Tesla Patent Wall – The New Look


Tesla Patent Wall

Tesla Patent Wall

“New look for our patent wall…‪#‎AllOurPatentAreBelongToYou‬”

(h/t Jason at Jalopnik)

That’s what Tesla Motors posted to its Facebook page yesterday afternoon, along with the image seen above.  Credit to Jalopnik for modifying the meme ever-so slightly to fit with Tesla’s decision to open its patents to the world.

To your right you’ll see that this isn’t some photoshopped image.  In fact, it’s the real deal.  If you walk into the lobby today at Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto, California, you’ll see in place the altered form of a popular Internet meme, which in its original form would read:

Cats: All your base are belong to us.

The photo below, via Tesla board member Steve Jurvetson, shows the old look of the Tesla Motors patent wall.

Tesla Patent Wall - Old Look

Tesla Patent Wall – Old Look

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Just another reason why Tesla is the greatest car company.

It’s just unfortunate that this important moment will be forever linked to a phrase with bad grammar.

It translates into Japanese pretty easily though.

If he ever turns Bond villain it’s gonna be weird.

Can someone please explain why the word ‘are’ is in the phrase? Also, why is ‘Patent’ not plural?

“All Our Patent Are Belong To You”

Seems like this should read

“All Our Patents Belong To You”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk: All Our Patents Are Now Open Source

…it’s a play on an internet meme

The original source is not even an “Internet meme” (that’s a secondary, indirect “source” at best).

The original source is Japanese phrases badly translated into English in English versions of Japanese video games from the 80s.

The in joke being that early Japanese games when translated into English were often not grammatically correct. Even today I will see common errors in translated software, and on Chinese menus, for instance. Normally it’s dropped articles, a, the, etc… or not using plurals, and wrong tense.

Or the show and tell: One video is worth a thousand words.


The image could hint at what happens after Musk eventually retires to Mars…

Genetic manipulation of dermis to utilize photosynthesis. Check.

Version 7 of Google Glass with MindFi ™. Check.

Martian Stillsuit with flashy optional cloak. Check.