Tesla Pickup Truck With 500-Mile Range To Be Unveiled This Summer?


Let the speculation begin continue.

The Tesla product path is pretty exciting. With the Model 3 finally hitting its near-term production and delivery stride, we’re ready for more details about what’s coming. Last night’s financial call with analysts was pretty revealing on this front. Besides the somewhat expected news that the Model Y mid-size crossover will likely be built at Gigafactory 1, we heard something promising about the Tesla Truck: an all-electric pickup that’s likely to feature polarizing styling, but lots of capability.

Even without seeing it, we do know a number of things about the all-electric pickup. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has tweeted or talked about it on several occasions and has said it’s the vehicle he ‘s most excited about. For good reason, too, since it could potentially displace a large number of gas guzzling pickups, in line with the company’s mission statement to make transportation sustainable.

In top-level trim, it should boast a range of between 400 and 500 miles, possibly more. As one might suspect, it will be all-wheel drive with a motor for each axle. Musk also noted that the suspension will dynamically adjust according to its load. Being electric and a truck means it will have lots of torque. While we can’t say how much, exactly, we can point out that Musk once tweeted (embedded below) that it could tow 300,000 pounds (this actually could have been a joke).

Regarding the look, there have been any number of renders of a possible Tesla Truck produced over the past couple of years. For one example, see the image at the top of this post. When the Semi was unveiled, there was even a speculative render shown that appeared to tease it would share some of that vehicles styling. We think this is unlikely to be the case. Musk has said the design could be so out there that it may not find a lot of buyers, and so they may make a second, more accessible version. While it’s hard to know how serious he may have been about that — it sounds like an expensive proposition — it does make us more anxious to see what is unveiled.

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When it does finally arrive, a Tesla pickup truck will have some competition. Rivian recently revealed its R1T and traditional automakers like Ford and Chevrolet are finally making noises about electrifying their truck lineup. Interesting times.

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Cant he (they) just start prodution this year by basically adding a box to the smaller semi.

A Pickup Truck would probably have offroading capability, a semi doesn’t need offroading.

No the Semi uses more motors, wheels and IIRC the pickup will have a motor on each wheel too as they stated they would share motor drives.
And as it will be a 5ton +, hardly a pickup. Just a really big truck with a bed. I doubt the market for a ‘pickup’ like that is that big.
They are built the same way with many of the same parts so building them together is smart.

“ I doubt the market for a ‘pickup’ like that is that big.”

It doesn’t matter if there is no market for it. The important thing is that it is an indisputable ICE smack down. The specs must humiliate the coal rollers to the point that they are embarrassed to talk specs. They will cry in their beer while their friends lust for and dream of the raw power of the Tesla PU.

You forgot the sarcasm tag.

I think you have fantasies about good ‘ole down south boys that you need to work out in a Texas bar.

Unfortunately if there is no market for a huge pickup like this idea, it won’t be available for anyone to see to have any impact.

I am hoping the Tesla pick-up actually offers what current pick-up truck buyers/commercial buyers are wanting and much, much more. That is if Tesla’s intention is to compete in the segment. Otherwise, it would be a very low volume speciality truck and cost a fortune due to extremely low volume.

Something tells me that Tesla offered the extreme image of the pick-up based on it’s extreme capabilities, but in the real world, it will be packaged in highly marketable design. Just look at the Tesla Semi….it is taking the semi to a new level, but maintains the general look and feel of a traditional semi, while offering more power than any traditional semi.

Wut? The Tesla Semi Truck looks nothing like a traditional diesel semi tractor, inside or out. Nor does the “feel” of it in the cab look anything like a diesel semi. It looks more like the cockpit of a small spaceship than the cab of a traditional heavy truck.


They should make it look good, and have top of market payload and towing for the half-ton market. The performance will obviously be there, and there is plenty of space to put a battery to get 400-500 mile range. To give it 30k lbs payload (or 300k) will force them to make it too ‘heavy duty.’ It’s a big difference between pulling a big number and being rated for it. The meat of the market is for the glorified family haulers, crew cabs with bells and whistles. They won’t tow anything that big, if anything at all. Gas pickups still get horrible fuel mileage, so there is a big savings to be had with electric.

Sure there is:


There are probably hundreds of thousands of those. Sure, not a “Pickup” but something that could be made quite quickly from adapting the Semi platform. It would be hilarious if Musk was basically trolling and his “Pickup” was actually a construction vehicle.

There would be a massive market for them, so not a bad business case for Tesla IMO, and it would fit more with what has so far been “announced” by Musk.

