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Tesla Vehicle Roof Patent, Figure 1

It looks like Tesla has future plans for a removable, retractable roof.

What would be better than a Tesla vehicle with a normal roof that can easily retract or even be removed completely, dependant on your preferences and weather conditions? People have been talking about a Tesla convertible for some time. Of course, companies have already provided aftermarket solutions, but that’s perhap the best way to destroy your car’s resale value, and it’s not the best-looking option, not to mention the monumental expense.


Not our favorite picture of the Model S. Although it’s a respectable effort, surely Tesla will do a much better job!

CEO Elon Musk has already assured that the next-generation Roadster will be a convertible. The original Roadster was sort of a convertible (it had a removable roof, which could transform it into an “open top” vehicle). However, with a patent like this, it seems like Tesla is setting up to have a traditional convertible top.

We have no way of knowing if the patent is specifically for the Roadster, or if Tesla’s other sedans (Model S and/or Model 3) may come with a convertible-type option down the road. The patent summary reads:

A movable panel system for vehicles comprises; non-parallel tracks on a body of the vehicle, the body having an opening; a panel sized to cover the opening; a transverse guide member on the panel; and compensation drive mechanisms that couple the panel to the respective non-parallel tracks, each of the compensation drive mechanisms movable along the transverse guide member and movable along the non-parallel tracks. 

The full description specifies:

Such openings are sometimes covered by a closure that can be controlled using a motor or by mechanical action by the passenger.

Follow the link below for a detailed description from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office

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“The original Roadster was sort of a convertible (it had a removable roof, which could transform it into an “open top” vehicle).”

Uh, yeah, and there’s a phrase for it. “Targa top.” Nothing particularly new about that idea.

This isn’t at all for a convertible or retractable hardtop. It’s just for a sunroof or moonroof that runs on diverging tracks, so it can be wider at the back than the front, or vice versa.