Tesla Pickup Truck Shown During Semi Reveal

Tesla Pickup Truck


It’s apparently a pickup truck that can carry a pickup truck.

The all-new (and ridiculously quick) Roadster wasn’t the only surprise Tesla had in tow for its belated reveal of the Semi as Elon Musk also briefly previewed (teased?) a pickup truck. Not an ordinary pickup truck, but one that can carry a pickup truck. These are the words used by Tesla’s head honcho, who also mentioned the workhorse is based on the semi and that it can be legally driven with a regular driver’s license, admitting it’s “kind of wrong.”

Tesla Pickup Shown

If you’re following Elon Musk on his personal Twitter account, you might remember that back in September he was asked whether there will be a Tesla pickup. Here is what he had to say:

What if we just made a mini version of the Tesla semi?

It’s too soon to say whether the pickup truck will actually be built as this could just be a design exercise to tease those that have been dreaming about owning a Tesla pickup. Of course, with the pickup truck business being huge in the United States, it might just happen eventually to allow the Palo Alto company grab a piece of the action.

Tesla Pickup Shown

Taking into account focus is currently on ramping up Model 3 production and at the same time prepping the Semi and a second-generation Roadster, it means any potential pickup truck will have to wait. As such, don’t expect to see it until the end of the decade. In addition, let’s not forget Tesla has already teased the Model Y, a smaller crossover slated to be positioned below the Model X. It’s due in 2019, though knowing Tesla, we’re not so sure it will actually be launched before 2020. The company has a lot on its plate right now and the pickup truck likely doesn’t rank high on the list of priorities, but it could come to life in the long run.

You can watch the full presentation at the source link below. 

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It’s the BFT ladies and gentlemen. Now this is a monster truck.

OMG. Please tell me that is not going to be Tesla’s EV pickup truck!! That is the ugliest thing ever.

Are you a vampire?

Is it meant to tow the trailers.
It may not have a cargo bed that is big enough.

They could have launched a ChangE type Van.

Considering many tow trucks with even bigger beds are based on large pick up, I don’t see why Tesla pick up couldn’t do the same.

But the biggest problem with large truck is parking; My crew cab, extended bed F350 takes at least 1.5 cars’ worth of space in parking lots, and must find trailer parking spots (aka, nearly impossible). That’s why I love SparkEV.

Get some ramps for the F350: Drive Spark EV inside the box! Voila! Instant Hybrid (PHEV?)!

Too big.

Yup. NFW. Take it from someone who’s been driving a ’99 Dodge Ram Quad Cab Long Bed 4×4 since, well, 1999.

Ain’t no place to park that thing in town, or in the parking lot.

Needs to be bit more mini.

If it can go mudding and off-roading it will sell in Florida LOL

Holy crap I’m gonna blow a gasket with all this great news LOL

Perhaps this teaser is for the semi tow truck?

Flatbed tow truck was my first thought as well.
This goes back to Tesla using electric vehicles in all aspects of their business.

I don’t think this is really the plan for the “Tesla Pickup” that they have teased in the past. But they certainly could use it to enter the top of the market, and then work down to smaller trucks.

It would be a competitor to the F650 Supertruck, and could be built into a pickup like Shaq’s F650:


Or it could be built into any kind of line truck or work truck:


Then they could work down into smaller trucks, starting with a competitor to Ford’s $100K decked out diesel F450’s. Then keep going down the line to F350s, F250’s, then F150’s. This seems to match how they have gone into the ICE car market and SUV market.

Fun, but a lot of one-ton trucks could carry another full-size pickup truck. The F-350 maxes out at 7,600 lbs of payload.

Actually, I hope that they build this one sooner.
Right now, Ford and GM are pushing to get into LARGE pickups, just like this.
If tesla builds one and has some amazing specs on it, then it will force Ford/GM/Other car makers down the same path.

It’s the Tesla pickup in the back.

Hmm… interesting observation

I think this might be the Tesla service truck that they recently mentioned.

Elon said that if it doesn’t sell, he’ll make a more conventional pick up. He’s a genius; however, this pick up (like his flame-thrower) is a mistake.
He should start with a conventional pick up and then later make this “mini-18 wheeler.”