That’s a good idea. Dirt typically doesn’t get shipped long distances, so range isn’t as big of an issue as with the semi.

If you want Tesla to stay profitable then it is important for their pickup to sell well.

I can guarantee the specs will be terrible in what matters to the ‘coal rolling’ crowd.

Well, the specs of the model 3 do not impress them, but that has not stopped sales.

Businesses will buy the Tesla truck, it does not matter what the “coal rolling” crowd thinks if the Tesla saves a business money.

Businesses will only buy a Tesla pickup (assuming an actual pickup) if it comes in at a much lower price than it’s likely to. Sure, you can argue TCO, but that’s not going to help if the pickup is Model X+ price territory, which there’s no reason to suggest it won’t be if it’s got a 100kWh+ battery in.

As mentioned in the past, most fleet trucks are going to be XLT/base model specs and with fleet discounts probably in the range of $25-30k. With the low maintenance requirements on trucks (oil changes only until 100k+) you’re probably looking at a TCO of $45-50k over 100,000 miles.

If a Tesla truck is less than $60k I’ll be extremely surprised, if it’s less than $80k I’ll still be quite surprised.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Probably not that big, but there are some places where it would sell well. Lake Havasu City, AZ is a land where enormous pickup trucks still dominate the landscape, for example.

“Cant he (they) just start prodution this year by basically adding a box to the smaller semi.”

Why in the world would Tesla, or any auto maker, make a pickup using a Class 8 heavy truck frame? That might be appropriate for a dump truck, but not a pickup!

BTW — What you’re calling the “smaller” of the two Semi Truck prototypes isn’t really smaller; it just has a shorter aero cap on top, and is intended for towing flatbed trailers and other trailers without the full height of a standard semi trailer.

I personally thought this lineup of International Semi-Pickup Trucks were cool. But guess they stopped doing that in 2008.

I can’t wait to see this, feels like I’ve already been waiting forever.

5 Tesla pump articles in 2 hours? Holy smokes just how bad ARE the Jan Tesla sales numbers for this to be needed?

The other thing is they just had their quarterly investor call and that creates a lot of new things to write about all in the same day!

Slow FUD day James?

Hey, that’s an impressive achievement in the “complex question fallacy” (Did you stop beating your wife?) category.

Giving Tesla lots of coverage isn’t so much “needed” as it’s wanted by the readership here. Since Tesla is far and away the leader in the EV revolution and it’s now selling about half the plug-in EVs in the U.S. all by itself, and given that this is a U.S.-oriented website, perhaps the question should be: Why isn’t Tesla getting even more coverage?

“Giving Tesla lots of coverage isn’t so much “needed” as it’s wanted by the readership here.”

Says who? You? What was that about fallacies again?

Says the click counter.

Just how much do you get paid to post by that Russian troll farm? They shouldn’t be paying you at all; you’re much too obvious.

You’re literally dillusional.

Well, Tesla is selling many cars these days so I can’t really expect IEVs to have a minority Tesla Coverage.

Its not as though they are pumping something that isn’t selling well.

How about a pickup truck based on the new Roadster? The horsepower and battery capacity are already there, and it would be the only pickup that can hover with rocket thrusters.

So a little Workhorse SureFly DNA infused pickup Teslaruck!


Come on Elon, bring it!

How about an actual $35k BEV?

They discontinued those 40 kwh ‘S’s a long time ago.

Before the unveil, Elon said Model 3 would have the interior of a Space Ship. I think that turned out to be a stretch. I also think the pickup’s supposed “bladerunner steampunk” design will also end up being overstated.

@Robb Stark said: “Before the unveil, Elon said Model 3 would have the interior of a Space Ship. I think that turned out to be a stretch…”


Apparently @Robb Stark has not seen the inside of the SpaceX Dragon Manned Spacecraft:

SpaceX: https://www.spacex.com/news/2014/05/30/dragon-v2-spacexs-next-generation-manned-spacecraft

Images: https://goo.gl/images/o6RcLp

A minimalistic cabin with a large center display as the primary controls panel…

I have it from a good source that the SpaceX Dragon Capsule was the inspiration for the Model 3 interior.


“The SpaceX Dragon [Manned] Capsule Has Controls Like a Tesla…

“…Another major difference according to Ars Technica between the Dragon and Soyuz, as well as previous American spacecraft, is a particularly Tesla-esque user interface. Like the Tesla Model 3… [Dragon Manned Capsule] touchscreen controls do the same thing as the Tesla Model 3’s single touchscreen, minimizing physical dials and switches and providing a flexible user interface like a smartphone, tablet, or computer. “ -source:

The SpaceX Dragon Manned Capsule carbon fiber seats would fit nicely in the Tesla Roadster… certainly able to withstand Plaid g-force. Perhaps included in the Roadster “SpaceX Optional Package”?:

Exactly what I was going to post.

