UPDATE: Tesla Permits For Supercharger Install in Bethesda, Maryland

Tesla Model s Supercharger


Bethesda Denoted by Letter A - Click to Enlarge

Bethesda Denoted by Letter A – Click to Enlarge

Bethesda Now is reporting that Tesla Motors applied for a permit to install a Supercharger at Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, Maryland.

Tesla Model s Supercharger

Coming Soon to Bethesda

Last August, Tesla Motors opened one of its retail stores at Westfield Montgomery Mall.  Maryland is one of those states that doesn’t allow Tesla to “sell” its vehicle direct.  Therefore, the store is a site for Tesla to “educate” potential Model S buyers.

Bethesda is a stone’s throw away from Washington, D.C.

What’s odd if this part of the report by Bethesda Now:

“According to Montgomery County records, the mall got a commercial permit this week to install a 32-square-foot Mobile Supercharging Station with a $35,000 value.”

Is this just some sort of moveable Supercharger display unit?  Or perhaps a single stall Supercharger site?  Hmm…

*UPDATE: Bethesda Supercharger online now.  Only 2 charging stalls:

Bethesda Supercharger Info

Bethesda Supercharger Info

Source: Bethesda Now

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Good pictures at Teslamotorsclub.com. Basically, the two pedestals and the Supercharger stack cabinet are mounted to a movable metal base with forklift slots in it. Just a huge conduit feeding it.


Is there a specific significance to this charger? Or is InsideEVs just going to post every single Supercharger installation from here on out? Should we start having news stories about L2 stations going in new locations too?

I thought the intent was to keep abreast of the completion of the cross-country network. This particular charger is a bit unusual.

It actually filled a fairly necessary gap for the east coast supercharger network so I call this one newsworthy. Same for the Main SC that is quite a long time from now. And the same for Cranberry PA as filling a gap for the coast-to-coast. After that, will be interested in the shortest coast-to-coast connection between 2014-2015.

It would be nice if they had a supercharger at Breezewood PA.

I think over time at all the major interchanges a supercharger should be installed
as a matter of course, even if they aren’t optimal, there is a real sense a
chance for people as they switch roads to top off, and it becomes a real visual symbol
to other people.

Ultimately that will happen, but, it would be nice if that was an announced goal