Tesla P90DL To P100D Upgrades Are Finally Being Performed

Red Tesla Model S P100D



Tesla Model X P90DL

Tesla is now offering eligible owners the opportunity to upgrade from P90DL to P100D, albeit 14 months after originally announced.

Tesla owners are used to having to wait. The automaker generally fulfills all of its promises, it just takes time. Now, those who own, or have ordered, a P90D with Ludicrous can opt to upgrade to 100 kWh battery pack. If they’ve not yet taken delivery, it will cost a mere $10,000. However, it will cost a whopping $20,000 for owners that already have their vehicles. This is due to the fact that they will be returning a used battery pack, which will need to be recycled.


Model S P90DL (source: PerformanceDrive)

Way back in August of 2016, upon the announcement of the P100D, Tesla mentioned this as an option. Tesla explained:

“Tesla customers who have ordered a P90D Ludicrous, but not taken delivery, can upgrade to the 100 kWh pack for $10,000. Existing P90D Ludicrous owners can also upgrade to a 100 kWh pack, but for $20,000, as their used 90 kWh pack will have to be recycled.”

However, though this has been theoretically available, the process has just started happening. Teslarati received information via Tech_Guy on the Tesla Motors Club forum, who’s actually one of the first people to partake in the upgrade offer. As proof, he posted a picture of the work order for the upgrade showing his $2,500 deposit and details related to the service.

Keep in mind that this is only available on select vehicles. Tesla makes hardware changes on a regular basis, which may or may not allow for certain vehicles to be eligible. The upgrade is specific to Model S and X P90DL vehicles with the new front fascia, along with air suspension, and a current battery pack that has the compatible connectors.

If you are eligible for the upgrade and choose to follow through with the service, you also get Ludicrous Plus and new premium seats as sort of a bonus. Heck, for $20,000 we’ll take all the bonuses we can get and a P100D hat would be nice, too!

Source: Teslarati

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Interesting. So a 100kwh installed costs $20k…so the profit margins on that 20kwh extended range TM3 that cost $9k is pretty outrageous.

I think that this doesn’t really mean anything about cost.

Tesla has a good reason to persuade owners to upgrade from 90kWh to 100kWh: the 90kWh packs suck. They’ve had their max Supercharging rate limited and they’re seeing higher degradation. I’m sure that Tesla would like to get their happiest customers off those packs without having to do it for free.

I recall reading that the 90 kWh packs are the Si-anode chemistry while the 100 packs are the older chemistry used in all non-90 packs.

The 90 kWh pack were being throttled when using the Supercharger after a limited number of charges.

Why is it that all critics always forget that not only battery capacity and range are increased, but also performance specs of a P100D with Ludicrous+ Upgrade are superior to P90DL? Also, for batteries on the road, the owner gets a brand new pack for one that has seen some mileage.

Right, so labor costs and logistics don’t count for anything? Maybe a few other components get replacing too?
Sure $9k is a lot of “walking around money”, but without all the details…

If you own a Tesla, you are ahead of non-owners in their Model 3 reservation queue and stand a good chance of receiving the federal tax credit (assuming it doesn’t disappear)…Make a 3 reservation, get your tax credit, sell it whenever you get it as you’ll most likely receive thousands if not ten thousand over the MSRP which will help subsidize your $20K battery swap…

Most of the people who can afford this sort of car can afford the $20K upgrade for it without going to those lengths.

What a deal! Only $2000/Kwh!

Calculator broken?

20 000/(100-90) = 2 000

They are replacing the 90kwh battery with 100khw not adding 10kwh…but i get what you’re saying.

The $20k price is the 100kwh pack + your 90kwh pack as a core. You aren’t buying an additional battery, you’re exchanging your used battery and paying the upgrade charge to get the discounted 100kwh installed. Install takes 7 minutes so that part is cheap, but the battery pack itself has 8256 cells of 18650 batteries. An all-in $20k price for the entire 100kwh pack means the cells are $2 each which is unlikely.

Seems to me to be a Ripoff….

Please let me up date my p85 to a 100 and you have a deal

WK057 will likely be the one to hook you up. The P85D shares the same motors as the most recent P100D. Just needs the battery and software.

As especially the PD cars roll off warranty, 100KWh retro-fits will be a money-maker for some.

..good luck w/the P85

Obviously only the more $ than brains crowd would be the ones ponying up for this. I think the $20k option to replace an existing pack is actually a pretty good deal but why in the heck does it cost a whopping $10k if your car hasn’t been delivered yet? Why are those last 10 kWh costing $1,000 per kWh? Something more in the range of $2k-4k seems like there that particular option should run.

Because someone will pay it. Who is Tesla to refuse people that want to trow money at them.

Looks like nothing has changed since the first posting about this upgrade from a P90DL to P100DL.

Let’s look at the numbers..
Tesla Model S P90DL Original base price of $119,500 0-60 in 2.8 seconds Range of about 265 Miles.

Tesla Model S P100DL Original base price of $134,500 0-60 in 2.5 seconds Range of about 315 Miles.

Not just a battery swap either.
I know should go and ask Chevy to upgrade a plain camaro SS to an ZL1 for free. Which is what most are expecting here.


New Tesla Model S Now the Quickest Production Car in the World
The Tesla Team August 23, 2016

LOL. Late as usual but 14 months? Oh well, better late than never.

Hmm. I wonder if Tesla’s move to no longer identify battery size on the rear of the car will allow them to turn S60 and S70/75 cars into S90s by swapping in the returned pack.

This would do a lot to make lower capacity CPO cars far more valuable (to Tesla).

My guess, too. The packs that come back from the exchange from P90DL to P100D will likely make it back on the street in used P90D or P90DL cars (that started out as 60s or 70/75s, because that would be the obvious thing to do.
I just wonder what Tesla will do with the smaller packs, then. Perhaps split into modules for re-use? Or stack them up as an alternate Powerpack for in-house energy storage purposes?
As long as the cells work at a certain capacity, no need to crack them open to retrieve the metals just yet.

Put the 60’s and 75’s to use in Model 3, if they start swapping immediately, maybe they can help bypass the battery production bottleneck.

Not possible, even if it was legal to put used batteries into a car sold as new, which it’s not.

It’s not possible because the Tesla Model 3 uses form factor 2170 cells, which are larger than the 18650 cells used in the Models S & X.

Could be used for some Mules for testing, though.

Very NICE can I upgrade my 2016 Leaf SV? HELL NO

Sure you can upgrade it!!
Just buy a 2018 Leaf, and sell the old one! You will gain 30+ miles, at a cost that should be less than $20,000 Net to you!

Its a lease that ends January 2019.

In that case the answer is essentially yes. Just wait until lease is up and get a new one. That was why you were leasing to begin with, right? By 2019 you’ll probably be able to get a 200 mile range one and your old car will sell to someone for a few thousand who will be happy with it.

That being said, I do wish Nissan allowed for upgrading battery packs, especially as they go bad and need replacement. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be possible. I’m still hoping going forward that Nissan either reconsiders or that after market packs become available.

That being said, after driving the e-Golf I’m less impressed by my own Leaf, so I don’t care as much about an upgrade option since I don’t expect I’ll be keeping it for more than a few years.

That being said, I really should proof read better before posting to try to catch redundant phraseologoy.

Wonder of this means 75s could also update to 100?