A capsule is not a spaceship.

It is when it’s in space.

@Robb Stark said: “Before the unveil, Elon said Model 3 would have the interior of a Space Ship. I think that turned out to be a stretch…“

@ CDAVIS said: “lol…Apparently @Robb Stark has not seen the inside of the SpaceX Dragon Manned Spacecraft…”

@Robb Stark said: “A capsule is not a spaceship.”


When the spacecraft’s last booster rocket separates from the manned capsule the remaining capsule module continuous to be considered the active spaceship/spacecraft.

Apparently NASA doesn’t agree with you. Nor does the Russian space agency.

@Pushmi-Pullyu said: “Apparently NASA doesn’t agree with you. Nor does the Russian space agency.”

Apparently NASA does agree with me:

“…Scheduled as the third lunar mission, the Apollo 13 spacecraft was launched April 11, 1970 from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Two days into the flight, the command module ***spacecraft*** was crippled by an oxygen tank explosion….” -source:


“Apollo spacecraft: Sitting atop the Saturn V rocket was the Apollo spacecraft, which had three components: the service module, the command module spacecraft and the lunar module spacecraft.”-source:

… meant all in good fun.

Monster trucks are the most ridiculous monstrosity ever. A van type front would make them so much easier to drive and park. Also easier to configure behind the driver into whatever you want, and without all that wasted frunk space in front. Like it or not, that massive engine space up front needs to go away. Pointless. Van fronts are the future.

I will not stop bitching and moaning until a simple urban cargo van is produced for the US. Freeway speeds – not an NEV. Ford and Nissan blew it. Lame, pppshaw!
Don’t make me come down there and buy a Chrysler PacHybrid dammit!

The PacHy is fantastic, though.

I’m thinking the PacHy will make a great small work van. I also doubt there’ll be any new EV or PHEV vans in the states for years to come, sadly

You are correct, but on a ev, the empty front space do serve a purpous in head on collisions

Actually thanks to its frunk Rivian’s pickup is the first pickup truck that’s actually practical for most users as it offers easy access and closed off luggage space.

Except that the rear bed is less than 5′ long, which makes it useless for carrying larger items like plywood and sheetrock. I’d sacrifice some of that frunk for bed length.

Most pickups have a 6’ or less bed length. With the tailgate down, 4’x8’ sheet goods are sufficiently supported. The important dimension is 4’ between the wheel tubs.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

I’m not a truck guy, but man, the Rivian design is really well thought out.

Thankfully, we can be sure that Tesla will eschew the current styling trend of ever-higher front ends in oversized “macho” pickups; an increasingly ridiculous attempt to make them look like a diesel semi truck.

That would simply kill any real effort at a drag-reducing aero design.

Elon has said that the pickup’s styling will be so strange-looking that it might limit the market to only a niche vehicle; and that he’s prepared for that if it happens. But I hope he’ll stick with the oddball design. Tesla should be a trend-setter, not a trend follower. Motorcar design evolved away from mere horseless carriages — buggies which appeared to have misplaced their horses — and BEV design should evolve away from mere gasmobiles which have misplaced their gas engine.

I’ve been disappointed that we haven’t seen more radically different designs in skateboard BEVs, since they don’t have to have a large heavy engine up front. Kudos to Bollinger for putting what is essentially a miniature pickup bed in the front of its oversized-jeep-type truck, including a tailgate… or should that be “headgate”? 😉 Now that is thinking outside the box!

And Rivian has followed suit.

You are talking about the F350, which I owned and LIKED. It was an improvement over the effeminate F150 styling, but I think Ford has since reversed course on that one when they discovered that (gasp) most of their f150 buyers are in fact men, not women.

Does an EV truck need to follow EV functionality rules? Yes, and Tesla will do that, no worries.

Why not reconfigure the model X to have a bed and produce the thing this year?

Becuase the X is a minivan, not a truck.

For one thing, because the Model X isn’t designed to be used for offroading. For another, the need to put a cargo bed in back radically alters the aerodynamics of the vehicle, and it needs a complete redesign to minimize drag.

And to add to the other two, the additional payload and towing requirements would mean a fairly radical redesign of the chassis to take the weight.

That is, unless Tesla way over engineered the skateboard, which is unlikely due to weight.

You’d basically end up with something like the Subaru Baja (an Australian Ute), rather than a pickup. Not a bad thing in itself tbh.

