by Tesla employees.

Yes indeed, it will be a corporate run store

I live in Virginia for a retro state that still living in the middle age is a good thing. I guess it will be a Tesla service and sales, we have Rockville in Maryland but is getting too busy for the Washington beltway area, a lot of Teslas here.

The title should read: Tesla plans first (and only) Direct Sales Mega Store in Virginia.


I agree. A dealership is a franchise, that sells another company’s good and services. This in no way is a dealership. Still a direct sell…and happy that it is!

Bad choice and bad news.

They should have put the new store in the Capital in Richmond Virginia in that are already Tesla stores in DC which is only like less then 20 miles from this location. In fact there is this one place in my area that would be good for a Tesla store in that it has a Lexus, Porsche dealer along with a BMW, Vovo and other over priced luxury car dealers along this one mile section of highway in my area.

Tyson’s Corner is a fantastic location. If you ever drive west on the Toll Road and see the expansive growth of the “beltway bandits” and T.C. is just east of that expanse, you know that this spot is just about perfect. The amount of wealth within a 20 miles radius of this is enormous. Farfax County is the #3 richest income per-capita in the country. And Louden County is not far away and is the #1.

This warehouse looks horrible – hopefully they will tastefully decorate the metal walls.

Speaking of rich counties – just realize where your tax dollars are going:

1 Loudoun County Virginia
2 Howard County Maryland
3 Fairfax County Virginia
4 Hunterdon County New Jersey
5 Arlington County Virginia
6 Stafford County Virginia

Those numbers are from Wikipedia on a Median household income basis.

We pay just for the car in Virginia/Arlington
1-Car property Tax Tesla $6000 a year
2-Tag Tax
3-Sticker Tax
4-“Emissions/inspection” Tax
5-Condo parking spot Tax

As you can see we are a very Conservative state we don’t like Taxes.

It’s not perfect, but a pragmatic start. At least someone living in Virginia is now “allowed” to buy one.

Hopefully in 5 years the debate in Virginia will shift to why is this car company restricted to one store, which might be an easier debate to win by then, especially if gen 3 sales are going well.

So hard to do business in America. Fancy that, an American company with made-in-America products forbidden to sell in America.

Looking at the big picture, there is no negative impact. The car still gets sold, sales tax still gets paid, the local stores/service centers still hire local folks. Jobs are created, none lost.

The only worried people are the existing dealerships. They might lose their jobs but new ones are created at the same time. So as a citizen and consumer, why should I care about that? I like that the new service jobs created will be honest and don’t bug me to do a “fuel injector cleaning” when my car is less than a year old. Good riddance, I say.