Tesla Party In Wisconsin Dells – Photos & Videos


Tesla Party in Wisconsin Dells.

Tesla Party in Wisconsin Dells.

Tesla Model S owner & well-known YouTuber, KmanAuto has invited everyone to his second annual Tesla get-together / party.

Sure enough, I made the venture up to Wisconsin Dells to check out the event.

While many who RSVP’d did not show up, those who did attend made the most out of it, and what an event it was!

Why not both?

Why not both?

There is not a whole lot more for me to say, so I will let these photos & videos do the talkin’.

A friend of InsideEVs, Calvin Klesmith attended this event as well. His driving was done in a Chevrolet Volt, for those interested:

Be sure to check out the descriptions in both videos above for further info/details.

Hat tip to Calvin Klesmith for an incredible video!

Hopefully there will be more next year!

Hopefully there will be more next year!

Click here to see my coverage of last year’s (and the first ever) Tesla get-together, hosted by KmanAuto.

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