If they made a ute of some kind, the chassis would probably work – and it would be another way to ship a lot of the same parts they already have.
The chassis is designed for a heavy car, it can tow.

This prototype is pretty ugly… redisign is necessary here please!!

It’s not a prototype, its some ill conceived CGI Tesla used as an illustration once for its truck announcement. It had better not actually end up looking like that or Rivian will have little to fear from Tesla.

If you look at the rendering, imagine lower suspension, remove one motor, box on the back, you have a delivery van, or a bus.
It a utility vehicle.
Front styling can be altered.

Compared to all the other third-party artist’s concepts we’ve seen for the Tesla Pickup, this looks far better! I think it looks pretty good, actually… even if that cab doesn’t look very practical.

I’m glad IEVs used that render to illustrate this article, instead of one of the others they’ve used in the past.

Why is the styling likely to be polarizing?

Becuase at one point Elon said it will have a blade runner inspired cyberpunk look. And that it may be a niche vehicle not suited to mainstream taste.

Presumably because, at the least, the Tesla Pickup will be designed to minimize aero drag, rather than following current styling trends for pickups.

There may also be other ways in which the design of Tesla’s pickup will look odd or different. We’ll have to wait for the Reveal to know!

I want an AWD OTG RV BEV to complement my in-town daily-driver LEAF so this looks promising.

These renderings look like a copy-paste of Mercedes Unimog series…

Ron Swanson's Mustache

You say that like it’s a bad thing.

EV Unimog?

Sign me up!

If he really wants to work the whole sustainable transportation issue, he shouldn’t make some weird mobile styled truck. I thought we were getting past the EV weirdmobile stage. Sigh.

Thank goodness at least some auto designers are willing to strike out in new directions, when new technologies enable new style possibilities. If they didn’t, we’d all still be driving horseless carriages, with wooden carriage wheels having iron rims, a steering tiller instead of a wheel, and brakes controlled by a hand lever on the outside of the car.

On the other hand, early horseless carriages had the engine mounted over the rear axle, or even attached to it, instead of under a metal “hood” at the front of the car… and we may be returning to that as the standard design! 🙂

Tesla should be a trendsetter, not a trend follower.

Who wants a Semi as a pick-up truck? I hope they go with a traditional pick-up look like rivian.

One of neighbors currently uses a diesel Semi-truck to haul his RV. Perhaps he would be interested.

Yes, the Elon tweet shows how seriously you can take his speculations on this.

For me: 300+ range certainly, but does not have do be 500. It needs to have range under tow. I’m not interested in a monster truck.

No bathtub pickups. 4 foot beds with extreme lifts are for people who don’t actually use their trucks.

110v/30amp plug in the back for a trailer would be a killer feature for us travel trailer enthusiasts. Being able to dry camp with an airconditioner running would be the holy grail.

Also note that there are other factors. Virtually none of the Tesla superchargers are tow friendly (pull though). All gas stations in the USA are tow friendly. Hint hint.

“It needs to have range under tow”

Good to see one person gets it. This is the Achilles heel of BEV pickups. Tow range is key, and it’s ridiculously expensive.

Remember, Musk said: It’s going to be a big truck; Musk said that it will feature a step that will lower to step into the truck. Additionally, he said that Andre the Giant will be able to fit in the driver’s seat…Finally, he said that the Tesla Truck is going to be a 6-seater….

Most lower trim full size pickups are 6 seaters. They have a fold up. middle seat in the front.


That render is actually very interesting, It’s awkward in a few places (such as the rising box side) but could be tweaked to make a vehicle with mass appeal. It could also be made into a commercial delivery van aka Sprinter.

But a few thinks would be critical:
1) modular box. If the structure is strong enough, this could bolt to the cab for better aero, but needs to have option for different configs (differnet lengths, contractor service bodies, etc). Also so it can be inexpensively fixed if damaged.
2) the width should be slightly less than current full size pickups. Better packaging would mean interior space is not compromized. Parking spots are getting narrower.
3) Integrated body armour on the front. Racks / brush bars kill efficiency. Make the lower front facia very hard / dent / scratch resistent. mount it on a breakaway shock absorbent rail so on significant impact it can be pushed back into the front end for better crash worthiness.

I agree with other posters that the huge front end on trucks is getting rediculous. A small sloped front like the render allows easier parking and much better visibility in all cases, especially off-roading.

It will be unveiled then another three years before they start delivery if you figure in the Elon cushion.

Do Not Read Between The Lines


Will the truck be built in your Fremont factory ? Also when can we see the new roadster.

If it looks butt ugly as in the picture, then I buy Rivian.