Tesla Pickup Truck Unveiling Set For Later This Year

Tesla Pickup Truck


Two major Tesla unveilings in one year. Oh my!

The first major event in less than two weeks away. That’s the unveiling of the Tesla Model Y electric crossover on March 14. Word of this unveiling was just officially released by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Now we learn of yet another major Tesla reveal.

The latest info put forth by Musk states that the Tesla truck will be unveiled later this year. No exact timeframe is provided though. Tesla’s only real rival on the electric pickup truck front seems to be Rivian with its R1T truck. Rivian shocked the world with the reveal of this truck at last year’s LA Auto Show and we’re still impressed by it today.

We hope it’s not super futuristic. Unique is fine, but futuristic might not play out so well in the world of trucks. We shall see.

Add in the Tesla Supercharger Version 3.0 news and the recent announcement of the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 and it’s obvious the automaker is on a roll these days. Exciting times lie ahead in the land of Tesla.

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And sad times for the disrupted industries’ shills, shorters, and haters!

Just whom is voting down this post? Obviously the ones Get Real mentions shows real haters, trolls are at least that many trolling here.
As for the Pickup let’s remember this is a 5-10ton truck, hardly a pickup. While great in it’s own way, what we really need is a 3 based pickup and van to fill the 3, Y line out.

We have no idea how big the Tesla pickup will be. I would say it is almost certainly between the size of the Rivian R1T and the Atlis XT. The silly CG above was a actually a joke.

Futuristic is good. People will learn to appreciate it. Innovation is the key towards progress.

Not really. If it looks to odd then truck buyers will pass. I will.

So, time to dump the current 3,S and X stock, as vehicles that can use Supercharger V3 are just around the corner?

That is just dumb. First off the 3 is designed to use the V3 and likely the S/X can use increased SC too.
Unlike almost every other EV.
Plus the S/X get free SC for life! Not something I’d want to give up.

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Model S
Tesla Model X

Tesla model 3
Tesla Model Y

Telsa Truck

Tesla Semi

*Tesla Rover*… Moon then later Mars!

You left out Tesla Roadster Mark II 🙂

Tesla Roadster
Tesla Model S
Tesla Model X
Tesla model 3
Tesla Model Y
Tesla Semi
Tesla Roadster II
Tesla Truck
(…more to follow)

I think that’s the right order

Maybe it will have a Mr. Fusion as the power source? I’ll take one please.

It’s coming. Check out the ITER project in France.

That won’t fit in a car.

Yeah, I was gonna say, that is just a wee bit too big to fit! 😉

Heck, even a Polywell is, unfortunately, too big to fit . 🙁

no, but l-mart’s new attempt might work.

iter will likely not be ready for another 20 years.

I think the Rivian is a great start for the truck market, but it’s not quite there for me. I’m really hoping the Tesla pickup truck can build upon the Rivian, maybe with some “takes” from the Atlis concept and put out a legit F-150 fighter.

“it may be too futuristic for most people” – read: its a weird mobile. if you want normal looking truck, will have to look else where.

If the truck beats other trucks on performance, people will buy it.

Really? No mention about Tesla firing thousands of people and closing the shops around the world?

Yes, it was mentioned. Go read the appropriate articles (ie the ones about the base price M3 announcement). If you’re going to complain about something, at least take the time to check that you’re right.

It is not worth an article? Just mention it somewhere in a corner with small letters? Yet they post “articles” about Tesla drag races almost daily.

Something tells me you are not a BEV “fan”.

You clearly know about this story. You’ve got the details. We all do. So what did you want them to say? Write the article you want them to post.

You are not a BEV fan RU!?

Don’t worry, the stores will be back later. Right now, they need to keep prices down so people can actually afford BEV’s. Stores are kind of like marketing, but now, there’s enough people with Teslas for people to see them and want to buy them. When Tesla has some meaningful competition, then stores will again be necessary.

Closing stores down then re-opening them in 6=12 months would cost more than just keeping them open.

Going to be a heck longer than 6-12 months before Tesla sees meaningful competition!

Didn’t you hear? Tesla was liquidated yesterday!
This is a simulation.

You’re talking about Tesla cutting overhead so they can make the Model 3 SR available? What more did you want to be said about it?

So maybe we can expect to be able to take delivery in 2021?

Maybe if you’re the 1st in line and only late in 2021. A fast vehicle development program is 3 years.


This picture always reminds of:

Judge Dredd anyone?

If MY does not start up until next year, I hope that Tesla Semi comes on-line this year.
Tesla really needs to at least 1 new model/year.

Roaster is on the way too.

The most expensive version will be the “Long Range Dual Motor All Wheel Drive with the Premium Interior”, and it will be equipped with a 200 kWh battery pack.

By the way, there will eventually be multiple sizes of pick-up trucks. But they will start with only 1 size.

…and they will start with the big one.

Really big and bigger? This is a 5-10ton truck chassis. You are not going to make a smaller truck from it. If anything a larger one.
This is for tow, garbage, utility, etc trucks, not a consumer truck.

That’s in the same class as the F-150. The Tesla does not have a F-150 in its truck bed. It’s just sitting in front of it.

i hope it has nothing to do with the mock up images in the article (I believe they do not come from Tesla). That would not be futuristic, just plain ugly. Probably even the rendering engine was crying when it had to process that file.

I reckon that Tesla might well have their eyes on Defence Contracts with the pick-up truck.

I’m not concerned about performance specifics we know what Tesla is capable of, my concern is about design, I know for many it doesn’t matter but it does, nice designs sale more cars.

I trust that Franz Von Holzhausen will not disappoint.

It’s possible Elon could pull a surprise unveiling of the pickup truck during the Model Y unveiling, like he did with the Roadster because, technically, March 14 is later this year.

The hood is too high. It seems you want to hide obstacles and poor front visibility

Musk announced that Tesla has to do 2 new vehicles a year, I’m guessing we will get the truck this year, the launch version of the lorry and Roadster 2 in 2020 and a reveal of a smaller city type vehicle to complete with Honda E prototype and a transit van type vehicle in 2021.

We might have to wait until 2022 to see a major update for S and X brands. The X I expect will go ultra high end, cross 200k with all of the extras. Both will do in excess of 600 miles.